Cora looked at the large stone in her little palm. She had tried this method before to only failure. But she thought she knew the right word now. All she had to do was estimate the amount of magic used to overpower the original spell, and not drain herself in the process. She had been so close last time.

"The Leahun clan." She demanded, holding the man's arm at an uncomfortable angle. Even in her little body she could overpower the oaf. "Where are they located?"

It was most likely a bad idea to find the one clan she could not harm in the present state of her mind, but she was tired of waiting. The disguise hadn't worn off and for some reason she couldn't overpower it. In the vast amounts of magic she had, all she could do was exhaust herself to the point of illness and the spell stayed strong. She was stuck in a five year old body that either had too much or too little energy, a demented sweet tooth and not enough fear inducing presence.

So she resorted to actually harming people, instead of just threatening as she used to. She once had been able to simply use her spells for her own pleasure or relief of boredom. Now she had a strength spell on constantly and a really short fuse.

Oh yes, the man she was interrogating. Cora twisted a little harder. "I'm listening intently." She reminded him. She was standing on a table to be able to have the leverage to nearly break the man's arm. Her lack of height wasn't a happy reminder.

"Those wackos left town two days ago." He panted, sweating and rapidly thinking of how to get out of the bruising hold of a child.

"And why is that?" She lifted the tangle that was his arm and felt a snap the same time that he barked out in pain. "Mention a direction?"

"They were weirdoes." He supplied the lackluster description. "I didn't ask. Just glad for 'em to be gone."

Cora sighed and released the man all at once. When he swung around to throw his good fist at her, she simply waved a hand and sent him to the floor gargling his own teeth. Him no longer being able to talk, she turned around on the table and looking down at the man nailed to it.

"How many of them were there?" She remembered to ask.

Their numbers were growing. No clan could reproduce that fast. Cora was starting to get the feeling they were using the name Leahun as a protection against her. She couldn't risk killing one and breaking her promise. Smart of them. And really, really annoying.

"Uh." The man looked rapidly around, but with his head secure, his range of sight wasn't the best. No one he could see would be helping him. "I don't know." She took a step forward and he flinched. "More than thirty. They were all coming and going at once. No one really got a good count."

"A direction?"

"They headed towards the next city, I think." He struggled against the ropes holding him. They hissed and restricted tighter. "They were buying jewelry."

Which explained why there were no good sized stones in town for her to take. Too bad. These people were useless to keep alive.

"Cora?" A voice took her out of her memories.

Stowing the stone, Cora turned in her stool to look at her worst patient.

"Yes, Baldev?" She asked sweetly, wishing he were a faster healer and out of her sick house.

"My side." Was all he said, moving closer into the room, holding said side and wincing dramatically. "I think it is getting worse."

She wanted to call him something rude, but refrained and got off her stool. She started pulling it towards a chair in the corner.

"Take a seat, Warrior."
She didn't know how he had gotten the position with his level of dramatics and complaining. But the job of naming warriors was not her affair, and she would rather stay clear of it.

Baldev took a seat with an extra wince and pointed with his free hand. "It is stinging like a beast. I think it might be bleeding again."

If it wasn't, which was most likely, Cora wanted to make it do so again. Avoiding a sigh of her own dramatics, she told him to lift his arms and started removing the bandage.

The warrior gone and on a new gem, Cora moved her stool back next to her desk. She opened her gem purse and pulled out her palm sized stone.

And swallowed it.

Tyr almost dropped the glass in his hand; he was so surprised at the abrupt banging at his door. Saving the glass, but not the drink, he set it aside and got to his feet.

"Door." Rural called from the other room as another round started up.

"No, really?"

Tyr was drying his hands on his shirt, making his way to the door, when it opened.

There stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Long strawberry blonde hair wrapped around itself over her shoulder and to her hips. She was tall and athletically built. She was wearing one of the sick room's black dresses.

Shaking himself from ogling her, he raised his hands to warn her not to come closer. "Can we help you, miss?"

"Tyr." She breathed, hesitating to take a step forward. Her body was trembling. She looked about to fall over.

There was blood on her lips.

"Yes?" He looked at her closely. There was something horribly familiar about her. He felt he should know her, but couldn't place from where. He was sure if he had met the beauty before he would have remembered. "How did you know to come here? Are you hurt?"

"Shut up." She nearly laughed the words. Her hands came up to grasp at her hair. She coiled the lengths around her hands. "Shut your mouth and look at me."

Tyr was very confused. She spoke like she knew him well.

"Well?" Rural came in from the other room with no shirt on and pants barely hanging on. "What's the damage?" He stopped short when he saw the female. "Roefd."

The woman glared at his swearing in a very familiar way. She was trembling harder now. She was holding on to her hair for dear life, trying to look strong.

"Uh." Rural looked between Tyr and the beauty. "What's going on?"

"Why do you men not recognize me?" She demanded. She was starting to bend at the waist. She was not well.

"She's sick." Rural started forward, forgetting to be embarrassed. Tyr watched, confused, as the other warrior passed him and took the lady into his over muscled arms. "Hey, you're okay. We'll get you to Cora's."

"Cora." Something clicked for Tyr and he moved forward too. Just in time for the woman to start screaming and convulse into herself. By the time he was to her side a child laid between the warriors.

"Cora." Both men said at once, looking down at their five year old friend. Blonde curls, freckles and baby face were back.