Credits go all to those who have read, reviewed, had a glimpse of it or just saw the title of it! Without you, my story wouldn't have existed in your life XD So I'm very greatful that at least someone has read my story that is very important to me.

Other Credits:


(What the hell is a director?)


There was someone who produced this?!



The things on the other side of the window


TV, Soft drink and Insanity holding a gun to my head to finish the story

Character Inspiration

Everyone around me… especially my split-personalities



14 years old, Angel/human, Uses Magic, Weapons: Anything.


14 years old, Fallen Angel/Guardian Angel, No. 1 Dumbass sword wielder, Weapons: Katana, stupidity.


17 years old, Human, Gun bearer, Weapons: Gun named 'Razor', shear insanity.


?? Years old, Half vampire Half fallen angel, Blood sucker, Weapons: Good looks, psychotic split-personality.


?? years old, Cat Demon, Illusionist, Weapons: Annoying ways of showing love


14 years old, Mirrored Individual/Zombie Angel, Copy-cat, Weapons: Chains, magic and electricity.

Black Rose:

14 years old, Mirrored Individual/Zombie Angel, Copy-kitty, Weapons: Needles, magic and cuteness.

And the rest~

Anyway, many thanks to those you have read and enjoyed the series! If you have any question please do ask so I can add the information in 'Apocalypse with Lucifer: After Party' so please, please, please do ask!! Also watch out in the future for the sequel… but it may not come out as soon as possible but it will come out!! I promise you that!

As always~

Take care!

Also… :3 Poor Lucifer and DarkNeko didn't tell each other how much they love each other… how sad TT-TT But sometimes it does destroy the story if that does happen~ (It always does -_-;)

What to look forward to in the future!!:

1,000 years into the future a problem occurs with one of DarkNeko's descendants (Yes, DarkNeko had to eventually start a family of her own… so did Insanity, Phoenix, Kyousuke and the rest) and soon enough time repeats itself sending out something similar to what happened so many years ago…

It's up to the 'dense' generation to do whatever they were meant to do 'cause I seriously don't know what the hell is gonna happen next 'cause I haven't thought of this through XD But there is gonna be a plotline of course and… past character appearances?! No ways!!!

Stay tune for the next installment (Not Apocalypse with Lucifer: After Party) Apocalypse with Lucifer: Generation Dense!! Coming to you when I figure out where to connect the red and blue wire to the self destruct time bomb!!!