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The cellos play a dark mystical melody,

You sit there on your throne

Waiting for me to enter with my sword at hand.

I bust through your door and walk inside

With hate in my eyes.

You form a smirk on your face towards me,

I hissed and glared.

The cellos continued to play as you

Placed your wine on the armrest

Of your throne.

You walked down towards me

As I stood ready to attack you.

Your hand quickly grabbed my sword

And threw it to the other side.

I walked back as you grabbed my left arm

With ease.

You started to dance with me in your arms, I

Looked at you again and noticed

A different expression on your face.

One with admiration and carefulness

My heart started to flip


I watched you as you lead me

Into your dance, my ears

Focused on the cellos and music

From the background.

We exchanged looks, you smiled

My eyes widen and I felt my cheeks

Start to blush the deep red color

I deeply hated.

You bended your head down

To my right ear

Whispering your most inner thoughts

To me.

I whispered back softly and smiled softly

Without realizing it.

You spread your ink black angel wings,

They glowed brighter compare to the other times.

You picked me up, cradling me in your strong arms.

Your wings started to flap, our bodies above the ground,

Our eyes never left each other; you nuzzled your cheek

Into my, I nuzzled back.

Your lips touched mine softly, I blushed again.

My heart pounded greatly, this time it wasn't

Of hate, it was love.

My thoughts then clicked, you are not my

Rival, but

My angel of hell.