What happened to the good ol' vampires? The one that kill you, the ones without guilt and angst. Dracula, Lestat! Where have you gone? Now we have Edward, and Stefan! Now don't get me wrong, I've fallen into the clutches of those books, not the shows and movies, but I'm a teenager, cut me some slack. When did vampires go from blood thirsty monsters to ones that just need a little hug now and again? Quite honestly the best vampire book I've started to read recently would have to be The Morganville Vampires by Rachel Caine. It has a very slow start, and is certainly mysterious, but at least the vampires don't want to be your friend! They offer protection, which is like friendship, a cold one but still. A downfall I consider, however not a major one. As far as I've seen anyway.

I want blood, gore, and violent sexual passions, because that's what vampires are supposed to be, they aren't supposed to fight it. Give in, let them feast, terrorize the town, murder the humans who are stupid enough to go out alone at night. Maybe I need to get out of the young adult section, sadly, adult books just aren't my thing, especially the smutty romance, and that seems to be the only "adult" books around. I just wish vampires remembered their instincts and stopped being so civilized for once. Yes, the guilty, angsty vampire who drinks only enough to survive, or the one who feeds off of animals so not to hurt the humans they once were, is a wonderful idea, beautiful even, but really, I'm sick of the martyrs. So you got changed against your will, don't be a bitchy girl, get out there and enact your revenge!

Now, before you argue about some facts that I've gotten wrong, please remember I don't care, I appreciate having my facts straight, but don't use that to set a case against me. Remember this, I've never read the Ann Rice books, I've only watched the movies, I hope to come into possession of the books soon, and I am not finished with the Morganville Vampires, so I merely placed my opinion on where I am. Also, I would like to point out to all of the "vampires aren't gay, but Edward makes them look it!" unless you mean it in the negative "That's so gay" way, in which case someone should slap your narrow minded self, I must correct you. Vampires are gay, in fact, a large majority are. Dracula was! Edward happens to be the straightest vampire I know of.

Now that I have you in agreement, or disagreement, would you recommend True Blood? I hear it's very delicious, and I would very much love to watch it. My hands are itching for the first season, since, sadly, Showtime is not a channel of mine.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you understand this was a moment of annoyance at having nothing to read, or watch, that I was in the mood for. Again, thank you!