Natsu smiled brightly and laughed. "Really, he said that?"

"Yes, and on the trip back from Kyoto, he was so nervous he almost passed out!" Laughter and conversations were exchanged between the two fifteen year olds. "Even though he's been an idol for a long time, he still gets nervous before doing things he always does."

"I know! Ya-chan has never been good at getting used to things. It's like everything is new to him," Natsu said.

Tsukasa laughed again, but stopped. "Ya-chan?"

Natsu nodded. "When we were kids, I always called him Ya-chan, as a nickname. Childhood friends do that, right? Anyway, he called me something too, because he never managed to pronounce my name right. He just called me Su-chan, all the time!"

The midnight haired girl looked down. "We never gave each other nicknames. I guess it is a reason for that."

"Really? I hear many couples give each other nicknames," Natsu told her. "I have a friend, Megumi, and she calls her boyfriend fish head, because his favourite food is sashimi. And he calls her Gumi, short for Megumi."

"They sound like the perfect couple," Tsukasa said and faked a laugh.

Natsu nodded. "They fight a lot. Where to date, when to date, who's doing what and all the usual stuff. But, like they say, there is nothing with more love than arguments between couples."

"Nothing with more love than arguments? Hayao and I never fight," Tsukasa said and looked down thoughtfully.

"Hehe. Well, everyone has their own way of expressing their love for each other. Some couples fight, others do not."

Tsukasa nodded, but seemed to doubt what the other girl was telling her. "Sorry if I ask, but what are your feelings for Hayao-kun?"

"My feelings?" Natsu's head fell slightly to the side. "He is the best friend on Earth!"

"Best friend? You're nothing more but friends?" Tsukasa asked a bit worried.

"Best friends!" Natsu corrected her. "But in a way, we don't have any deeper relationship than that. Why do you ask?"

Tsukasa laughed slightly. "Call it girlfriend jealousy."

"I know what you mean!" Natsu said and giggled.

"You've had a boyfriend?" Tsukasa asked.

Natsu shook her head. "No. Never been in love, or kissed. Not married either."

"I think you're a bit too young to think about marriage," Tsukasa said.

"Whoopsie, my mistake. Mom always say I think to far into the future."

"How far?" Tsukasa asked curiously.

"Mm... I want a gentle, sweet husband, have two kids of each gender and work as a nurse at a hospital not far from home."

"Your mother was right."


Megumi, Emiko and Anna were more than shocked when they listened to Natsu's confession the next day.

"What did you say?" Megumi leaned forward to the brown-haired girl. "Hayao has a girlfriend?"

"And not a bad one," Natsu said and smiled. "She's beautiful, friendly and has a very soft voice."

"Who cares? What about your feelings?" Megumi asked.

"My feelings? For Ya-chan, you mean? Tsukasa asked me the same thing yesterday..."

Anna's eyes turned wide. "Are you talking about the newest star within the world of models, Tsukasa Akiyama?"

"That's her name!"

Megumi folded her arms and lowered her head. "Not only is Hayao famous and surrounded by girls, but he has a girlfriend too. Man, life is becoming quite unfair."

"Maybe we should tell the other girls, to stop them from getting their hearts broken," Emiko said.

Natsu opened her mouth. "No need for that."

"What?" Megumi looked like she demanded an explanation.

"It wasn't me! I swear!" Natsu exclaimed.

"That's right." Hayao stepped out from the shadows, walking over to them. "No one must know about this."

"Why?" Natsu asked.

"No one, other than you girls, Natsu, Tsukasa and my family know about this. We don't want to create a huge chaos, you know how the paparazzi is."

"We won't tell anyone," Emiko said and looked away in shyness.

Megumi, Anna and Natsu nodded.

Hayao smiled. "Thank you. It'll stop us from being stalked. And Tsukasa has enough trouble as it is." He saw the girls' looks. "Nevermind. Just don't tell anyone." He turned around and walked off.

"That was weird," Megumi said.

Natsu blinked once. "I'm hungry." She walked off as well.

"Clueless as ever," Emiko said, folding her arms.

The other girls nodded in agreement.