That night, you must have gotten on a train.

It was probably one of those old-fashioned ones,

all mahogany and lacquer,

steam-coal engine and bronze,

the kind you might expect to promise high adventure,

which excited you when you snuck in, didn't it?

yes, adventure of the tragic Western kind,

a train robbery perhaps,

or some neo-Victorian

civilized theft of the kind that never happened.

which made it all seem a bit more romantic, hmm?

It would have started in some 19th century-built station

with a huge arched window

and an antique hanging clock

still run with gears and springs just for the mystique

which is why you took it, am I right?

where landed gentry with coats, canes, and accents

waited for their turn to vanish

into the no-longer-trackless

frontier, where noble cowboys in bandoleers and chaps

with whom you wanted to run away, yes?

still might wage war against the Industrial Revolution.

And even though you disembarked,

you must have never left that train.