There was a time when we were phasmatis peregrinus.

Did you know what that means?

Phasmatis peregrinus means that 'spirit wanderers'; we were the people

Who traveled around the world to find our own destiny. During this time we were human and

we lived freely and happily, traveling around without a worry of money.

And one day a powerful man of unknown origins came to us.

Our princess saved him with her blood and flesh

and in return, he granted our princess the gift of shape . And we have

never been the same again. Bound by body and shape, we are no longer

what god gave us.

It's a curse when you see that round bright silver circle in the darkened night sky and lose your all your will and become something bloodthirsty. It's a curse to have a body of its own mind and will. It's a curse to have to learn what emotions are and how to control them at the age of 5 to prevent you from ripping an acquaintance in a thousand bloody pieces. It's a curse when you must hide from the moon to keep from doing its bidding. Isolde thought as she sat staring out at the rising sun. Many people tell her that she should be happy to have such a gift, the gift of shape. But Isolde hated the gift. It was more like a curse to her, forced to always keep her emotion in tack and forced to lose herself to a beast within her. Isolde brush the wavy brown hair that slipped over her face behind her ear, last night another lost control and she had to end it. She put a knife in him, killed him instantly. He was a threat to the child and woman of the village. His mate and him volunteer to be on the 8th squad to head out to the battlefield but he came down with a sickness and couldn't go. His mate went and didn't come back. He was angry, very angry. How is it a gift if it did more harm than safety?

Many have died the same way, by her hand or those who worked below her. As if the war hadn't already killed enough of their people, they were losing to their own 'gift'. Isolde's fingers curled into tight white fists as she recalled the legend of the immortal sinner who passed them the curse. Man of immortality, poisoned those before her, resulting in her contamination. She hated vampires, if they had enough warriors to guard the village; she'd run to the battle field in no time. Unfortunately, she couldn't, 1.) She was one of the two heirs of the royal family who was still alive, 2.) She was the head chief of safety.

Isolde whispered a pray for the lost man and then grabbed the dagger that was once pierced into his heart. She wiped the remnants of him on her dagger on her leather boots and slipped the dagger back in its sheath by her right side. She prayed once more for a safe guidance to the land of the free for the man and headed back to the village. She knew that he would never reach the land of the free; they were all soul less monsters living in the body of humans. And only the moon had the ability to force them into the real beast they were. Legends said only those with soul returned to the Land of Free, where their nomad 'spirit wanderers' travel to once they leave this world. Land of the Free is the salvation waiting for Spirit Wanderers, we are no longer spirit wanderers. We have no salvation, no soul, and no hope. And it's the immortal stranger's fault.

The Legendary princess should have never met him and helped him. If that was so, they wouldn't be forced to stay in one place. They would be traveling the world like how god had envisioned and made them. They were once the most beautiful and exotic race and now they have been reduced to bloodthirsty, short tempered, shape shifters. And because of all of this, the war started. And it hasn't ended yet.

Isolde walked into her house and was greeted by Ali. She stopped and stared at Ali for a moment and then walked around Ali. "What are you here for so early?" Isolde asked as she stripped her boots and belt off of her.

"Domina Lucinda wishes for your presences at tonight's meeting." Ali answered.

"What for?"She turned to face Ali.

"She didn't say." Ali replied back a little hesitantly.

"And if I refused?" Isolde said turning her back to her servant, Ali. She tossed her leather jacket on her wooden drawer and sat on her buttocks, turning to face Ali again.

"Domina Lucinda will not be pleased." Ali replied.

"Why must I negotiate with the enemy? I am neither the oldest nor the youngest." Isolde argued. "I am no negotiator."

"Domina requested your presence, Isolde."

Isolde rumbled and got on her feet, she wasn't going to be anyone's pawn in this game between two havocs. Her step mother can try to stop this by sending her, but it will never happen because she wasn't a negotiator. All she knew to do was to hold something sharp and defend her people. "Tell her that I refuse; now I'll be getting a bath." Isolde said left the room, leaving Ali alone.

Isolde gathered the clothes that she was going to wear and headed for the bath house when she saw her step mother, Lucinda, waiting for her outside of her room. Her fingers stiffen at the look Lucinda gave her and the smile that glimmered from that face of Lucinda's. Behind Lucinda were her personal guards, as always, the Domina can't leave the palace without her escorts. Isolde stopped and gave a 10 degree bow then looked away refusing to look the lady that killed her mother, father, and brother.

"Isolde, I take it you are preparing for tonight?" Lucinda asked calmly.

"Why, of course not, I've have a long day, I need my bath Domina Lucinda." Isolde replied.

"No needs for titles, dear. We're family."

"Who is?" Isolde asked, raising her eyebrows at the woman that took everything from her.

"Do you still hate me for the things that happened? I told you and will continue to tell you that I tried, but I couldn't do anything else." Lucinda replied slowly.

"You just happened to pass by and comfort my father and convince him to go and die!" Isolde said her voice no longer calm, her fingers curled into tight fists. Her claws ripped out at her finger tips, uncontrollably her eyes glowered like gold sapphire marble.

"I didn't tell him to die! I loved him too…His death pains me too."

"Domina Lucinda, I am but a humble warrior, I don't know the ways of Royalty, I suggest you leave before my claws find their way curled around your broken neck." Isolde stated slowly and deathly, emphasizing each word. Lucinda's guards tightened the space between them and their Domina, their hands at the halt of their swords threateningly.

"You will prepare yourself." Lucinda commanded and turn away from her as to show her that Lucinda had just dismissed her.

Anger raged inside of her. Isolde was closed to the bathing house when shape gave in. Her body tore apart and the wolf within took shape. Her senses were stronger than before and her body crouched, ready to hunt. She was a beast of the moon and she needed blood and game. She needed to control her temper or else she may be stuck in this form. She looked around at the unfamiliar place and building then dashed into the forest where she could hear thousands of life forms. Her claws dug deep into the rich brown soil of mother earth, her face grazed by the branches and wind of mother earth's sister. She could hear the slowing of a heart beat and that something dying was close by. She was getting closer and closer to it. Its smell was nauseating, mesmeric coppery taste. Blood smell good to her even during war, but this blood smell more delicious than anything else. A most unusually scent she had ever caught sight of. Over and under the tree, pass many hills and trees, deeper and deeper into the forest of the sunset.

She came to a halt when she saw a little stream of red blood; she knew it was blood because it was what she grew up with. She sniffed the blood, tasting a little to see just how new it was. It was recently new, but not the scent that she was after. She studied the land before her, before making the decision to hunt there. Something was there and its scent was calling to her, the adrenaline rushing within her body.

As she neared the scent became stronger along with many other scents mixing within, but she could still smell the distinct scent of her caller. She sensed many thirsty beasts, her enemies near as well. The iron smell of blood filled her nostril. They were feasting, were they feasting on her caller? She hoped not or she will have to rip these things into pieces and break the rules agreed upon both parties that deaths will only occur in the battlefield or else all civilians of their will die along with the civilians of their enemy. The battle field was fair game. But to kill off future generations were illicit.

Then she was surrounded by a circle by leeches, they didn't seem to be just playing as one after another strike her from left, right, behind, wounding her body because she didn't have enough time to dodge them. She could see and hear them communicate, but she couldn't understand what they were saying. She watched as one approached her with an unfamiliar expression. The beast got on its four limbs crouched, watching her with its red ruby eyes. He grinned and presented his sharp fangs glistening in the night. From this pose he was confident on who will win.

She watched him intently enabling her to dodge his actions as she predicted his moves from one to the next. By focusing on his expression and movements, she was able to scratch him in a critical area invoking a grunt from his companions who decided to help their comrade in this fight. Instinct drove her to bite and cut open them in the areas that would handicap them and keep her at an advantage until she found herself on top of her opponent bleeding with no comrades strong enough to aid him.

Their kind recovered quickly so her best bet was to kill them one by one. She raised her nostril in the air and was about to pierce the throat of her offender when she was lifted off her enemy. Who was holding her, she didn't know but she did know that from the way her captor was holding her, he knew about her kind. She tried to catch a glimpse of him but only saw those red eyes and smell the scent that was calling her before everything went black.

She awoke dizzily and looked around to realize that she was in a cage. Her world was spinning preventing her to stand up. She tried to get up, but her limbs wouldn't follow her commands. Her heavy lids fell and she was thrust back into the world of the darkness.

The next time Isolde woke up she was lying on her stomach. Isolde tried to push herself up but her muscle tremble with pain. Her arms gave in under her as the pain vibrated through her body. She lay there restless and sigh, breathing heavily in and out trying to make the pain go away. It was funny and weird that she was feeling this pain when she grew up accustomed to pain. She closed her eyes to clear her mind, build her strength, and breathe.

"You're finally awake." A male voice said. Isolde opened her eyes and saw a man from the corner of her eyes, coming towards her. He stopped next to her and sat cross legged beside her. "It took a long time for you to shift back into your human form. If you'll relax, I can tend to your wound." He added as his cold fingers trailing down the scar on her back.

"Don't touch me!" She grunted in pain as she pushed herself away from him "I don't want you to tend to me." It didn't take long for her to realize the scent of her sworn enemy; she was in enemy land which meant that she was as good as dead to her people. How long have she been here? She didn't know and she didn't know why she was still alive in this leech's house.

"Impressive, even in pain you will still find enough strength to put space between us." He said amused. "Your scar will not heal if you don't let me take the poison out."

Isolde bit her lips and got on her staggering weak legs and said, "I'd rather die." the pain was excruciating and agonizing, but she didn't want to negotiate with the enemy. Her canines sprouted out immediately in her defense and she glared at the vampire with daggers. Everyone knew that they don't mess with an angry threatened lycan.

Cold fingers clasped around her wrist and she was pulled into the hard cold chest of the vampire. She closed her eyes biting deeper into her lip as the pain increase. His icy tongue found its way on her shoulder blade another wound, his tongue gently trace the cut. "Release me!" She roared.

"Did you know that you can try to go home, but at this rate you will not accomplish that? Our poison will turn you into someone like me? Do you really want to become a leech? You will become very thirsty for blood, you will die." he stated, his fingers now on her upper arm.

"I don't want to be helped by the likes of you." Isolde turned side way and saw those red glowing eyes. "Let me go." She was disgusted with the way his tongue encircled her shoulder blade. This action was making her soft and unable to focus. Her body trembled, but not from the pain, from something inside of her, a satisfaction. Satisfaction in that his tongue knew how to make her feel like this. She was just relaxing when she realized that she was enjoying its slow circular motion. She elbowed him with the energy she had left in her. He caught her arm, pushing her flat against the bed, on her stomach.

"I will not hurt you and I will not let the poison of those you hate so much change you." He whispered in her ears, his full weight on her back.

"What does my transformation have to do with you?" She asked angrily. Why was he so persistent on helping her when he knew the results of the poison that was sweeping through her body, changing her body? What did he expect from this, some kind of truce between them? "We're enemies!"

"Anything and everything." He replied calmly, his lips warm on her shoulder blade.

"You can just kill me, I'm pretty sure shape tells you who I am. Easy win." Isolde growled.

"I don't intend to win such a one sided battle." He replied.

A little boy flashed like a television in her mind, only 12 years old and had killed his first enemy. Everyone was celebrating but he was frowning, his face expressionless to the pain of how he killed his savior. The guilt that he had taken the very life of the person that he should have given his life for ate at him. Everyone around him was so very happy and he was decaying inside from the expectation of his friends and family. He would be a good king, they say, having to slay his first at the age of 12. Eight years later he was crowned, king. He would have to lead them through rough times of war and death and gore. 5 years later after his coronation, his wife die, no heir born; he was alone again. Twenty years pass and he's right where he started again, alone and still leading a bunch of people who knew nothing but blood, death, and war. As he sat on his lone throne he heard a little girl's cry in the battle zone. Thousands of miles away from where he sat, he heard the cry. The raw pain, sorrow, and revenge calling from the soul; she had lost someone precious. It was the cry of a new revenge.

Isolde sucked her breath, hearing the war cry ring in her ears. She remembered that day like it was yesterday. Her father and oldest brother had just died, looking for Lucinda, who went missing. In a blind raged, her father went to rescue Lucinda. After the bodies were brought back from the battlefield, Lucinda show up claimed that she went out back to find herbs. Her father and Zan died for nothing, died because they thought that Lucinda was captured.

"Relax." He murmured in her ear, drawing her back from the past.

Her heart was racing now, fire engulfing her everywhere. Vampires were dead; they are and will always be cold, but why wasn't he cold? She wondered, exhaling slowly. She hated the feelings and the things that she was imagining. She was a getting light-headed and dizzy by these unknown sensations that she was feeling from his touch and his body. She closed her eye, biting her lips from saying or doing anything that she would regret later. She knew she was pinned down by him, in his control. Deep inside of her, there was a yearning, for him to explore her more thoroughly. Images of what lovers do flooded her mind. He made her want to give in and forget that they were enemies; he was gentle even though he didn't give her any space to move all. She hated to admit, but he was stirring some desire within her. His lips would close around the wound and then she could feel him taking in the blood he claimed was poison and she lost herself in his world.

The next time she woke up, she was sleeping on her side, facing the wall. When she sat up, there was no pain from her muscle or her back. Isolde realized that she was in a beautiful room with tapestries decorating the room walls, mats and comforters lay around almost as if someone had slept in them. She wasn't dressed in what she remembered she had on but a black silk robe. She looked around for her clothes and couldn't find them anywhere. Besides from the mats and comforters, the floor was clean with no signs of anything clothing anywhere. Isolde opened the door and found Mother Nature and no guards. Could they could be hiding just waiting for her to leave so they can have their fun and games.

Isolde decided to head off just in case they were just out hunting before facing her. She tried to shift into her lycan form, but nothing happened. Isolde cursed and went on by her foot. Isolde ran around, trying to find her way home. It seemed like she was walking about circles. Isolde wondered if there was something going on within her. She usually knew her way around anywhere and was always able to do as she wanted. This time though she didn't know where she was heading. If she could transform, she would have gotten home faster. With the transformation, her sense and instincts were better than her human traits even if she would have less control of her mind.

Just when she thought she was hopelessly lost and was going to gave up. She came upon Amon in his lycan form. Amon was her first in command in combat, she was glad because she was weak and tire and about to give up. Amon transformed into his human shape and exclaimed, "Where have you been? Why are you dressed like that?"

Isolde fell on him and said, "Get me home…I'll explain everything."

"Are you...okay…" He asked. After watching her, he nodded with no further question and transformed back into his lycan form. Get on.

Isolde got on him and wrapped her arms around his big furry neck and laid her head on his back as she felt the wind carry her home. Isolde was glad to have been found by Amon, someone she trusted with her life. Amon had grown up with her in training and family. They were like best friends, they both competed for the position of Chief of combat and she won, but he still stuck loyally by her side. What has happened? She asked.

Kalios is dead. Kalios, the one just one year older than her, is dead? That means that she would have to lead when Domina Lucinda pass. Domina Lucinda said you went with the lamias for the sake of your people. Few are glad, many are angry. They took it as a betrayal for not even telling them of your farewell. Domina Lucinda will not meet me and so I thought that something was wrong and been looking for you whenever I can.

How long ago have I been gone? She asked.

About seven days Chief.

Don't call me Chief! She let out a growl.

Whatever, you're exhausted so rest, we'll be home soon.

A couple of days later, she cleaned herself and was going to present herself to her people to show them that she hadn't betray or left them behind for their enemy's king. Many greeted her with tears of joy and relief while some greeted her calmly with the respect that she has. A few have the look of disappointment and only question her of the war how they couldn't afford to lose another child even though they are very loyal to her and Domina Lucinda.

As she looked at everyone she realized that these faces, the faces of her people were similar to that of the lonely king in her dream. They too, knew nothing but blood, death, and war and they must be tire like she was of the raging war that never seems to die down. Nothing can prevent it, but nothing can get them along. Her people were shrinking by the decades and so were their enemies. At this rate none will be alive, and yet no one realizes what this war was doing to them. All they know was that Domina Lucinda was their ruler and that she will be their future ruler, once Domina Lucinda passed.

Isolde snapped out of her thought when she bumped into someone she would never forget the scent of, the scent that she was following in the first place. Only she was shocked to see the face that belonged to her captor only two days ago. He looked down at her and she was looking up at him. Behind him stood his group, a group of 5 men; tension was everywhere and she sensed it. The temptation of putting a knife into one another was strong as well as the unsealing stench of each group. She met his expressionless gaze for a moment; her heart skipped a beat. She recalled that night she spent with him and the things that he awoke within her. She didn't think that she would ever see him again. It's been only a week since she returned. She let out a breath to gather the will to push away those thoughts. If she didn't push those away, she might act upon them, something she couldn't afford to do to her people.

"Isolde, we can't find Domina." Amon said from behind her. James was with Amon.

"She's not at the palace. Check outback, maybe she's staying there for a couple of days. Amon, stay with me." She told Amon. Lucinda, often disappear outback for days.

"I have something I'd like to say right now." He said smoothly to her almost as if his words were meant only for her.

"It can't wait?" Isolde questioned.

"I think the people should know what has happened to their Domina." He said, "Your Domina is not missing." He said out loudly ignoring her question.

"What did you do?" She asked accusingly.

"The question is what happened to her, not what did I do." He corrected her.

"What happened?"

"Her carriage was found midway from here empty."

Empty carriage, where had she gone? Had she abandoned Isolde and their people? Color drained from her face as she suddenly felt numbed and cold inside. She wasn't ready to lead, she wasn't trained to lead. She didn't know how to lead her people; she wasn't ready to lead her people.

Midway…midway…midway…midway of the vampire territory and the lycan's? Isolde broke into a run determined to check the scene he told her about, but was stopped by the irony clasp of the vampire king. "I came here to collect what was promised to me before your Domina's disappearance, not to tell you of the news. This matter should be discussed privately, I suggest."

"And what was promised you?" Isolde asked.

"A private room would be best for this conversation."

"Why is that?"

Before she could even move, his arms elope around her, holding her tightly against his body. His lips touch her ears as he spoke only loud enough for her to hear, "Would you like me to take you right here, my queen."

Take? Isolde didn't understand what he meant, but his words were very suggestive and had her imagination wondering back to that night. His body against hers vanquished the fear, the numbness, and the coldness within her. So comforting and sweet, she wanted to stay in his arms.

One look at her people and Isolde shuttered at the temptation and the warmth that filled her body when his arm wrapped around her. It was hard to breathe and think and decide what she was supposed to react. Tear free from him and rip his guts out or let him hold her and relief her more of all that's happened. What was she feeling? How could this blood sucking curse of a king have so much power over her? She wasn't sure, but she knew that she could never give into such feelings because of her status and her background. Trusting him or this warmth would be the end of her life and her people's. They are more important to her than anything else? Was she trying to convince herself or was she for real? She wasn't sure. "Release me." She muttered, feeling the sudden hostile feelings of her people. "Or would you rather get rip apart in thousands of shred?" Amon, everything is alright…guard the village, I'll deal with these. She commanded Amon.

"Threats don't frighten me." He stated.

"You should be frightened." Isolde replied. "Release me."

"Will we be discussing this somewhere privately?"

Isolde didn't say a word but lead the way; she hated how she didn't know what to do anymore. Why this was happening and what she was suppose to do. With Lucinda missing, what should she do? What would be the right thing to do? She didn't want her people to continue this war, but leaving with him would mean that there would be no one to lead her people.

His grip loosened and Isolde slid away from his arms and continued the way to her house. She was surprised that he was the only one who entered her living quarters and not also his guards. She folded her hands across her chest and looked at the painting hanging on the wall, forcing her back to him, her enemy. "What is this promise that Lucinda made to you?"

"End the war with the hand of her step daughter." He replied after a moment of thought.

"What did you think of it?"

"I suggested the proposal." He replied calmly.

Isolde turned around and met his smoky grey eyes, "You offered this proposal?" It wasn't like Lucinda to not come up with such a ridiculous proposal. "And tell me, how did you come up with such an absurd idea?"

She thought that he would insult her by saying something nasty, but to her surprise, he stayed calm and quiet. His eyes staring back at her gently with no signs of anger or emotion. She hated how vampires can be so calm and expressionless in such a time like this. She absolutely hated it.

"You already know the answer." He replied, unmoved.

"What do you mean?" Isolde asked with confusion. She saw him reach out to her, she wanted to step away but her body didn't move. His frozen, slender fingers cup her left cheek and lift it up to meet his eyes, sparkling with importance and a passion. He leaned towards her and kissed her, Isolde didn't know if this was supposed to be the answer to her question or not, but she liked it.

Memories of the lonely king once again slipped into her mind, playing like a movie in her mind. The crying rage of a girl in the battle field amplified louder than before and a calm realization hit the king as to why he was able to hear and feel the pain behind this cry. We're soul mates. She heard in her mind, and I'm not going to risk your life, your people or my people's lives for a war like this.

"You don't understand what my people think of you. Of the curse you passed down onto us." We can't do this. We're enemies.

We are enemies; we don't have to be enemies though. It's your decision, will you accept this new change or shall we remain in war till the very bitter end?