I know I shouldn't blame you

I know it wasn't your fault

It was never your intention to cause this pain

But life hurts whether it intends to or not

Actions have consequences whether they're meant to or not

You can't always control what happens to you

You can't control whether life chooses to pass you by

Or drag you along with it

You can't decide what someone else does

You can't force anybody to do anything

Life goes the way God plans it to

And that's not always the way you expect it to

In fact, more often than not

It's the complete opposite of what you had planned

So I know I shouldn't blame you for what I've gone through because of you

I know it wasn't your choice to have that happen to you

But for some reason I can't get past the idea that without you around

I would still be whole

I wouldn't be broken like this if I had never known you

But then on the other side of that

Is the fact that there are so many experiences that I've had with you

That I would never want to forget

So it's hard to figure all of this out

I guess life is just really hard sometimes

I mean that's pretty obvious isn't it?

Everyone knows that life gets hard

But I guess you never really realize how hard until it happens

Until you get a phone call or a knock on your front door

That changes everything about your life

It knocks you off your feet

And makes you feel like your chest is about to burst because it hurts so bad

And sometimes that hurt takes so long to heal

That you think it never will

But one day you stop and think about it

And realize that you don't think about it as often as you used to

And the pain has started to dull

And you realize that you've started to smile again

So maybe the pain will always be there

There will always be moments that make you feel like your chest will burst

But the pain goes away for a little while

And you get to live again

And you realize that the moments that you can live again

Become even more precious

Because of the moments that hurt

So I guess what I'm trying to say is that I shouldn't blame you

I should probably thank you for making the good moments that much better

But it's the moments that hurt

The moments that destroy me

That make me feel so angry towards you

And make me feel like I wish I had never met you

Because then maybe every moment would be a good moment

But I know that can't happen

There are always going to be moments that hurt

And I guess I'm happy that the bad moments are there

To remind me of the good moments with you

Because without the bad moments I would forget what made you special

But the things that made you special are the same things that tear me apart

But that isn't your fault

I know that it isn't your fault

I know it was never your intention to cause this pain

But you did

And I guess I'll just have to live with that