Chapter 2: Good-bye to my loving town

As the girls walk into their sleepy little town they notice that the fog that was coving the town was now thicker than before. There was a stomach turning feel to it that made you feel ill the moment you walked into it. The girls sigh, this fog made them feel so tired and groggy. As the girls walk into the town they see that whoever was sick didn't look to well. It seemed that whatever was in this fog was making people sick and getting too the rest of the towns people.

Getting to the town square the girls stop to take a rest.
"Ok, we should go to our houses, pack our stuff and meet back here within an hour," Crystal says to the other girls.
"Right," Sarah and Amber say in unison before walking off to their house.

As Crystal walks into her house she takes off her shoes as she calls, "Hello, mother I'm home!"
Crystal stands at the front door quietly as she listens for her mother's response. When she hears nothing she calls out to her once more," Mother, are you ok?"
Crystal waits once more for an answer, but hears nothing. She walks through the kitchen, into the living room and up to a small room where her mother slept. Crystal walks into the room and sighs at the sight of her mother sleeping peacefully. She walks over to her mother and nudges her softly before waiting for her to open her eyes.
Crystal's mother slowly opens her eyes to look up at her daughter.
She smiles weakly as she says, "Crystal, you are home from school. I'm sorry I didn't hear you come in."
A sad smile appears on Crystals face as replies, "Yes mother and I have found out about something that might help get rid of this sickness that is affecting the town."
Crystals mother smiles saying, "Really and what is it you have found out?"
"I'm not sure what it is but I must go to Lupus Forest. In that forest is something that can help make you better. I'm going to go and pack now. I'm leaving in an hour. When dad gets back you can have him take care of you. I'm going to go pack," With that Crystal gives her mother a kiss on the cheek before walking into her room and taking out a gigantic travel bag and starts to pack up everything she will need for the journey. She goes to her nightstand, picking up a vial that was given to her by her mother when she was born. Crystal holds the vial up to examine it as a sad smile appears on her face.
"I love you, mother," Crystal says to herself knowing that when she leaves this house she might not be coming back.
Once done Crystal walks back into her mother's room with the backpack in her hands as she walks up to her mother once more saying, "I will be back mother. I love you," Crystal gives her mother a loving kiss on the cheek before turning and walking away, never to see her mother again.

Sarah sighs as she walks into her house wondering how she was going to tell her parents that she was leaving to go save the town.
"I guess I will tell them that I am going to get a cure for this sickness that everyone has," She thinks to herself as she heads into her parents room.
Sarah looks around her room to see if she got everything. She sighs as she looks at the necklace that Crystal had given her for her birthday.
She begins to remember that fateful day.

Sarah smiles as everyone leaves her house. It had been a great birthday and she was so happy to have turned sixteen. As she watches her friends walk away she feels a hand plopping down on her head in a careless way. Sarah smiles to herself as she sees's Crystal walk next to her with a smile on her face as well.
"Here you go," She says as she holds up a Crystal hanging from a necklace.
"What, I thought you gave me your gift already," Sarah asks.
"Nope, I want you to have this," She says as Sarah takes the necklace and places it around her neck."
Sarah looks up with a smile as she says, "Thank you, it is beautiful."

Sarah smiles to herself as she puts the necklace around her neck and walks out of her room. Sarah walks into another room with ordinary looking room with one big bed in it. She walks up to the bed to see her parents were sleeping. She sighs as she looks down at her parents face with a look of despair. She opens her mouth in an attempt to say something, anything to get their attention. She sighs as she turns away and grabs a pencil and paper to leave them a letter.

Dear mom and dad,
I have left for Lupus Forest to get a cure for the sickness. I will be back soon. I love you both.
Love Sarah.

Sarah lays the note on the tiny dresser on the bed side table before turning away and leaving.

Amber opens the door, walking into her house. She heads into her room and packs a big bag before heading into her parents' bedroom. She sees their sleeping in their bed peacefully. She smiles at their sleeping form as they lay in front of her.
"Good bye, mom and dad. I will be back soon," Amber says before giving them each a kiss on the cheek.
As she grabs her bag from the floor she gives one more look at her parents before leaving their room and leaving to meet up with her friends at the town square.

Crystal stands at the town square as she watches her two friends walk up to her with their bag in their hands. The girls smile at each other before they begin their journey up the mountain so that they could get to the other side.

Walking up the mountain trail the only sound they hear is the sound of dirt and rocks being crushed under their feet. The smell of dirt and tree's fill their noses as they continue down the trail. Crystal stops causing the others to stop due to her reaction. At that moment a wolf runs out from the bushes and stops in the middle of the dirt path. The wolf freezes as it stares at the girls. A smile slowly comes to the wolves face as it winks at the girls. Amber's mouth drops from the shock as the other two girls' just look at themselves before looking back at the wolf as it runs up the dirt path. The girls run up the hill after the wolf only to follow it to the edge of the cliff. As they walk up to the cliff they watch the wolf with a careful eye. The wolf looks back at them and with a smile it slowly starts to disolve and disappear.
Crystal and Ambers mouth drops at the sight meanwhile Sarah's expression stays the same.
"What just happened," Amber exclaims.
"Yeah, not even I know what it was that we just saw," Crystal comments.
"It was the spirit of this forest," Sarah says knowingly.
Crystal and Amber looks at her with a confused look as Sarah continues, "It is the guardian of this town. Well, it was."
Crystal stares at Sarah with confusion as she says, "So, it's dead?"
Sarah nods as she says, "Yes that is it exactly."
"Then why did it lead us here," Amber asks as they walk to the edge of the cliff to look over the town.
"Oh my gosh," Sarah says as she looks down at the town or the lack of a town.
"I can't see the town," Amber says.
"Well not pass the fog," Crystal corrects.
As the girl looks down at the fog covered town they realize what the wolf wanted them to see. The town was in more trouble than they had thought. This fog was no ordinary fog and from just looking at it you could tell that what stayed in that fog was going to die. As the girls look over the town all they could think of was their parents and how much them missed them already and hoped that they would be fine until they got back.
"Well, we should be on our way," Crystal says out loud.
Sarah and Amber nod before they begin to walk back only to have Sarah stop to look over her shoulder once more saying, "Good-bye."

Good bye to you, for now I must go and bare you no ill thoughts. I will come back someday, but until then I must say, "Good-bye and farewell"

Authors Note: Well this is the end of Chapter 2. I hope you liked it because I enjoyed writing it. Please comment and tell me what you think. Thank you!