A hop, a flop, a smile of glee

A hand, then land, a beach full of sand

A bucket, "don't muck it", and a sandcastle kit

A blink, a wink, a bottle of pink

A car, a star, a book on Jafar

A couch, a pouch, and then a touch

Fears, tears, the more he leers.

Days, months, years pass by

Fears, tears, in my head he leers.

9am, 12pm, 5pm

Pumasok sa trabaho, umuwing may kabayo [1]

The pounding cadence of a tedious existence

Short-circuiting the brain cells and monotony knells

Memories hidden, hopefully trodden

Hiding its tail so memories pale.

"He's gone, gone, need not be withdrawn,"

Arms locked, legs gawked, hours tick-tocked

Gone, gone, yet still be withdrawn.

Desk job, lunch tub, ticket stub

Needless to say, speak what I may

Whatever is buried can as easily be unburied

The more I work, the memories murk

Still as a lake and a witch on a stake.

Working my hands allows me a stand

"Aim for the future and forget the past"

How it will last, this die that I cast

Aim for the future, yet moulded by the past.

A hop, a flop, a smile of glee

A hand, then land, a time that has spanned

This niche that I found, ambitions I hound

Proving myself or running from self?

Walking forwards and heading towards

A brighter future for which I endure

Some fears, some tears, and nobody leers

Work to forget, work to improve

Much fears, less tears, he no longer leers.


[1] "Going to work, returning with a horse" – Filipino saying that means going home with a weight in the mind