Chapter 3: The Mission Begins


Amye walked home.

Her thoughts wondered through the night.

Is this for real? Do I really have magical Powers?

She screamed into the night, "Am I a mage?"

Her neighbor asked, "Are you crazy? Yes"

Amye took out her keys and put it in to the keyhole.

How was she going to explain this one to her mother


"This is bizzare. I could never have light powers!" said Sarah as she sorted through her clothes.

She made her mind to wear her yellow dress.

Now all she had to do was call Mrs. Jones. She had her number because she secret played with her phone during Dentention.

She had hoped she could find Mr. Jones number.

She called Mrs. Jones. Mrs. Jones answered, "Hello"

"Thank goodness you're here. Please tell me how I can asseces my power!" said Sarah in a rush.

Mrs. Jones replied, " Just think of Light."as she hanged up

When she thought of light she thought of angels.

When she opened her eyes a gold flute with engravings on it appeared. It looked old.

Sarah took hold of it and blew into it. Suddenly, She was covered in light. She dropped the flute

She held her hands out as light appeared adjecent to her.

"What the hell" yelled Sarah as her clock exploded.


"What a day! This only proves one thing. Don't save animal"said Rebecca's Dad. Her mother agreed.

This is why I take after my aunt. The social activist. Rebecca thought as she took more salad.

"Something weird happened to me and some people I kinda know. I found out I have water powers" said Rebecca

Rebecca's mothers face went cold like she knew something she was hiding for years.

"Who told you that?" said Rebecca mom acting Cherful.

"Mrs. Jones" said Rebeccaas she passed the bread.

"We need to tell you something." said Rebecca's parents in unison.


"I was part of the previous Five doves group. Mrs. Jones was our boss."

" What element did you control?" asked rebecca as she stared at her mom with amazement.


"OH MY GOODNESS" screamed rebecca as she tried to defend herself.


"Stupid Sister, Forgot to buy Milk." said Paris as she ran towards the super market.

She was burning up. Paris made her way to the frozen section.

When she picked up the milk it was boiling

"Ouch" Paris examined as she dropped the milk

After she calmed down she picked up the next milk.

Paris paid for the milk and walked out.

She suddenly felt mad again. She suddenly remembered a scene from her childhood she had long forgoten.

Fire spouted from her hands and hit a tree.

Her heart sped up as she thought What's going on.

She picked up her cell phone.


"Why did my heart just speed up?" asked Lizzy

She was worried.

Eveytime her heart sped up someone was in danger.

It happened all the time since she was little.

She hated when that happened because everytime it did happen someone she knew either died or got severly hurt

She felt like she caused their pain.

She thought for a second I'm part of the five doves-Appearently. Is someone in danger?

She picked up her cellphone and called Amye. She's alright.

So is Sarah and Paris. Rebecca did not pick up. She called everyone else and told them to meet her at Rebecca's house.

I can't be late this time.