Pebble Theory

The Beginning of the week, my best friend showed me something

That opened up my eyes to see the truth inside

She told me about this theory of hers

Mentioning pebbles, rocks, and lastly boulders

She started out telling me how in life we pick up every little thing

This might seem good or bad

Putting it inside our pockets, leaving it there all day

And deciding to keep it and not throw it away

When we come to a bump in our lives- or roads

The first thing you do is always complain

But what you should be doing is praising it all day

Being Joyful, loving, and caring along the way

When you pick up a pebble today

Don't stick it in your pocket-it will only weigh you down

But give it back to God and be happy

For the weight on your soul is relieved and taken away

We are given trials from God, which are boulders to us

For God who helps us with these-this could be work or even college

But when you see a pebble in your life today

Don't pick it up, but give it back to the lord forever and always

We have situations and problems in our lives

And whatever may come, don't let it ruin your day

For he is with us always

Telling us to trust him and follow his ways.