AN: Here starts a series of poems about college. If I happen to make fun of you, don't mind it because I'm probably making fun of myself.

You're a College Student

As you yawn,

You wonder why

You're here

And then you remember

That you're diploma

From high school

Was devalued.

You're a college student

And you're poor

With debt

That's ever growing.

College isn't a cakewalk

Nor is it like high school.

What work then,

Doesn't work now

And now you're running around

Trying to find a way that works.

You have to work

Harder than before

To get that A

That was so easy

Back then

Because in high school

They never pushed you

To your limits.

People were jealous of you

Who could ace a test

Without reading a book

Or studying one single thing.

You and I have a lot in common,

But I was pushed somewhat harder

Back in high school,

But now

We are college students.