Prologue - "Wake up," by Coheed & Cambria

The tension was so thick in the room I could hardly breath.

Infact, I doubt anyone could breath with this terrible smell in the surrounding air. It was a mix of overly clean, musky, and that generic scent you couldn't describe. The perfume I had worn purposely actually had no purpose now since this smell ruled it out and I couldn't find any traces of it on my skin.

Althought I wasn't alone, I felt so alone in this isolated room, four white and very blank walls enclosing me. The sad attempt at cheering it up was done by placing a vase of flowers on the table next to the bed, but they were half-alive so they didn't really help anyways. They, too, had no scent left in them, half wilted and lacking pedals.

Everyday I took my usual position in the unbalanced chair next to the bed, crossing one leg over the other, and folding my hands in my lap. I didn't have to speak, but my thoughts were easily read across my face. I asked the questions over and over, which I had been doing since day one of this whole ridicuously thing I cannot quite understand.

It's not like there was much I could do anyway, just sit here and hope that when I least expect it, he would wake up.

Micah was more than just my best friend, he was my whole world. I never thought that meeting him in sophomore year of highschool would have any effect on my life but I was so wrong. A friendship that evolved in American Literature turned out to be a friendship I couldn't live without.

It was the sort of friendship you would only see in movies between a guy and girl. He was the boy that sent me cute good morning messages to wake up to, but ruined them by waking me up before I could read them. He was the last person I usually talked to before I went to sleep, and the last person I thought of. Actually, I doubt I'd be able to sleep if I hadn't heard his voice.

I found nothing more perfect than our stupid, useless, and pointless conversations over our morning coffee before class.

"What's your favorite song?" he asked.

I pondered for a few moments for the effect but I knew hands down that "Ghost" by Neutral Milk Hotel was my all time favorite since I was listening to it as we spoke.

"With out a doubt, 'Ghost' by Neutral Milk Hotel." I replied, wondering what he would say to that.

"Cambria, that's ridiculous, how can milk be neutral?"

That is exactly what I'm talking about. I wouldn't have our conversations with anyone else than Micah anyday. We had been friends for almost 4 years now, being sophomores in college when something happened. He was injured during a rugby match.

Actually, he went into a coma. I was shattered, torn and couldn't process it for a few days. No, no, not Micah is all I could say over and over. How could something like that happen to the most considerate boy I have ever met?

I forced myself finally to visit him in the hospital after 6 days. The instant I saw him lying on the bed, IV's sticking out of his arms, I broke down, sobbing histerically as I clutched onto the railing of the bed. I choked out his name a few times, just hoping he would magically wake up and everything would be okay.

It hasn't been okay yet. A year is just about to pass and I have visited him every single day, holding his hand until I was forced to leave due to visiting hour restrictions.

He still looked the same though. His mess of black hair fan out around his face in short layers, while black hairs outlined his strong jaw slightly. I hadn't seen his blue eyes in a long time, but I can remember them perfectly. His voice is never far from my mind either and I secretly listen to his voicemails to help ease my hurt inside.

Although the doctors aren't sure he'll ever come to, I just know that Micah will one day wake up because he knows I can't make it without him.

Author's note: Alright, I haven't published anything in over six months atleast but I am getting back into the habit. This is just a short prologue to a story idea I have had for a while now, and since I am using it for my Writing Workshop class, I have decided to get some feedback on the side. Hope you like it. :) Oh, also, I try to find songs that correlate with the chapters.