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Apocalypse with Lucifer


It all started before man came to be. An angel called Lucifer had wronged God making God send him down to Earth to spend his eternity wandering around as a fallen angel. Some say Lucifer is Satan himself because of the way he seduces man into doing wrong things and making a rebellion, but to me he's the best badass guy I know…


After Lucifer had fallen to Earth there was another, well let's say an angel, who had been very close to God and was usually known to be his eyes and ears. Her name was unknown to many but she would likely refer herself as 'DarkNeko-sama' or 'Kishijoten Inue' as her Japanese name. One day God had created man, animals, plants, sea creatures, the sky, the land, the sea, the day and the night and the stars and God said that it was good and he was pleased.

DarkNeko-sama was there when the Earth was created and she looked down on it and said: "Humanity sucks. Bring on the supernatural creatures!!"

This had angered God and at that time he had damned DarkNeko-sama down to Earth where Lucifer was.

"So you got damned too, Huh?" Lucifer says.

"Just shut up, wannabe Satan." DarkNeko-sama replied and walked off to begin her journey of writing weird and strange stories.

This is how DarkNeko-sama came to be… Billions and billions of years had passed and DarkNeko-sama had still walked on the Earth, searching for the right story plots and the right characters to go with them. She had never aged and she had never grown thirsty but she has grown hungry from time to time. DarkNeko-sama had her tales of supernatural creatures but they were boring because most of them had something to do with forbidden love, but the one thing that made her interested in these books were the ones about Fallen Angels. And Nephilim.

See, DarkNeko-sama was part of the angel society until the day she was banished so she had some connections with the big man upstairs, so for the first time in eons she had contacted God.

"We're sorry but the number you have dialed is unavailable at the moment because God is getting ready for the Apocalypse, please leave a message after the tone…" The operator said.

DarkNeko-sama slammed down the pay-phone in furry, for she had not heard that the world was going to end soon. She wasn't in the loop anymore. So she packed up her bags and walked back to the place she had started to find Lucifer still there waiting for her.

"Hey." He said waving at her.

"The apocalypse is starting, care to watch?" DarkNeko-sama says holding out some 3-D glasses.

"I would love to. I heard that the sky is at its best when it's in Mid-Apocalyptic." He says with a smile.

-End of Prologue-