Last Night

By Utada, Rumiko

Last night, we took a ride in my car.

I was behind the wheel, exceeding the speed limit.

You were to my right just laughing.

Last night, we drank so much at that party, it was sickening.

Still, we decided to drive to your house anyway.

We never thought about what was coming in our direction.

Last night, your beautiful long blonde hair changed color as our trip came to a stop.

The windshield was shattered and your blood was shrewn across it.

Our bodies were battered by the car that came into contact with us.

Last night, we managed to live long enough to get one last look at each other.

You mouthed the words: "I love you," but you died before you could hear my response.

I was left staring at your lifeless body…

Last night, I survived that crash, but wished I hadn't.

Last night was the night that scarred me forever.

Last night, you died when you didn't deserve to.

Last night, I felt so guilty for everything that took place.

I couldn't believe that last night…was our last night together.