A boy, a girl, hand in hand on the swing set. She turns to him and smiles, he meets her eyes, merely five years old and they feel the warmth of another soul. Their parents' smile, cute they agree, to them, those kids on the swings, it was more. An unknown matter consuming their insides.

"Forever?" The girl asked, hoping for a yes, begging for one.

The boy shook his head, as her heart sunk he held up a hand, to prevent the spill of tears. You misunderstood his tiny hand said. He stared into her soul, and smiled.

"Too short."

They lay, intertwined on the full sized mattress. The summer heat beat down on them from the window; she smiles as she traces his bare chest. It wasn't the same smile, innocence washed away by sins committed by youthful teens. She smiles a bittersweet smile, remembering the good times, wondering how they ever fell down so far. He stared up at the ceiling; she glanced up at him, wishing he would just speak. But words flowed into arguments; she missed his voice, her sweet saving song.

He glanced at her, he too thinking of the misery they suffered at each other's hands. Dying slowly in the warmth of their souls. Her heart shattered quietly, deep down she knows it won't last much longer. When they can't speak without being at each other's throats, without insinuating the other to be a cheater, there wasn't much left was there? Can love save everything? A tear slid down, she pretended it to just be sweat, like the rest that coated her skin.

"Forever?" She whispered, carefully, knowing his answer, and willing a yes.

He shook his head, this time no hand to prevent her tears, and they flooded her vision, he waited for moments to pass, she drowned in his arms.

"Too long," He whispered.

She kissed him a last time before sending him on his way. Sweet tenderness, they remembered together. She felt his tears mix with hers, and he pulled from her, knowing they would stay forever if they could. The door shut, and the sobs escaped. Her screams through the night were unheard, sleeping was evaded. She searched for his arms relentlessly, she couldn't breathe. The window let in gracious moonlight, coating her in silvery light.

"Oh, my love."

Years dance past; she learned to breathe, thanks to her new love. It felt wrong, kissing another man, speaking words of love in his direction. She was happy, they weren't falling apart, but she wasn't whole. Always something missing, as she sends her children off to school, she wished she saw him in them. Anti-depressants can't save her from a broken soul, and she begs for release every night, lying beside the man who marks her traitorous actions. Sleep evaded her still; she continued the dance, stumbling around from deprivation. Pill after pill and the smile is still fake.

She sneaks out at night, to that old swing set down at the park. She never finds him waiting for her, as she dreams one day she will. She sits on her swing, and cries, years go past and all she spends her time doing is crying.

"Forever?" She asks the empty swing beside her, waiting for that familiar answer.

Silence, murderous silence. She still waits.

"Too short," He whispers to the empty swing, taking place in his own.

He stares into the night sky, wondering if she's fine without him, if she's finally happy again. He could only hope through his tear stained eyes that she can smile. If she felt anything that he did, then he knew it was impossible. So he hopes, and prays, that she never loved with the intensity he did. That the silence didn't kill her, even while everyone else spoke.

Did they hear her, truly hear her? Did they ever listen to her heartbeat, her soul? Another tear slips by as he remembers his life saving song. He needs her, he wants her, and he'll never have her. The truth was, forever was too long, too long without her. He'd meant it that day, she was falling away and he wasn't running fast enough. Time slowed, and they died. His sentences often unfinished by her deadly tears, and his own thoughts.

The swing beside him blew in the wind, as if she were there, sitting beside him.

"Love, sweet love, I'm waiting for you."