A light to my path
an answer to my questions
I sit and ponder everything
from the tiny blades of grass I sit on
to the stars that sparkle above me
I think of meaning
of purpose
why have I been put here?
Is there a reason I am alone?
In a dark meadow
is there a reason I hurt?
a flint to my flame
a pen to my paper
everything has its mate
but I've lost mine
lost at sea
along with all my other
unaccomplishments and mistakes
but still I float
getting lost myself
hoping we'll run into each other
and rescue ourselves
sugar to water
cookies to milk
we all have someone
so where is my someone?
Who is my someone?
My destiny?
And am I really only allowed one love?
Is it a crime to want to love
instead of hate?
Will I be banished every time
I care?
Why is the world so unwelcoming
to multitudes of love?
I don't understand
I just don't understand