Chapter 31

Aanabella was asleep in a chair when the doctor came in with Maerk's parents and his little sister. The parents didn't seem to mind her being there and they simply ignored her presence, since she was asleep anyway. They wouldn't want to wake a stranger. They automatically assumed it was the girl mentioned in his suicide note. He had given her thanks for being a good person to him, and his parents wondered what exactly she had done for him to make him say such nice things about her. Everyone else seemed to hate their son for no real reason, and yet this one girl seemed to have made some kind of difference in Maerk's young life.

Lacey only glared at the sleeping girl, still angry about her back talking her the other day when she and Maerk were leaving the house, though in her mind Lacey knew that Aanabella had every right to say what she had because of the questions and the way they were being asked.

Maerk's mother looked over at the girl for a moment before crossing over to where Maerk was asleep as well, her husband and daughter following her as she did. Just as she reached the side of his bed, the boy opened his eyes and glanced sleepily over at his family. He only groaned instead of greeting them, and closed his eyes again. He still didn't feel like facing his family.

"Maerk…I'm sorry, did we wake you?"

"No mom, you didn't." He said, eyes still shut tightly as he spoke. He wouldn't have cared if she had anyway. He'd gotten too much sleep the past few days, considering he had absolutely nothing to do in this quiet room in such a busy hospital. Nurses came in and out fairly often to check his vitals and occasionally he would receive medications; the doctors had put him on antidepressants and some mood stabilizers. It was still being debated whether or not they would put him in some kind of institution for depressed teenagers and adults. His parents didn't like the idea, but he was sure that they would do it if the doctors insisted upon it. He desperately hoped that they wouldn't.

His father noticed something as he was gazing around the room and his eyes rested upon the sleeping girl in the chair across the room from the bed. "Son, what are those bandages on her arm for? Do you know?" He asked, mostly out of curiosity.

Maerk 's eyes fluttered open to see Aanbella slumbering quietly, and he immediately realized that she wasn't wearing a long sleeve shirt or else a jacket. He was surprised, and wondered why she had chosen to reveal the white bandages on her injured arm.

"Oh, she uhm…" Quickly, he began to think of something to be able to tell his parents so they wouldn't worry. "Her cat scratched her arm up really bad. Yeah." He wasn't even sure if she owned a cat.

The man gave one last glance to the girl before turning his attention fully to his son. "So how're you feeling, little man?"

Maerk rolled his eyes. "Don't call me 'little man' please. I'm a teenager now. And I'm feeling fine. I'm completely drugged up and my mind isn't quite my own anymore. I suppose that's the point. Any news on whether or not I'm being stuck in a loony bin?" He said sighing and turning on his side away from his parents' eyes. At this point, he felt like he didn't care if they did put him in the crazy house, actually. Anything was better than school.

This time, it was his mother that answered his words. "I don't think we're going to do it. We'll keep you on the anti-depressants of course, so that should help. The doctors said that since you didn't suffer any damage at all we can take you home after a psychologist says you're okay to."

"Great…" He didn't want to go home. The only thing he wanted to get back to where his razors, in that drawer beside his bed. If he couldn't kill himself by suffocation, maybe, just maybe, he could slice up his arm until he bled to death. But…hadn't he stopped that for Aanabella's sake? He couldn't just start up again when things were as they were. It would hurt Aanabella more than it would hurt him, more than likely. He let out a breath again and rolled his eyes at himself. This was going to be tough, but he'd do it for Aanabella.

"Well…get some rest son, you must be tired." His dad said suddenly.

"Bye dweeb." Lacey called, skipping out the door. Maerk heard both of his parents exclaim her name simultaneously before following her out the door. With one last look at Aanabella, Maerk turned onto his back and stared at the ceiling. After a few minutes, with nothing else to do, he went to sleep once again, dreaming of a special someone whom he wanted to please more than anything else in the world, even his own life.