I'm sure some of you had bad breakups. This is my first bad one and I wrote this story with all these emotions in me. Dedicated to the guy who broke my heart.

"How could you have done this to me? How could you?" she whispered as she looked at the picture in her hands as her eyes filled with tears. She let go of the picture of the happy couple and watched it flutter to the floor.

It was a picture of much happier times, only a week ago. It was her boyfriend of a year and her on their trip to Florida for spring break. They were at the ocean and he was crawling all over her, which just made her laugh loudly and make all the other sunbathers glare at them.

She shook her head at the picture on the ground and wiped at her eyes, but it didn't help with her vision, which seemed permanently blurred for the last 3 days. She hadn't eaten in a day and hadn't taken a shower in two. She had isolated herself in her room and had no contact with anyone. She didn't go to her classes. She didn't do much of anything except lay in bed and cry for what he had to her.

It was a day as any other. They were getting lunch together at their favorite cafe across the street from the campus. They were at their favorite booth looking out at the street when he looked her in the eye and said he didn't love her anymore. She tried to protest saying it was ok that they were having arguments. It happened to every couple.

He just shook his head, "Thats not it. I've been thinking of this for about a month. I don't love you anymore. There's nothing left. I'm sorry." He finally cast down his eyes and made to get up.

She reached for his arm. "This can't be true! This can't be true! Tell me it isn't!"

He took back his arm and all he said was goodbye before leaving her there and going back to the school. She sat there stunned for a moment before looking around and seeing everyone watching her. She burst into tears before quickly running out and back to her dorm.

There she had stayed for 3 days. The first day and a half her roommate and best friend stayed with her but after that she got tired of the tears and was staying at another friend's room.

She tried to make it look like everything was fine though the tears were always in her eyes. She tried to eat but it got harder and harder to keep it down because she would just throw it up afterwards so after two days she just gave up and let her stomach go numb.

She just couldn't understand how she could have such strong feelings for him and he didn't feel anything. The window in her room looked out over the commons and she could see him joking around with his buddies as if nothing had happened. How could this be? It shouldn't be possible.

She glanced at her nightstand and saw the object she had put there a day ago. It wasn't anything too special and no one could have thought the purpose as to why it was there. She had been looking under the sink for more kleenex when she found the white gallon jug. It was pretty bland looking though there were letters neatly printed by her roommate in permanent marker.


After finding the kleenex she took the jug and box back to her bed and continued to use the kleenex. She tried not to look at the jug and wondered why she had brought it with her. She thought of putting it back but couldn't get herself to do it. Finally an idea started forming in her mind.

Maybe if she took a little sip of it, she would get sick enough to have to go to the hospital to get her stomach pumped or something. She imagined waking up from her ordeal seeing him sitting there next to her with worry etched all over his handsome face. The more she thought of it, the more she liked the idea.

She glanced again at the jug and made up her mind to do it. She grabbed a glass and poured half a glass of the yellowish liquid. She studied it in the light and started to have second thoughts. How much was enough to get sick. She didn't know. She was an art major.

Then before she could think too much about it she threw back half of the contents. Instantly her eyes started to water from the pain of the acid going down her throat. She clutched at her throat as the pain ate at her throat and traveled down her body. She tried to cough it back up but nothing came out except some spit. She collapsed onto the ground as the bleach did its damage to her body. She could feel her stomach react to the bleach and curled up in a ball as it started to go through her stomach. It felt like a hundred knives being jabbed into her stomach. That was when she noticed the darkness closing in.

At first she thought it was just unconsciousness until she noticed that it felt heavier... deader. She struggled to keep it at bay but the pain was unbearable. The darkness almost seemed like a reprieve. After fighting the darkness for a few minutes she decided it wasn't worth it and let it come.

The darkness was swift once it was allowed to claim her.

Her last thought on this living earth was, "I love him till death do us part."

The police report said it was suicide by household cleaners.

Her death had been painful.

He never attended her funeral or her gravesite.