Chapter 1 Introductions

Once upon a time in the distance past two evils came together. The shadow lurking in the dark said, "Is your plan ready yet?" The hooded man replied, "Soon very soon."


Amye woke up. Another day morning for her dead father. How long had she done it for?

She thought for a second. Two years starting next week. Why? Dad why?

She started crying. She screamed, "Mom why did you not tell dad to stay home from that biz. Trip."

Her mother understood. She came in and asked, "Did you say something?" Amye whimpered,

"No not a thing." Her mother knew she need a hug.


Sarah woke up. Another day to school. Wippe!!

Sarah loved school. No one knew why except her. The secret burned inside her until it came out.

"I love you Mr. Jones." It came out like a stain on the floor.

"I mean I like the Jonas brothers." said Sarah.

Mr. Jones said, "We love your love for the Jonas brothers but that is some you discuss in DETENSION 2 weeks of it."

Mr. Jones is really harsh thought Sarah. Everyone know she said Mr. Jones. Great now she's the center of attention and rumors.

She grumbled to herself. "Look at what you got yourself into!"


Paris floated into the lunchroom. She did not want to be seen

She knew that if she had been seen they would mess with her and she would go of on them.

An 8th bumped into her saying, "Watch where your going." She felt relieved.

Paris was just about to punch her in the face.


All of a sudden, The 8th grader said, "I have a question for you. What kind of dye do you use? No seriously. I heard your hair was really white."

(That was the truth her hair was grey)

Now Paris was pissed. She replied, "How is it like having cancer? Where do you keep all your combs seeing that your bald? Can I have them for my hair?"

The girl said, "No you can't." She ran off crying.

The dean said, " You can't just make fun of a girl with cancer that a week detention."

Paris yelled, "She started with me." The Dean replied, " Make that two weeks detention."

Paris did not say a word. She left, walked into the bathroom, and screamed her problems away.


Rebecca was calm and everybody thought she was a goody two shoe. That was not true she was just nice. She loves animals and hates global warming.

She stepped into her elective, animal watch, and saw the animal in so much pain there were no word to describe it.

She had to set the animals free. Rebecca waited till every one was gone. She set the birds free.

When she was almost done a teacher came in. "Oh my goodness!! What are you doing?" said the teacher.

Rebecca replied, "Freeing the animals from their agony."

"Do you know how serious this is young lady? Two weeks detention." said the teacher.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" yelled Rebecca


Lizzy walked into the school. She was nervous. Today was the day she'd make the deal.

She had to make the deal in the bathroom to make sure no one saw.

The guy she was selling to was Stan. He wanted to buy a bootleg movie from her.

They met in the bathroom. There Lizzy gave the movie to him and Stan gave her the money.

A male teacher walked into the bathroom and saw Lizzy giving the movie to Stan and Stan giving the money to Lizzy.

The teacher asked, " Are you selling bootlegs? 2 weeks detention."

Little did Lizzy know she was going to witness the most beautiful moment of her life.