Full Circle

"Hiya Aaron!" exclaimed a five year old girl as she saw her six year old best friend sit beside her on the bench. They were in the nearby park, which had become their regular hang-out area.

"Hi Mia! You are looking like a cat!" he said pulling at one of her bunches.

"Am not!"

"Are, too."

"Am not!"

"Aww..c'mon Mia, let's forget it! Wanna try the swings?" asked Aaron smiling.


And they ran off, laughing happily, towards the swings.


Seven Years Later…

"You moron! You stole my diary!" screamed and indignant Mia. "Give it back here!"

"No, way! I'm going to read all of it…all your dirty secrets," Aaron shouted back as he ran, holding up a purple diary, laughing as Mia chased him.

"I hate you!"

"Oh, don't worry, crybaby. I don't like you much myself," he replied in a harsh voice, tossing her diary at her. With a hard glint in his blue eyes, he turned and walked away.


Two Months Later…

"What do you mean he left?" she screeched at her brother.

"His parents shifted to Seattle. How does it matter anyway? You hated him, didn't you?"

"What? I didn't h—Yeah, it doesn't matter…I hate him. I always have…"


Three Years Later…

Another Valentine's Day all alone…Mia sighed dejectedly as she strolled across her neighborhood for the fifth time since the morning. Her brother had gone back to college and the house felt emptier than usual without him creating his usual ruckus. All her friends had dates, so she couldn't even call them over. All in all, it seemed to be turning into the worst Valentine's Day ever.

Suddenly, she bumped into someone and fell hard on to the pavement.

"Ow, ow, ow!" she muttered rubbing her backside, as she tried to get up.

"Uh…I am sorry," said a sheepish voice.

"That's okay," she replied reflexively, not even pausing to think.

"Hey..um, is that who I think it is? Are you by any chance, Amelia Blckthorne?"

"Yes, but I am sorry I don't recog—Oh my God! Andrew? Is that you?" Mia exclaimed, her eyes dilating in surprise, while the older boy nodded.

"What are you doing here?" she asked him, finally getting over her initial shock.

"I am studying at the Medical school here," he replied with a shrug. "Hey listen, I have to go…I have a date."

"Oh, yes, of course. Bye!" she said and turned to watch him go.

"Hey, Andrew," she called out to him.


"How-how is your brother?" she managed to ask.

"Aaron? Fine, I guess; in fact, he's going to join high school here from next week."

"He's here, too?" she asked and then to cover up the slight tremor in her voice, she joked, "Is he on a hot date, too"

Andrew chuckled, shaking his head. "You young kids never fail to amuse me."

Mia narrowed her eyes at him, wondering what that was about.

"My dear Mia, no, he doesn't have a 'hot' date. He never did find anyone whom he liked half as much as he liked you. You ruined him for other girls Mia!"

Still chuckling, Andrew turned and walked away, leaving behind a stricken Amelia on the deserted pavement.

--- 14th February 2009.

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