The storm rose out of nowhere. It wasn't a small storm, or a little bit of rain--no. This was a full-fledged tempest, glorious and ready to take on the earth itself at any time. The tempest started with a mere droplet of water, unnoticeable and unimportant compared to the vast blue plains of the salty ocean. Only someone on the large ship floating nearby could have noticed--if, that is, a single soul were left alive. This vessel, however, was darkened and riddled with death, the only clue as to what had taken place being the skull-and-crossbones raised high above the flag of a merchant. The tempest unfolded itself around the ship, prepared to do battle as the ship waited to be found. It grew and shifted, bringing out booming thunder and lightning to crackle across the shadowed horizon, impatient with the ship's lack of interest. The seas rippled and swayed powerfully, poisoned by the storm's anger. As time went on, it raged fiercely, but soon enough its anger began to fade and fall away, until at long last the tempest dissipated into the air and was gone.

And the ship waited.