Too Good to be True


It felt like a dream ago

of silly mists and steams ago

of shining stars and beams ago

back when I saw you then.

Now, I taste you on my lips so far

over mountain peaks and every star

too far for even plane or car

this taste I feel again.

It's all so fuzzy and unclear

this too-sweet memory, this I fear

is so very, very bleak, my dear.

The vision that I share

And though you're but a silver breeze

flying like a swift trapeze

twisting in my mind with ease

I'll kiss you if I dare.

I reach to you, oh gently calling

and though my eyes are wetly falling

on my lids, they are stalling

wishing you could BE.

Yet, alas, it's all but silly dreams

Still, no matter how dire it seems

I'll blow a kiss to you, my beam

To each starlight when I see

When I call upon

The dream…