I'll survive. She stared into the sky, seeing the fake petals of papered flowers floating higher and higher. She stretched up, playfully reaching out to them. The danced from her grasp, and she found herself spinning around to catch them, laughing as if she were the only one around. She stopped quickly, before running into him, and glanced up, smiling. He stared down, emotionless, but not cold. A warm kind of emotionless. She reached up and pulled a petal from his hair, causing a slight smile to flicker upon his face.

She turned, skipping away from him again, staring across the field. What a wondrous place, she mumbled to herself, paper flowers. The wind caused another burst to dance around her; it brushed her skin, twirling around her like dance partners around each other. She smiled wickedly, instantly amused, the wind blew her around as well, like she too was paper. She glanced over her shoulder, to see him watching her, seemingly amused. Her arms motioned him to her, but he stayed put. She smiled again, nodding to him.

With him, I'll survive. She turned back to the mystical flowers, reaching for a petal. He was always there, as some sort of fallen guardian angel. Always releasing her of fears, and preventing her from growing old too quickly. She worried about looking ridiculous, though no one but he could see her. The necklace he gave her weighed heavily on her neck, I'll be right here. Always? She shook her head, no, never always. No one stayed forever; she stared to the ground, distracted. Only when she needed him, would he be there. She frowned slightly at the thought, when she no longer needed, but wanted, sighing she nodded again, turning and running into his arms.

Sliding her legs around his waist, holding herself close to him she inhaled his goodness, and felt his arms supporting her. She stared him in his eyes, sometimes she wondered if he felt it too…

"I'll survive," She promised him, he just nodded, unbelieving of her easy lie.