Hi, my name is Aimy Yan.

I've been living with my dad ever since I was born. He's name is Shu Ming Yan.

I never knew my mum.

The world I live in might seem normal.

But it isnt, at least not at night, and not when I caught my dad in the middle of a blood bath, lying helplessly with a stake in his heart,

It was not until that day when everything in my life turned into a web of lies.


I was running. The sound of footsteps imprinted onto the cold wet concrete. I stopped and turned around, my black hair swishing to the left. Everything was silent, until I saw it.

It's eyes were transparent but still driving it way through my brain, it felt the my flesh tore through my skin, the pain was inscruciating. But then it all stopped. I woke. Light was flashing through my opaque curtains, birds chirpped and leaves of tree's rustled outside. I got out of bed.

"Just a dream…" I uttered.

"Just a stupid dream….".

I got dressed into my ragged, ripped jeans and tied my wavy hair back. I headed downstairs.

The steps creaked as I placed my foot on each one, the odd smell of silence encircled the house.

"Dad???" I uttered.

No reply.

I quitely descended those last couple of stairs and dawdled my way to the kitchen.

"You there dad?" I questioned once again.

Still ,no reply.

I peeped through the wooden kitchen door and set my eyes on the countless numbers of cooking utensils that took place on the table. I entered with caution, but seconds later I regretted my actions. Dad… he laid there, surrounded by red liquid, Blood. My mind stopped comprehending anything, the world stopped for a few seconds.

"No…" I whimpered.

This cant be happening I thought to myself.

Thoughts came running into my head, slowly I took a step. It was just close enough to see the words faintly inprinted on the dry blood that surrounded my father.

"Surprise daddy, its you turn now..." it read.

Those words sent chills down my spine. I read it once more.

Without another thought I threw myself inot my dad's lifeless arms and wept. I don't know how much time passed. I didn't care. Now that my dad's gone, I had no more family. Weakly, I lifted myself up, taking a deep breathe, I grabbed the kitches amber matches and lit it. Taking one last glance, I plummeted the match onto my father and watched him fade away….

The last of my tears slid onto the floor,

"This was bound to happen…" I whispered. Through the years of traiing with my dad, the day we both anticipated has finally arrived.

"We will find your mum, no matter what…" he use to say, those comforting words that once lifted my spirits, did nothing but bring grief. I took a deep breathe, inhaling the remains of my dad.

Flames flickered in the my sight. I turned around swiftly and trunched upstairs. Hesitanly grabbed my aqua-shouldered bag, wooden stake and headed for the doors. Slamming it shut, I raced into the forest, gripping firmly onto my life.