Hi there everyone! You've stumbled on my newest story. I've written one full story here on FP, and have begun the sequel for it. If you're interested check it out. I am sure many of you that are reading this have also read Icy Secrets and are a little mad at me for not posting more for Burning Truth. Not to worry I have not abandoned it. This idea has been in my head for a while, and I wanted to take it somewhere. Please let me know what you think :]

Summary: Celene is a regular senior at Briarwood. She's pretty, popular, well-off, athletic, good grades… But it's always seemed like something's missing from her life, like she was meant to do more in life. Things have always come easily to her, natural ability, sports, and academics. Yet, high school is coming to an end, and she's realizing that while she's accomplished worldly things, she doesn't have anyone (friends, significant other). Her parents are always off on business trips, leaving her and her twin, Jace, on their own a lot. Determined to change, she sets out to befriend the new student Daniel, who helps her with the cute jock she liked. Just as life is getting more attachable, a boy shows up claiming to be her soul mate, telling her about a world she never knew existed. Celene has always been independent and struggles to accept this. It doesn't help when said boy is devilishly handsome, unbearably arrogant, very protective and cunningly charming. She's thrust into a new position she must deal with. If that isn't enough, she's put into danger because of her family lineage and newly discovered position. Some one is out to get her… Celene begins to wish she had just let high school end unceremoniously, because this is turning out to be more than she bargained for.

Chapter 1: New Found Friend

"Pass it here!" Celene shouted running down the court to get open for the pass. As soon as the ball was in her hands, she dribbled quickly towards the net. At the three point line, she shot and watched as the orange ball sunk in perfectly with a swish. At that, the buzzer sounded; the game was over. Her team mates all crowded around her pleased. They cheered each other happy with the close victory over the opposing team. The whole school stood up, screaming at the win.

"Celene, Celene, Celene!" They cheered her name. She laughed it off. It was funny how, just by scoring the last shot, she suddenly became the hero of the day. She grinned at her team as they clapped each other on the back, too sweaty and tired for hugs.

"And that is how it's done!" Luke Peterson said, cutting his way through the crowd easily, and coming to stand in front of Celene.

She blushed a little when she saw him, and she was thankful that her face was already so red; he wouldn't notice her sudden nervousness. "Thanks, Luke."

He grinned and put an arm around her shoulders; she swore she could hear half the girls around her sigh in envy. At 6'1, with blond hair and pretty hazel eyes, Luke was that popular all American boy that every girl wanted. He was practically on every school team there was, either captain or co-captain for most of them. He was the easy-going, jock. Yet, to contradict the stereotype, he wasn't stupid.

"I don't know why you girls don't get more credit for your games, you totally rock. I think you're even better than half the guys on the basket-ball team." Luke flirted with her easily, as they walked through the crowd.

Celene glowed happily at his compliment. "Well, I know at least one guy I am definitely better than." She teased poking him in the side.

Luke looked at her, shocked that she would say something like that, but when he saw her teasing expression, he threw his head back and laughed. Blushing once more, she bid him goodbye. Drenched completely with sweat, she happily made her way to the change rooms to get cleaned up.

Celene took her time in the shower, in fact most of her team mates did; they had earned it. It was the last game of the season. Basket-ball was over for her whole high school career.

She stepped out of the shower, carefully wrapping a towel around herself. She thought about her senior year, which was half way done. She had managed to make almost every team, beginning with football, volleyball and now basketball. They were all done now.

Celene dressed quickly and quietly, while her team mates chatted about what they were going to do to celebrate. She moved to one of the mirrors and looked at herself. She was average height, 5'6, and had silver, blue eyes matched with long blond hair; she was a traditional sort of beauty. She had never really had any close friends, with the exception of her twin brother, Jace. While she was popular, it wasn't because she was mean, cruel and flirtatious. It was more so because she was nice to everyone who deserved it, confident, stood her ground and was honest. She was easy to talk to and get along with. Nearly everyone at school could say they were friends with her. Yet, she never found that she could just be herself around the people she knew. She could be amicable and cordial, but could never genuinely consider them close friends. This was another reason she liked being on sport teams. She worked well with others and was able to have the friendly, family-like relationship with them, without the drama that came with friendship.

Celene sighed as she thought of all this. High school was nearly over, and with her well rounded persona and descent grades, she was sure to get into the best colleges around. But that's not what concerned her right now. Right now, she was thinking about her accomplishments, for there had been many, yet, she felt like this was it, she wouldn't miss any of it. High school was filled with drama, tears, parties, betrayal, hooking up and endless distractions, which she had managed to avoid for the most part. While there were people here who were mourning for the ending of their high school career, she couldn't bring herself to care. There were those who were to be separated from friends, significant others and family, they had things to miss. Celene however, did not.

Now that most of the girls were changed, they began to crowd around the mirrors to fix their hair and make-up. Warily, Celene decided to leave. She had never bothered with make-up, not seeing any reason for it. Her hair was naturally straight, and thus didn't need much attending to. So, as discretely as she could, she left the change room, and made her way to her locker.

Celene was still caught up in her thoughts. She had prided herself for accomplishing so much while avoiding the pain attachment brought with it. Now, she thought that maybe she was just a little too attached. She didn't have a best friend to cry about leaving, a boyfriend who would swear loyalty to her over a long distance relationship. It wasn't that she had never dated, she did in fact, but there was never any relationship that made her saddened by its ending, or made her reminisce the good times. She thought of Luke, who she blushed around and possibly liked, yet did nothing about it because he was dating Kelly, the school's resident bitchy cheerleader slut. Luckily, Celene had never had any reason to fight with Kelly. They each harboured a disliked for each other, yet it was never worth getting into anything over.

Not paying any attention to where she was walking, she bumped into someone.

"Sorry," Celene immediately said, knowing it was her fault. She looked up and saw a tall, lean, black-haired, blue-eyed boy she hadn't seen around school before.

He smiled dazzlingly down on her. "Not at all, it's my fault. I wasn't paying attention to where I was going. I'm Daniel," He stuck his hand out to shake hers.

"I'm Celene." She answered shaking his hand.

"It's nice to meet you." He said his eyes sparking up when he learned her name. "Could you maybe show me around?"

Celene looked at the handsome male in front of her. Already there were girls checking him out. She hesitated for a second, a strange feeling rising within her. She was tempted to pinch herself, why was she acting so weird? It was not like her to be outright rude to someone she'd just met.

"Of course," Celene answered after her internal battle.

His face broke into a large smile, as if she'd made his day, just by agreeing to that.

"Hey, you're the girl on the basketball team right? Are you the one who scored the final basket?" Daniel spoke up, as if just remembering.

"Uh, yeah," Celene answered a little embarrassed.

Daniel smiled his big, fifty watt smile again. "You kicked butt, even your boyfriend couldn't keep his hands off you!"

She looked at him confused. "What boyfriend?"

He looked taken aback. His face clouded over for a second, but almost immediately a smile was back on his face. "That tall, athletic blond guy, are you not dating him?"

"No actually, I'm not," Celene admit.

"Do you want to be?" He quizzed looking closely for her reaction.

She was incapable of hiding the blush that crept up on her cheeks, Daniel nodded; he had his answer.

"Don't worry," he said conspiringly, "We'll get right on that."

Unable to come up with a response that would satisfy him, Celene took his schedule out of his hand and scanned it. She noted that they had one class together. They began to walk in the direction she was leading him in, and made small talk. She was surprised to note that he seemed to be interested in many of the things she was interested in. All the same music, movies, academics, sports even. Getting to know him better, she found that she was able to relate to him, a stranger she'd just met, more than anyone she'd grown up with.

"I think this is the beginning to a beautiful friendship," Daniel said, as if reading her mind.

"I think so too," Celene agreed, now past any inhibitions she'd felt earlier upon meeting him. I thought he was like those other guys, the ones that just want to ask me out, she thought. Yeah, only he's trying to set you up with Luke. He's been here for five seconds and was able to read you like a book, but everyone else… She shook her head at her silliness and continued to give him a tour of the school.

They were finished in about twenty minutes. Because of her game, she was able to miss most of the day. The game had ended just before school did, yet she didn't feel like attending her last class of the day. Happy to have the excuse of showing Daniel around, she grinned when the bell rang.

"Well, school is over I suppose." She said pretending to be saddened by that idea.

"Indeed it is," he said in the same tone. "I say we get out of here, before you're crowded by adoring fans, and drooling boys."

"Me? Trust me, they won't get a chance. The girls will be clawing their way to you."

"Well, we both agree, let's hightail out of here." He grabbed her arm, and pulled her out to into the parking lot.

"So, are you gonna show what there is to do around here for fun?" Daniel inquired, not wanting to let her go just yet.

"Why not?" Celene answered shrugging.

Daniel shook his head, awed at his luck. He beamed, this was going to be fun, she'd definitely be a good friend to have.