Crystal an ordinary girl who just so happens to be a vampire/witch/human.
Sarah a girl with the power over the elements.
And Amber, an ordinary girl among a bunch of freaks.
Three girls out to save the world.

The sky turns dark as the sun disappears.
"What is going on? A solar eclipse," a girl with brown hair and caramel brown eyes asks herself looking up to the dark sky.

. What she didn't know that day was that the sun would never come out again.

Chapter 1: Three heroes are born

Crystal, Sarah, and Amber were three girls who went to a school out in the boons.
"It has been three days now since a dark fog came to their sleepy little town, which has brought nothing but a horrible sickness and suffering, which has killed 30 people already," Crystal says with a sigh as she talks to her friends. Soon they all look out at the dark sky from the school cafeteria.
The three girls sigh as the event of a life time happens without them even knowing.

Three wolves stand outside of the school as they watch the three girls.

They are unaware of the danger that comes their way; today is the day that will change their lives.

The three girls walk down the path in the forest that was a short cut to their houses.
"Man I hate math, my teacher is a real…" Crystal's sentence trails off as she stares at two wolves standing in the middle of the trail.
The three girls watch as an old wolf with gray in its hair walks past the other two wolves and up to them.
"Do not fear me, my child." Says the wolf.
The three girls look at the old wolf with disk for eyes.
"What the crap! A talking wolf," Sarah says in shock.
"Yeah, I must be going crazy," Crystal exclaims as she looks over to see Amber was lost for words.

"I have come to give you guidance. As you already know something is about to happen. The sickness that has come to your little town is spreading to all over the world. It is your destiny to save your town and the world," The wolf says with age old wisdom in his voice.
"What, but why," Amber asks as she finds her voice.
"Who cares, this is cool," Sarah says as she looks over to her friends before back at the wolves.
"There is not much time so listen up. This sickness is spreading across your town as well as the world because of the creature known as the black dragon. This creature wants to take over your world and kill all humans and the creatures that call them friend." The old wolf says to the girls.
"But what can we do? We are just normal girls," Sarah states.
"You my children are not average humans. Matter of fact one of you isn't a human at all," the old wolf replies.
Crystal glares at him as she says with a hiss, "How do you know this?"
"We have known of this coming danger for a long time and have sought you three out. Do you think you coming together is consequence? You have been brought together because of fate," The wolf says before continuing, "Listen to me, you must go to Lupus Forest. There you will find creatures you only hear of in the scary stories that your parents told you when you we're little."
"What like the boogeman," Sarah says full of sarcasm.
Crystal smirks saying, "There are things in this world that you can't explain."
"Ok, so what is in the forest," Sarah asks as she turns her attention back to the old wolf.
"Many creatures, most of them will leave you alone. Some of them will give you little trouble, but there is one that you must beware of. There is a three headed wolf in Lupus Forest," The old wolf responds.
"So there is a three headed wolf in a forest. Yeah right," Sarah says unbelieving.
"No, what he says is true. I have heard of this creature from more than one source. Even if there really isn't one we still have to go. I mean if it gets rid of this sickness that is killing everyone then we should do it. Nobody else seems to know what to do, what could it hurt."
Sarah and Amber look at each other before giving her a look of "really do we have too?"
"Your parents are sick, do you want to sit around and do nothing," Crystal asks.
Sarah and Amber looks at each other before Amber says, "You are right, I'm in."
Sarah nods saying, "Yeah, let's go!"
The old wolf smiles as he says, "Very good then take this map and follow it."
One of the wolves that was standing next to the old wolf walks up to the girls with a scroll in its mouth and lays it in front of the girls before backing away.
Sarah picks it up and opens it to look at it, before saying, "What are we suppose to do when we get there…" the three girls look up to see that the wolves we're gone.
The three girls stare at the spot where the wolves we're standing.
"Well I guess that we should get going, but we should go home and pack first," Crystal says as they continue to walk to the town.

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