Ok so you guys seemed interested so here goes. Another high school story. I feel like they are becoming my niche hahaha. I'm experimenting in the 1st person narration (I usually prefer 3rd) so I hope you like!

I'm Not Cheering For You: Chapter 1


"So we have a week until the first pep-rally of the school year. I have some ideas that…"

Blah, blah, blah.

I lean back in my seated position as I pretty much ignore the head cheerleader on a power trip.

Yes. I'm a male cheerleader. 1 of 2 on the cheerleading squad at Brownside High. The other is named Shane. But that's beside the point.

Anyway, the squad was having a "spirit meeting" to discuss strategies for encouraging school spirit and methods to possibly motivate the football team to win at least one game that year.

Okay, maybe I'm making that up. They might have actually won most of their games, but in my imagination our football team is pathetic.

I'm not a cheerleader because of football players. God no. Many people might not believe it, but cheerleading is a sport all in it's own. It's active and aerobic, and lifting those girls, that's weightlifting without the metal and the gym. You need to be flexible too, I can do a back flip. And it's not just a sport, it's a performance. Hell, to act excited about the football team practically requires acting skills that rival…

"Jeremy? Jeremy are you listening to me?"

Veronica's voice. How I've ignored it for this long must be some sort of record on it's own. I don't mean to bitch, I like her and I like cheering, but not all the stupid 'get the school involved' bullshit that she likes so much….

"Seriously Jeremy!"

"What's up lady?"

She looks a little frustrated with me. She knows how much this stuff bores me. I'm all for the cheering.

"I was pairing off cheerleaders with football players for the season."

"Huh?" maybe I should've been paying attention. That's probably not as kinky as it sounded.

Veronica sighs. "We have an equal number of cheerleaders to football players. I paired us up pulling names out of a hat. We're going to be like, their personal cheerleader, like make them a poster for spirit week, bake cupcakes…"

"Seriously?" I really couldn't help blurting that out. This I did not want a part of. "Can I be exempt because of my penis?"

A few of the girls tittered.

She frowned. "No. We have a perfectly even number. I already said that."

"Oh, but you could put two footballers on one cheerleader. I bet they'd love that."

Got a few more laughs.

"No." Veronica's voice was firm and had her serious 'don't mess with me bitch' face on. "You're paired with Luke Welling."


You've got to be kidding me.

Luke Welling was a…crap…what is the name? Receiver? You know, the one that does the whole running and catching and trying to make a touchdown thing. He was probably the best player on the team and all around ass. He likes to call me oh so original names like "Cheer Queer."

Yeah, I like guys. I'm not ashamed of it. Hell, I'm a cheerleader, that gets the automatic assumption that I'm so fruity I could make punch. But I'm no limp-wristed fairy. If I wasn't on the cheerleading squad, I don't think that anyone would guess I'm gay. I'm handsome, if I do say so myself, but not a pretty-boy. I've got muscles. I don't wear makeup or nail polish. I don't lisp or swish. I'm so not a stereotype.


Luke Welling. He's like a jock extraordinaire. Not only on the football team, but on the basketball team and lacrosse team as well.

Objectively, he's okay looking I guess. He's kind of got that all-American look going for him, tall and muscular. He has blondish brown hair he apparently let grow out a bit over the summer. It's wavy and comes down past his ears. He's got clear skin that's kind of tanned.

While he's kind of okay looking, his personality is jerk, which basically neutralizes any possible allure of his appearance.

He and some of the football players hassle me a little about being gay. It's never been violent, but it sometimes gets beyond good-natured ribbing. Ribbing I can take. Ribbing I can do right back. It's kind of like a mutual dislike thing. But when it's blatant homophobia it's not as fun.

God, I can see them from across the field. They think they're such big shots running around in their tight little pant things.

"Okay, we're done for the day except Jeremy," Veronica's voice brings me back to our side of the practice fields. The other cheerleaders are already leaving. Shane shoots me a sympathetic glance. No one wants to face the wrath of Veronica.

"What's up?"

"I want to fill you in on what you missed. God Jeremy, I know you hate this stuff, but you're like totally not respecting my authority as head cheerleader. I really want to do a good job and have this be the best year ever." She looks so sincere I feel really guilty.

"So what's the plan boss?"

"Right. This Friday it'll be a week until the first game, so tomorrow night we're going to make cupcakes to give to our players."

"For real? Cupcakes? That's supposed to be motivating?" Even I think that's gay.

"Please Jeremy?"

I'm a damn softie. "For you, I'll do my best to be full of school spirit." I give her a large, very exaggerated smile.

She seems to lighten up and even laughs. "Thanks Jer. I really want this year to be fantastic."

"With you leading the charge, I'm sure it will."

And I'm not sure if I'm being sarcastic or not.


"Here," I thrust the cupcake in front of Luke's face. It took me forever to get an opportunity that's relatively without other people around.

"What?" His lips are quirking upward. "For me?"

"Take it."

He's just standing there with his eyebrow raised.

"Take the damn cupcake!"

"Who knew you were so demanding?" he took the cupcake and examined the frosting with a weird expression.

"What? The sprinkles aren't too your liking?"


Dumb question. "Your jersey number."

"Ummmm…I'm number eleven."

I roll my eyes. "Whatever." I move to leave, but he stops me.

"This is safe to eat? You didn't put laxatives in this or something did you?"

Damn. I wish I'd thought of that. But then it would probably would get back to Veronica and then, you know wrath and all.

"It's safe. Here," I sigh and swipe the edge of the frosting with my finger before sticking it in my mouth. "Trust me now?"

"So the frosting's safe, but what about the rest?" His eyes are twinkling like he's enjoying this or something.

"Do I have to convince you to eat the thing?"

He looks like he's going to laugh. "No, I guess not." He peels down the paper and takes a bite. He looks surprised as he chews and swallows. "This is actually one of the best cupcakes I've ever eaten."

The compliment surprised me.

"So maybe it won't be so bad to have you as my personal cheerleader." He looks sly and I feel like he's trying to make fun of me.

I roll my eyes. "I'm not cheering for you," I grumble as I stalk away.


Kind of short chapter. I don't know how I like the 1st person narrative. Anyways, let me know what you think. Thanks for reading! I hope it lives up to any expectations!