The mirror is broken

The tub with water full

The dryer plugged in running

The knife left soaked and dull

The pill bottle spilled and open

The rope hung plenty high

All of these an attempt

For one final goodbye

The blood clings to the razor

As it starts to dry

Sitting in the crimson red

As its victims slowly does die

The dull knives and the sharp ones

The Advil, Benadryl, and more

All the leave the victims

Dying on the floor

The rope the belt whatever they find

And the fan there thrown upon

Or the height the when you jump

There's no way you're not gone

No matter what your reason

There's always a way to find

These are just a few of them

If you really want to die

If you choose the razor

Make sure the cut is deep

Because if you don't use pressure

Forever you won't sleep

But if you choose the pills

Make sure no one is home

For if they bust down your door

Your plan of death is blown

And if you use the rope or belt

Make sure the knot is tight

For if it slips on your neck wrong

For breath you'll want to fight

Or I could make a suggestion

You could not try this at all

Try talking to a therapist

Just try making the call

People say they are a waste of time

And people say their dumb

But when you live your life all out

They're the ones the help came from