Hello! Nanny Nenny is here with a new story for you! I got this idea a long time ago, but as any other author, I needed time, a plan and some good old inspiration! Enjoy it!


Today was a nice and sunny day with a bright sky and shaggy clouds that passed by. Natsu Itou sat in the classroom and listened to the newest album of Koharu Oto, who was actually her sister. Her soft voice and gentle words made anyone's heart will warm and happy, and Natsu felt just the same way.

"Natsu-chan!" Emiko Harada came running towards her with a smile. "Did you get the message?"

"Message?" Natsu looked down at her phone, just to see a text message waiting to be opened. "Oh, I didn't see it!"

"You were busy listening to Oto-san's music?" Emiko asked. Her friend's embarrassment made her laugh. "It's all right! It wasn't that important."

Natsu nodded, but was still feeling guilty for not keeping up. "Gomen, Emiko-chan."

"OK! It's OK!" Emiko said and smiled brightly. Of every girl in school, she was definitely the one who smiled the most. Her short black hair was partly pulled back in a white triangle shaped hair clip. She had matching green eyes, which shined like emeralds. "Ne, Natsu-chan. Aren't your childhood friend supposed to be back today? How long has it been, five years?"

"Mhm," Natsu nodded. "He moved to Hokkaido when we were ten. I can't believe he's back already!"

"What are you girls talking about?" A tall girl with long golden blond hair and crystal blue eyes walked over to them.

"Megumi-chan," Emiko said and gave her a smile as greeting. "We were talking about Natsu's childhood friend, uh..." She looked at Natsu. "What was his name?"

"Hm?" She looked at them and pulled out her earphones. "Hayao Ayase."

The girls gasped in unison. Both of them slapped their hands into her desk. "WHAAAAT!!? You mean that your childhood friend is the famous Hayao Ayase?"

"G-Guys..." Natsu messed inside her head, trying to find something to say. Then she realized what they said. "Famous? Hayao-kun is the same to me as always. Sweet little Ya-chan!"

"UNFAIR!" Megumi exclaimed, making all of the students in the classroom turn their heads to look. Megumi faked a cough and waved them off with her hand, which made them turn back to their own business.

"Look at this, look at this!" A small girl with short blackish brown hair stopped by the group. She held a light pink package in her hands. "It's my newest product. The Monique Ultra!"

"Monique Ultra? What's with the Monique name?" Megumi asked.

"I have no idea," the girl, Anna Aizawa, smiled widely. "I made it last night!"

She unwrapped the cute package and silk ribbon, showing them a heart shaped bottle with blue liquid inside of it. The other girls looked at it with impressed expressions.

Natsu's eyes started sparkling. "Kawaii!"

Anna smiled and gave it to her. "Try it, Natsu-chan."

Natsu became extremely happy and pressed the top of the bottle once. She smelled it slightly. "Waa! It smells wonderful!"

"Let me try!" Megumi said, took it and did the same. "Wow! This is really good!"

"Incredible, Anna-chan!" Emiko said and smiled.

Anna laughed softly and returned the smile happily. She noticed the earphones. "Aah, is that your big sister's newest songs?"

"Hai!" Natsu replied cheerfully.

"Can I try it?" Anna asked carefully. Natsu nodded and handed her the earphones and MP3-player.

Megumi and Emiko were in the meanwhile admiring Anna's product. Anna was famous in school for making beauty products, clothes, accessories, shoes, makeup and such. She sometimes even sold it to famous people for a very fair price. No one doubted her talents.

While Anna listened to Koharu's songs, Megumi and Emiko pulled Natsu closer to themselves. Emiko pulled out the weekly edition of Straight Up, a popular celebrity magazine. She showed Natsu the front page.

"Look at this," Megumi said and pointed at it. A boy was at the front. He had lively black hair, big brown eyes and a cool coordination of clothes. "This is your friend, Hayao Ayase. He is the new hottie of the Japanese entertainment world."

Natsu looked impressed. "Hayao-kun is so cool! I look forward to meet him again!"

The train station was as usual filled with people. Natsu looked around, trying to find her friend.

"Natsu!" Honoka Itou, her mother, and Kappei Itou, her father, were speeding towards her with Miharu and Hikaru, Natsu's little sisters, close behind. "You're walking too fast," her father said breathless. "We can't keep up with you."

"Mou, you're the only one who looks forward to this," Hikaru said indifferent and put her hands on the hips.

"Hikaru-chan!" her mother hissed as a warning. "They haven't met in a long time. Be happy for your big sister."

"Why isn't Koharu-neechan coming?" Miharu asked out of curiosity.

"She had a full schedule today," Honoka explained to them. "If she could, she would've loved to come and see Hayao-kun."

A sound made them turn towards Natsu, who was looking at a boy coming towards them. His black hair danced as he walked, and the brown eyes were visible behind his black sunglasses if you looked closely.

"Ya-chan!" Natsu ran over and hugged him closely. Her arms wrapped themselves tightly around him as they met.

"Natsu?" Hayao Ayase, idol and good friend, looked at her in surprise. "What a welcome! Did you wait for long?" He looked at her smiling parents.

"We got here a little while ago," Kappei said and showed him a thumb up.

"We're so glad to see you here," Honoka said and hugged him when Natsu let go. "It's so good to have you here."

"Same here, Mrs. Itou," Hayao said and smiled.

"Ne, Hayao-kun." Miharu walked over to him and looked at him with large eyes. "Is it true that you're famous now."

Hayao bent down to the girl's height. "That's correct. Where did you get it from?"

"Pipi-chan told me," Miharu answered proudly. Pipi was actually Teppei, a boy she went to school with, who was also a good friend of the family.

"Really?" Hayao said. "Say hello to him from me, OK?"

"Hai!" Miharu said and nodded once.

"We have a room ready for you at home," Natsu told him.

"It used to be Koharu's room," Hikaru said, "but she moved in with her boyfriend seven months ago."

"R-Really?" Hayao said hesitatingly.

"Now, now, girls," Kappei said and patted the boy's back friendly. "We changed it into a boy room. For the very first time." He looked like he would cry any second.

"Calm down, honey," Honoka said and touched her husband's arm gently. "You're OK with daughters, right?"

"Of course, they're my little princesses," Kappei replied and wiped his tears away.

The Itou family had no sons. Four girls, but no boys except for the father.

"You're welcome to stay with us as long as you want," Honoka told Hayao.

"Arigato gozaimasu," Hayao said and bowed deeply, making him lose his sunglasses. He corrected himself as he felt something missing.

The others saw them and gasped in surprise. "Look, look!" some girls shouted. "It's Hayao Ayase!"

"Let's get out of here," Honoka said and led her family and the idol out of the train station.

They ran down the parking lot, trying to escape the people. "You're fast, Ya-chan!" Natsu said in amusement.

"Running from chasing fans is good exercise, you know," Hayao said and laughed happily with her.