Chapter 1

Aanabella sat on her bed at her laptop computer, furiously typing out her latest novel. She had closed herself in her room since she had gotten home for school five hours ago to write, uninterrupted. One of her friends had called, but she had mumbled to her mom to tell the caller that she would talk to her tomorrow.

Now she was wrapping up the fourth chapter and was about to fall asleep. She hadn't even eaten since lunch that day, so before she could rest, she needed to refuel.

Suddenly she remembered something.

'My homework! I forgot to do my homework!' She cried to herself. She jumped off her bed, nearly sending her computer crashing to the floor and dashed over to where she had laid her book bag when she had walked into her room. She yanked a math textbook from it, as well as a mechanical pencil and a clipboard. She threw these onto her bed and continued rummaging through the bag. Next came an English workbook and another textbook, this one for World History.

With a sigh she sat on her bed and put the books and other things into a more organized pile. She reached into her memories of the day, trying to remember the assignments. Shaking her head, irritated at herself, she opened her door for the first time since she had returned home.

As she did, her mom happened to be passing by. Her mom stopped and looked at curiously. 'Joining the living, are we?' She asked, jokingly.

'I was never dead, mom.' Aanabella wasn't in a joking mood after the discovery of her forgotten homework.

'Alright then, grumpy. I assume you're hungry by now. I left you some dinner in the fridge. Just heat it up or eat it cold.'

'No meat?'

'No meat, I promise.' Her mom rolled her eyes half-heartedly.

'Thank you.' And she walked down the hallway.

Dinner was a green bean casserole and two yeast rolls. Aanabella took a plastic cup from the cabinet and filled it with chocolate soy-milk and took her food back to her room.

She had only recently begun to be a vegetarian. Her parents had made a fuss until she agreed to eat meat on occasion. She wasn't happy about it, but she got to choose the meat, and how often, so it wasn't so bad.

It really wasn't so much the animal cruelty that she had a problem with, because it seemed to her that eating other creatures just happened to be a part of the food chain, and humans were at the top. But that also didn't mean that she had to eat any of the many animal products offered on the market today.

For Aanabella it was more of a health related issue. She hated the fact that almost all of the animals were injected with vaccinations, and with all of the research about vaccines that suggested them being a little less than helpful, she wasn't too keep on eating any more of it.

Her friends called her crazy, but she didn't care. Let those who want their chemically and genetically engineered meat eat their meat, but she, on the other hand, would try to eat as organically as possible.

Thus, her change to soy-milk, rather than cow's milk. It also tasted much better in her opinion, but then again, she had never really liked plain cow's milk in the first place.

She slowly and thoughtfully shoveled her food into her mouth, sparingly taking sips of her 'milk'. When she was done, she set the dishes on her floor and then stepped back to her computer. This time, she brought up her IM and checked to see who was on. Not many people, seeing as how late it was, but she started a conversation with one of her best guy friends.

Thus ensued an interesting argument of rather…strange proportions. Nicknames were used and insults were poorly thrown, and LOL's were used every other message.

Finally her friend decided to turn in and she was left bored and full of energy. She could try to go to sleep, but she also knew that wouldn't work very well. She sighed. It really sucked when there wasn't anything to do.

"Wait a moment…homework. I still haven't gotten around to that." She shook her head, frustrated. "I hate homework!" But still, she picked up her textbook and clipboard. The assignment was one in a matter of a few minutes, and, yet again, she was at the decision of what on earth to do.

She tapped her fingers on her clipboard, looking around her room. Posters covered her walls, as well as many roses, each made up of a different material. She crawled across her bed and reached out, fingering one of her favorites. It was made of black velvet, soft and silky. The stem was green dyed glass, and the thorns came to sharp points. Her finger brushed across one of them, and she let out a small cry. Blood was forming a small dot on her finger, and she frowned. "Every rose has its thorns alright…" She put her finger in her mouth, sucking gently on the small injury. Again, she sighed, but this time it turned into a yawn. Maybe she was getting tired.

With another yawn, she crawled towards the edge of her bed. When she tried to pull her foot out in front of her, she found it caught in her comforter. She didn't figure this out until it was too late, though, and she toppled headfirst off of her bed. She landed with a loud thunk. Laughing, she righted herself, sitting halfway hunched over against her mattresses.

"When will I stop being a klutz?" Standing up, she was still a bit dizzy, so she gripped a bedpost while the room stopped vibrating. Finally, she was able to walk over to her dresser, and she pulled out a pair of nightclothes to change into. Flicking off the light, she rolled back into bed, turning on her stereo to play a Hawthorne Heights song softly.

"Goodnight world. Maybe I'll actually join the living tomorrow." She said, with a small smile, and pulled her favorite pillow under her head. She curled up into a ball underneath her cat patterned comforter, and quickly fell asleep.