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Pushed Over Romeo


.xX Chapter Four Xx.

I hadn't even gone to first period yet, and it was already turning out to be a bad day. I sighed and read the today's note.

Meu amor, you take my breath away

Like a sunrise from the east. Your green eyes—

How they shine—are like two sunsets. I may

Lose my mind tonight. You'll cause my demise.

If I die, my friends know who to blame. You

Are too beautiful for these white-washed

Walls. My love, let me be one of the few

Who have tasted you lips. I must be fed.

Do you not notice how you turn my life

Upside-down and shatter my resolve to

Pieces? Return my love. Remove the knife

Of your forgetfulness. I'm begging you.

I shall haunt you for eternity 'til

Then. I'll be the bird on your window sill.

Yours, Pyramus

I stared like an idiot for ten minutes, debating if I should continue with my life like everything's fine, go to class, and tell all to the three musketeers later or run like hell to another state. I couldn't move. It was like I was afraid the paper would suddenly combust into flames if I dared even blink.

I mean, it wasn't like I wasn't getting used to these creepy notes. This person, who just now signed "Pyramus" (he's never done that before--and I'm pretty sure it's a he) has been sending me these cards for over a week now. After the first note, he's sent me random phrases that I think is supposed to get me to remember "them all". It was weird. Somehow this stalker person knew I had a blue stuffed ballerina bunny named Alice.

One card said, Alice wasn't made in Wonderland. After which, I went home to my beloved bunny and checked the tag. Turns out, Alice was made in Portugal. That was weird, but only because I always thought Alice was made in China.

Others said, You broke the vase. or Buried teacup in your grandfather's garden. or Lost in the hedge maze. All of them calling me meu amor.

"Hey you!" A vaguely familiar voice called our from behind me. "You! Girl with the hair!"

I dared a peek at the one who so rudely snapped me out of my own personal imitation of a shocked statue. Oh, it was that same gangster guy from a couple of days ago. I was wondering when he'd come into my life again.

"Yeah, you. Are you gonna move? Or am I gonna have to move you?" But he sure picked the wrong day to be menacing.

I gave him a smoldering look. "Kiss my ass."

He raised both his hands as if to say, Now, now rabid squirrel. I'm not gonna hurt you. Stay there while I get my gun so I can put you out of you misery."Woah, gurl. Wazwrongwitu?"

"Me?" I slammed my locker shut, quickly stuffing the new creepy, fancy note I got in my binder. "I don't have a problem. What makes you think I have a problem?"

The girl latched on Mista Gangsta's arm put a hand on her hip and raised a tattooed eyebrow at me. "Guuuurrrrl, you was standing there for a loooong time, staring at a piece a paper. Trust me, sweetheart." she glanced at her nails, "You got a problem."

You know something's wrong with your life when people--who have absolutely no idea who you are--are more sure about your life than you are. "Right. I'll keep that in mind." I said, before walking away. But hey, what do they know? They don't have weird note things appearing in their lockers.


"Now, class," Mrs. Allen was sitting in her pink, director-style Tyra chair in the front. A kiss-up student hoping for a good grade bought it for her a few years back. "Take out your vocabulary. I'll check them as I pass by."

I flipped through my binder, but didn't find my vocab. Where was it?

"And while I'm doing that, discuss the importance of fate in literature in your assigned literary circles. Make sure you use Shakespeare as one of your examples. If you don't," she paused, emitting a menacing aura only an old person could pull off. "I'll know."

Now I was panicking. I ransacked my backpack, trying to find that stupid--yet dastardly genius at hiding--vocabulary homework. I flipped desperately through all my folders and notebooks. Math, nothing. Latin, nothing. Physics, when has physics ever helped me? Psychology, now what do you think?

"Are you looking for this?" I looked back at the thing sitting in the chair behind me in disgust. Romeo Rayder had, unfortunately, gotten to class earlier than me for the past week, ergo, claiming my throne in the Dark Corner as his own. He'd been looking at me the whole time with those irritating eyes of his and now, dangling from his hand was my vocabulary.


"Yes, actually." I snapped back, making a move to reclaim the paper. He snatched it back just in time to make me lose my grip on the paper. Forgive me if I growled a little before trying to take back what was rightfully mine.

"Miss Thisbe! What is going on here?" Mrs. Allen stood right beside the two of us, tapping her red grading pen on her clipboard. Sitting comfortably on her clipboard, was the Gradebook of Doom. My fate lay in the sacred book. I gulped perceptively, noticing the awkwardness of the position I happed to be in. I was standing--curse Romeo and his ridiculous long, toned arms of steel--with my hand reaching for the paper above his head.

To be blunt, I was basically leaning over Romeo with my immediate chest area in his face.

You know what? Screw red. My face flushed rainbow colors as I quickly sat down to preserve what was left of my social life.

The Bane of My Existence simply smirked. His universe-containing eyes twinkled with amusement, again. Shrinking into the back of my chair, I glanced down at the floor and prayed for super powers that would make me disappear. Or better yet, I could get the power to zap people and turn them into piles of ash, leaving their incinerated body parts to blown into the nostrils of my still-living enemies.

I was a happy child.

But that wasn't the point. I looked back at said Bane and--

Something was off. I could feel it. What was up with him? At that moment, all the amusement had drained out of his eyes. He was staring at me with this unfathomable look, making those dark orbs richly darker than usual. I breathed in suddenly, caught off guard by his eyes. It was like he desperately wanted to tell me something important. Important enough that is was hurting him to hold it back.

My mouth went dry.

Smack a Post-It note on my forehead and label me a hypocritical creeper with a Sharpie, but I suddenly had this urge to cup in face between my hands and hold him tight. Funny, huh? I wanted to kill him a minute ago. Now, all I wanted was to hug him and tell him I was sorry.

For what? I didn't know, but I wouldn't have hesitated to comfort him right there and then...

...if it wasn't for the fact that I just realized we were having this moment in front of a teacher. Oh, and why don't we mention the other twenty-seven pairs of eyes watching us while we're at it? There was a nagging thought in the back of my mind saying, Oh, crap. Alexander, your true love, is staring at you two! You just embarrassed yourself in front of EVERYONE! You are so dead.

But that was small. Really small, that I almost forgot to hear it. It just didn't seem important.

God, what was happening to me? What was wrong me? Send me a sign or something. A rainbow? A dove with a olive branch? Anything.

Romeo blinked and the moment was gone. He turned to Mrs. Allen and gave her his own vocabulary homework with his usual disarming smile. It was as if nothing had happened. As if he hadn't been on the verge of breaking a second ago.

The rest of the class had turned back to whatever it had been doing before it had stopped to see if it would get some drama. Some were whispering and looking at me, but most had gone back to ignoring me. I saw Savanna's eyes linger a little bit longer. She cocked her head at me in question.

I just shook my head in reply. Even I didn't know what just happened. She couldn't weed out a story that wasn't there to begin with.


The sign came in form of another fancy, creepy note from my "Pyramus" after second period Latin. I'd never gotten two cards in one day before, but I guess there's a first time for everything.

It read,

"Meu amor, come to the library after your lunch. Do not tell anyone."

Yours, Pyramus

Like I said, this was a day of contradictions. He's never asked me to meet him either. But even this couldn't take away the numb feeling I had felt since first period.


Kandice positively ambushed me like a psycho in a psych ward the minute I sat down, hoping to eat my unhealthy, school-cafeteria salad in peace.

"What happened? What happened?" she screeched in my ear, "I heard all about it from Kyle. Are you two going out? Why didn't you tell us? I thought we were friends! Wouldn't it be sweet if he asked you if you could be his Juliet? That would be so sweet!! Right, Rae? Rae!" Rae, loyal best friend that she is, ignored Kandice and nodded a hello to me.

I pushed Kandice--my other, more insane best friend--away from my fragile eardrums and glared at her, "No," I said calmly, "to all of you questions. No, it wouldn't be sweet, it would be Armageddon. No, we are not going out. No, nothing happened. Kandice, you know how Kyle exaggerates."

"Actually, no. I don't." Kandice knitted her eyebrows together. Tell me she wasn't being serious.

"You know what? Can we just not talk about this?" I rearranged my salad without eating any of it and continued, "I got another note today. A poem this time. It's weird, but you know. Level of weirdness slips a little when you get creepy notes everyday." I handed Rae the poem first, her reward for not being Kandice.

"Eh," Rae pursed her lips together as she read. "So what now? Still don't remember anything?"

"There's nothing to remember." I reiterated.

Rae smirked knowingly. "I really think you should stop that. The whole 'nothing to remember' thing. If there was really nothing. You wouldn't be here, still getting notes. Not telling anyone about this. How come we're the only ones who know about this? How come you say you're creeped out but you never do anything to stop it?" She paused. "You know, how to we even know this person--who's sending these...note things--aren't dangerous? What if he tells you to meet somewhere and he goes off and kills you or something?"

I shrugged. "I don't know." I definitely won't be telling them about the second note.

Anesh stopped chewing the Liver Masala his mother had cooked for his lunch, finally deciding to contribute to the conversation. "Sometimes, knowing what you feel and sharing it with your friends helps to solve the mysteries in life."

Nesh is so helpful sometimes.

"Is that another thing your dead grandma used to say?" Kandice asked.

"No, it is something Anesh says." Anesh said. Then, he proceeded to focus on his food again instead of the conversation at hand. I had no idea why Nesh was chewing that liver like his life depended on it.

"Okay, that's it. I can't eat this crap anymore. I'm leaving." I dumped my so-called salad in a nearby trashcan (where all the other salads went). "I'm going to the library to do more research for the current event thing on the Volterras. See you guys third period?"

Rae grunted, "Of course. Where else can you see us? The afterlife?"

"Do you want us to go with you?" Kandice called out from behind me.

"No, I'm fine."

"Thisbe." An heavily accented Indian voice burst out.

I sighed and turned around. "Yes, Neshie?"

He seemed bothered about his new nickname, but continued nonetheless, "Curiosity...killed the cat."

Wow, it was almost as if he knew I was going to meet the mysterious note-sender in the library without telling them. I smiled, "And satisfaction brought it back!"

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