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I'll be switching from a narrator's point-of-view to Kainan's point-of-view from here and there. I hope it won't be a hassle.

"Let's see here," Kainan examined the various Post-its from his co-workers stuck on top of drinks, "I got Chunko-Chunko Chocolate Blend for Zach, Dark Cherry Mocha for Dimi, Caramel Frappuccino Blended Coffee for Sean, Brown Sugar Macchiato for Mazie, Chai Tea Latte for Scarlett, simple black for the boss…and a Tropical Tango smoothie for me." Kainan gives himself a mental high-five as he realizes he bought all the correct orders. Lifting the tray of drinks with one hand, he rushes into the nearest closing elevator and pushes the number "23."

The crowded lift moves at a mind-numbing pace. The number of people slowly decreases as the lift rises and stops. As the twenty-third floor came about, Kainan releases his breath in which he didn't even know he was holding and starts for the narrow hallway. After a long trek he turns right into an open-door room and stares at the empty room with displaced swivel chairs and scattered paper work.

Must be out in a meeting or something…

Retracing his steps, the errands runner approaches the double-door room previously passed. It being closed suggests a meeting taking place.

Hmm…should I just leave the drinks on their desks, or interrupt? The wheels in Kainan's head turned as he contemplates. His curiosity force his hands clutch at the vertical brass handle of the door. I've never actually been in here, and this would be a pretty damn good reason to figure out what the meeting room loo—loud undistinguishable shouting violently disrupts Kainan's thoughts. On second thoughts, I can always—the doors burst open and the errands runner falls back, uncapped drinks falling on him.

"Ohh, shit." Michael, the boss holds the bridge of his nose in an attempt to suppress a growing migraine. "Look, I'm sorr—, "he attempts to yank one of the spilled drinks away from Kainan's body and got his hand wet along the process, heaving a heavy sigh. "Okay, just go clean up," says Michael as he walks away and flicks his hands free of coffee.

Mouth still open in shock, watchful employees creep out of the meeting room to investigate on what had happened; Kainan took the welcoming hand that his good friend Zach lends out and is pulled up. Kainan's formal shirt stained with strong scents of coffees and the smoothie he would have liked to taste begin to drip from his body.

"You okay, man? Michael's a jerk for not even apologizing to you."

"Thanks, but uh, you kind of get used to things like these if you wear my shoes." Kainan nods as he does a half-hearted smirk, forming a dimple on his left cheek.

Mazie skips to the scene happily, absolutely unaware of the situation. "Wow," she extends the word playfully. "If you were this crazy for coffee, why didn't you say so?" Kainan shoots Mazie a look with the feelings confusion and annoyance mixed together. Mazie laughs awkwardly, mentally beating herself up for the failed attempt of being cute.

Scarlett, who had snuck out of the group unnoticed earlier returns with a clean white T-shirt. "Here, "she holds out the cheap garment to Kainan. "I keep extra clothes for occasions like these. Here, go ahead, take it. You need it and it'll be free of charge," her bright teeth shine over coral lips.

"Thank you," Kainan shouts as she walks down the hallway and a faint "It's nothing" is heard in response.

Inventor's Delight is where I work at (a very girly name, if you ask me for my opinion.) Basically, what this place does is take some nameless inventor's idea and make it into a product to be sold. There's a lot more to it, but what do I know? I only deliver drinks to the workers.

The cafeteria at creepily resembles my old high school's cafeteria. Everybody's separated into different groups based on popularity. As I do my awkward walk across the cafeteria, I can hear the crowd's murmur drop to a whisper. Words travel fast here.

I rightfully plop myself down on a seat across from my uncle in his own table by the corner. It's only us two that sits together. I bet unattractiveness runs in the family.

"Hi, Eli" I greet casually. No "Uncle Eli" coming out of my mouth in our workplace. Not now, not ever. That's just too weird. "How's your day so far?" I'm such a good nephew.

He stirs his drink and the smell of coffee beans rise up to the air, giving me flashbacks that make my cheeks heat up. "Pretty good, pretty good," he says while prolonging the vowels in "good," and a long silence takes place. I start to play with the green peas with my fork. You know, simple tasks in life can easily mesmerize someone like me. It can be so fun watching the slippery vegetable slide across the plate just as I'm about to stab it—

Out of the corner of my eye, I can see my uncle tilt his chin up and stare me down. I can see that he's thinking hard—and why wouldn't he, really? He's part of the engineering wing in this company. He's one of the people who actually do all the calculations and constructing and shit that make ideas come to life. God damn, he's brilliant and I hate myself for just realizing that fact.

"So," he clears his throat subtly. "After trying like, what, 20 different drink flavors, what is your favorite drink?" I look at him with a forced smile, then resume my grouchy face and rest my back against my seat.

Eli places a calloused hand on my shoulder. Usually it's comfortable, but not now. It's a cold hand, and yet I let him do what he wants out of politeness.

"You lead a sad life." Well, that was nice. He rubs the fabric on my shoulder, pinches it and lifts it up. "Scarlett's a nice girl, isn't she?" Oh, God, he knows every detail.

"Do you plan on asking her out anytime soon?" Eli removes his hand off my shoulder and shifts his head to look behind me, and I turn around to see what's so interesting. Scarlett's seated in a full table, laughing her butt off and placing her hand on Sean's shoulder. Sean. Good-looking, buff, player Sean. Scarlett deserves better.

I hear a set of keys jangling and see Zach's trademark royal blue lanyard swinging. He plants his plate and himself down with a sort of suavity, and then puts his hands behind his head like he's really cool. Wait, he is really cool. Why does he hanging out with me?

"What's going on, guys?"

"Oh, nothing much," Eli answers, "I was just asking Kainan if he's interested in dating any—"

"Damn, almost forgot to ask you," Zach interrupts, shifting his posture and leaning into the table, facing me. "What does Scarlett's shirt smell like?" I see the faint sly face that he always does whenever he's talking about girls. Vanilla, I think.

"Ahem, I was talking." Zach and I quickly end the conversation and sit up straight. I think of schoolboys and a strict headmaster when this happens.

"Anyway, Zach, don't you also think that Kainan leads a sad, depressing, lonely life?"

Wait, what? Zach doesn't answer, like a good friend shouldn't. I softly bite my finger, not wanting to get into the habit of biting my nails again.

"Do you," Eli rubs the stubble on his chin with his thumb, making a thinking face. "Remember the last time Kainan's been in a relationship?"

Silence fills the round table. I think back for a second. What the hell did I do to earn this humiliation? Is this karma for the time when an old lady asked me for directions to the hospital and I pointed to the wrong direction? No, that was accidental.

"Hey!" I say on instinct. After all, people naturally defend themselves, right? "Who gave you the right to shit-talk me in front of me?" I decide that that was a rude answer and say something to lighten the mood. "'sides, I'm perfectly fine not dating. Girls are…troublesome…high-maintenance…" I can hear my stuttering, and so can everyone. Anyone close to me is fully aware that stuttering is my sign of lying. Eli's head shakes slightly and the tension is high. The silence is so suffocating.

Lunch ends and I haven't really eaten anything. No matter, I wasn't hungry to begin with. Zach takes off swiftly and I'm about to dump my lunch in the bin.


I spin around on my heels and face the gaunt visage and lanky form that's my uncle's.

"Uhh," he scratches his head. "You get off at six? Come by my place, I got a surprise for you!"

I smile to him—a genuine, dimpled and crinkled-eye smile that I rarely give. I don't stay angry at this guy for long. He's family, after all. He only wants the best out of me.

As I walk out the door, I notice that a plastic wrap is stuck on the sole of my shoe. I remove it and fling it into the nearest trash can.

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