A poem I wrote after my break up recently. The whole first part id true but the last four lines have yet to happen. Wish me luck with that.

I gave you my all
You gave me heartache

I loved you
You felt nothing

I gave you something I can never get back

I shared my first kiss with you
You did the same

I shared my feelings with you
I thought you did the same

I can never have those times again

You took over my life like a disease
A disease that is incurable

You were the only highlight of my day
You turned it into a punch in the stomach

I gave you everything I could offer
You took it without anything in return

I'm not fine being just friends
Though that's all I can be to you anymore

I put on a brace face you know
I hide behind this smile

Inside all I feel is hurt and betrayal

You broke my heart
I hope you know this

I hope you feel regret
I hope you know my pain

So much for your promises
So much for your friendship

This bird isn't trapped in your snare of lies anymore

She has found her wings
She has found the door

You can't hurt her anymore