She should be dead. Karina thought this hazily as she weakly tried to drag herself upright. She failed.

The beast was long gone, its bloodlust sated for the night. But no matter how much she hurt, oblivion refused to come. Her dark brown hair was matted with drying blood, a nasty cut on the back of her head still oozing the dark red liquid. The gruesome mauling had left her with a deep gash that extended from one side of her stomach to the other. One of her legs had been shredded by a vicious claw, and he had taken her left eye. Even as her mind drifted to and from reality, the pain itself was so intense that she would have happily killed herself had she the strength.

The wolf had dragged her for miles into the woods, the whole flesh of her back was shredded beacause of it. She whimpered at the memory of the beast. Never before had she felt so helpless, so impotent to defend herself. Even as he disemboweled her, ripping savagely into her soft belly, she had been powerless to fight the wolf's superior strength. And her body continued to scream in agony.

The cold ground of the wood felt a bit refreshing against her burning skin. Above her the canopy of trees were slightly spread out, allowing delicate streaks of moonlight to reach her, caress her with their light. In fact wherever the moonlight touched her body, the pain quieted, was utterly quenched and strength would replace it.

Karina knew she had gone insane, thinking that moonlight was healing her, but the pain was so overwhelming that she didn't care. She tried to drag herself towards a large patch of light, desperate to relieve the pain. It took a long time, but with each shuddering breath she pulled herself farther. When she finally managed to throw herself in it completely, she felt as if the glowing soft light of the moon had cocooned her in its cool touch. The pain was gone, but a feeling of incredible power coursed through her veins. When the moon began to speak, she knew she really was insane.

You're mine, the moon whispered, her cool voice of silk, caressing as a gentle breeze. Karina felt the moon breathe her power into her...all her wounds lacing up and smoothing until they were no more.

You belong to me now, she said in a sing song voice, laced with evil intent. Karina believed her and was glad, for the pain was gone, although she still couldn't move. She tried to sit up but the moonlight pushed her down. Smothering, gagging until the girl grew still, fear in her eyes and heart pounding madly.

Patience young one, the voice was angry now, sleep for now. Karina could not but comply, her piercing grey eyes too heavy to uphold. Why had she been afraid again? The moonlight was so warm, so gentle in its grace...

As she drifted to sleep, she felt herself changing. Her limbs twisted and shortened, her bare skin sprouting a sleek coat of fur. But her mind transformed as well. Her will was slowly, but powerfully, wrenched from her. Adoration for the Mistress replacing it until her very blood sang the moon's praise. Karina was too far gone to understand what was happening, too far gone to resist. The moon held her in her power now, her mind was no longer her own; she was cursed, though in her mind it seemed a blessing.

Dream little one, the moon hissed. Music to Karina's ears. Dream of the blood to come, the blood you will bring me until the hills and the rivers run red with it. Karina smiled. If her mistress wished it, it would be so. She was glad to serve her mistress.

She was eager to serve.

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