Author's Note - So, I tried to keep the number of syllables per line consistent, but by the last stanza I kind of failed. I really liked that first line and didn't want to change it just to fit my own restrictions, so that stanza's a bit off compared to the rest of the poem. Seeing as this was written in study hall for school, it's not the best. I would, however, like your opinions on it. (: Link to picture that inspired the poem: http:// de . tinypic . com/r/5mh739/5 (remove spaces)


1. Correctly use at least three different types of figurative language (simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, allusion, and antithesis).
2. Use good word choice, especially strong verbs and precise adjectives.
3. Use word choice and figurative language to create a specific, consistent mood that matches the mood of the picture (link posted above).
4. Use sensory details to create clear imagery (So, I kind of ignored this one, but whatever. lol)

Good vs. Evil


The darkness rolls across the skies,

Dimming the light from children's eyes,

Claiming the kingdom as his own,

As one tree watches; scared, alone.


The lights, she fights back just as hard,

For the kingdom, she must stand guard,

The war could last all through the night,

Light would defend with all her might.


A timeless battle of repetition,

Dark and light in competition,

The dark, like evil, conquers all,

The light, like goodness, wins the brawl.