"We've got to save Princess!"

No one knows who is shouting that exact phrase, but it honestly doesn't matter. What does matter, right now, at this moment, is that Princess is in danger and we need to save her. My legs are moving with haste.

Every moment matters when Princess is involved. I swing my right leg over the back of my best friend, Rain. Rain- though he often claims to go by 'Bow', claiming it is 'more fitting' for someone like himself -is a unicorn, the most stunning being to grace our presence in a hundred years. His white mane shines in the glowing sun and his every step creates a small rainbow puddle that blooms into the most beautiful of flowers. I became the chosen one, the representative, the king of all princes the minute he stepped on this planet and spoke to me.

The sun began cheering for us, wishing us well on the difficult journey that lies ahead. I smile at it, being careful not to stare, as Rain's hooves leave the grassy meadow and glide through the air majestically. Rainbow water drips off of his hooves- his shining, glittering hooves that I am so proud of –and lands on the barren land below, filling it with color and beauty once more. This continues on for a bit longer, at least until we could see the city. When we make our way over the city, we always make sure to add a bit of 'magic' to the rainbow drops that drip from Rain's hooves, preventing them from falling on unsuspecting innocents below. Instead, we opt to freeze them behind us in a temporary rainbow (before the rain).

The clouds begin to darken behind us and we increase our speed in an attempt to outrun them. The bad guys have found us out.

"Rain! They -" I looked around nervously. "- have found us."

"Don't worry. We'll get there in time," he said, staring straight ahead to the bright future. I nod hesitantly, tightening my hold ever so slightly. Rain notices, but doesn't mention it, and for that I am glad. I am ashamed of my cowardice.

"We'll restore the smiles of our land, together."

Suddenly, from the oncoming lack storm cloud, a figure emerges. My head spins around quickly to catch a glimpse of the figure, attempting to figure out its identity. They begin cackling, throwing lightning towards the frantic bodies of myself and Rain, and just as we are about to escape-

This is getting ridiculous.



"Are you frigid? Are you frigid? Are you frigid? Are-"

A scream. Her face is bright red as his hand stops right before landing on one of her breasts.

He grins.


There's this game that's starting to become popular at school. A person of the opposite gender begins patting another person, starting from their hands (or feet) and ending if they can do a full body-pat. Most people freeze up when the other reaches their shoulder or thigh, but I've found that I am considered 'not frigid'.

Most people were surprised, seeing as I refused to play at the beginning.

They thought I would react the worst, the earliest, and I would be a 'frigid'.

I originally refused because I hate the feeling of hands on my body, anywhere. When they bothered me enough, I gave in, disgusted by their every touch, but managing to keep any emotion from showing.

I've been touched too many times to ever be "frigid".



There are so many different kinds of spaces, aren't there? To be honest, I've never actually taken the time to consider exactly how many kinds there are, but right now, I think I have the time for it.

There are those tiny, tiny spaces that nobody really knows about (or cares about, for that matter). They are so indescribably small that it is near impossible to begin how small those spaces are.

But they are spaces and they do exist.

Then there are the big, massive spaces that are just so mind-blowingly huge. Like…the universe, for instance. It's huge. Massive. Just…so big. The fact that it is expanding constantly- or, perhaps it isn't? –makes it impossible for us to even consider catching up. Is there something at the edge of the universe? Or perhaps it never ends- but things must end at some point. They can't just…be there. Everything has an ending, no?

And it's these big spaces that just make my mind explode from the mere thought of them.

Now, those were the extremes of size in various gaps. There are normal, smaller gaps that are process-able by our minds, like the gaps between our fingers.

But most gaps tend to blend in with each other, I would think. The gaps in our fingers 'blend in' with the air around us and the gaps there. Unless, of course, one has fingers that are connected by their tips and the larger gaps cease to exist. Most of us, however, have normal fingers, so I'm not going to count those people.

There are the non-physical gaps, too- A gap in a person's memory, in their knowledge, in their understanding and ways of thinking. We can't always be right and know absolutely everything. That is impossible- we would have to know every person in the world as if they were our best friend. That would be difficult, because one would have to track down any hermits in the mountain and every last homeless person. If a person dies, you lose more knowledge; it's kind of simple, but still a bit complicated.

So I stick with "it's impossible".

But now…well, now I probably have enough time to think about many, many things. Maybe I can figure out the world's greatest mysteries with all of the time I have- all of the time in the world, well, the 'middle world'.

With gaps in my body and the gaps in my sweater, I'll just stay here (it's not like I can even move) and ponder for a bit longer.



Dainty fingers dancing over ceramic, narrowly avoiding a scalding end.

I can feel the pain that could have been as I bring my manicured nails closer to my mouth, kissing the tips of my fingers. The door rings faintly (…ding!...) and I only have to glance before knowing who it is. A customer- no, regular, of the shop.

He always buys the same thing, every time: the smallest slice of triple chocolate cake. Ever since I mentioned it's my favorite. I start preparing it, but he walks up to the counter with a smile and shakes his head.

"Not today," he says with his smile never leaving his face. I nod stupidly, putting everything back in place. I feel so embarrassed.

He doesn't make a purchase yet, just sits down at a nearby table and looks at the cakes in the display. He halfheartedly chooses something new. Our strawberry cheesecake.

I smile, nodding enthusiastically, before getting it ready for him. Normally he gets the cake 'to-go', but he probably wants to change things up (more than usual) today. I set the plate down in front of him and return to my place behind the register, waiting for the next customer (or 5 o'clock, when my shift ends).

He doesn't touch his cake. He just rests on his hands, elbows on the table, looking at one of the walls. When 5 o'clock comes, he makes his first movement of the hour, turning his head to look at me. He smiles, motioning me over. I am confused.

"Sir, my shift is-"

"I know."

What does a person say to something like that?

"Um, well-"

"Would you like to join me? I'll buy you the biggest slice of triple chocolate cake. The whole cake, if you have the appetite."

I look at him in shock, but slowly, I nod, letting out a small smile, and take a seat.

"Hello, my name is-"

"You have a nametag."

"Oh…I um…Oh, yeah."


He smiles and takes his first bite of the cheesecake.

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