Eilian stared blankly at the stranger, confused by the whole situation. He glanced back over the edge, seconds before he had just been standing there, nearly falling to his demise, and now he stood safely from it. He turned back to the person, something about the statement question him.

"What do you mean, 'being a human'? You're one too aren't you?"

His questions were simply waved away, so he dropped down to the ground, staring intently, waiting for something to happen. Clearly he wasn't going to die today, and that was really all he had planned for. He messed with his shoelace awkwardly, not really sure how to explain that it wasn't really a suicidal thing. Or, at least, not in the 'emo' sense. He frowned, the words escaping him once more. He glanced up, checking to make sure there were still no clouds, his suspicions confirmed he sighed.

"I was…bored," It was the only decent explanation he could come up with, and it really wasn't that good. "I guess that's not very understandable is it?"

Eilian didn't even understand it himself. He wondered if maybe he took a running leap… Useless, he decided, besides, he wanted to inspire someone, not traumatize them. He lightly blushed as he remembered he had forgotten to thank the person, though it wasn't really something he had wanted.

"Er, I guess I should thank you," He was confused, by his own thoughts of the situation he was in, and it was only getting worse the more he tried to explain.

Finally he just gave up, laying back and staring up into the endless blue sky.

"Oh," He spoke again after a moment's thought. "My name's Eilian, I guess I'm a little disorientated today, aren't I?"