How do you describe that dying need that you feel?

Do you ignore and conquer?

Or die with lips sealed?

It's a beautiful thing

This want that you feel

The thing that you conceal

It's just waiting to be unveiled

It's magic is incredible

But she has a face

The face of an angel

A blond shower of soft velvet

How it shines and glistens

You can only listen

You can only watch

Her words are sometimes senseless

The small stranger you have yet to meet

You want to hold her

And never let go

She becomes a part of you

At the heart of you

So how do I describe this need?

It's an ache in the middle of my chest

It leaves me breathless

Numb and throbbing

The pain that comes

Its mind blowing


Makes you shake

Makes you take everything away

The pain hasn't a purpose

It just exists

The crippling soreness

Never fades

The tears never stop their cascade


That is how it seems

The whole fabric of your life

Torn apart at the seams

It's similar to the sun rise

Both happy and sad

The beauty it magnificent

So beautiful it even hurts

That's her

The stranger angel

I wish she would make her self known

She just needs to be shown

The darling little girl

That can never be yours

That explains it

Insane it is

The face of an angel

Do you see it from my angle?