Chapter Six
A little bit different...

Three Years Later


Dammit, Zyre thought as he slid into his jacket. Why does it always rain when I have things to do? He hesitated at the door, looking out into the rainy street.

"You want a cup to go?" A friendly woman behind the counter asked him cheerfully. "It'll keep ya' warm on your way home."

"No thanks..." Zyre said, shaking his head and turning back to the door and the rain. "Not this time..."

"On the house..." The woman said, Zyre turned to see her grinning widely and holding up a steaming pot of coffee.

"Alright..." He gave up after a moment's pause, and returned to his seat at the counter while the woman poured the coffee into the Styrofoam cup.

"Boy, I thought you were actually going to walk out on a free drink this time..." The woman mused, winking.

"You just want stuff to keep you busy when the place is slow... a cup or two of coffee doesn't matter to you," he retorted, getting a bit defensive. "But Cheryl... Don't you ever get in trouble for giving me free drinks every night?"

"Hubar doesn't care. Do ya' John?" She yelled over her shoulder, through a window into the kitchen.

"You wastin' my coffee on that hooligan?" A man's voice grumbled in reply, "Nah, I don't really care. That kid is part of the family that we've got going on here."

'Aw, well isn't this the perfect little scene,' the voice echoed in Zyre's mind. He shook his head to get rid of it. 'Sickening, isn't it? You know what I think?' The voice changed tones, Zyre could hear the malice emanating from it. He gasped and dropped his coffee, he had been so absorbed by the fear that he didn't notice Cheryl had handed it to him.

"No, no, no, no, no, no..." Zyre mumbled, his voice raising as the fear grew inside of him. Cheryl looked up and him and he saw worry lines scrunched on her brow.

"Zyre, what's wrong?" She asked, seeing the spilled coffee. "Aw, it's alright. I can clean that up and get you a new one. No big deal."

"No..." He clenched his teeth and wrapped himself up in his arms. I can't do this, don't make me do this. Please!

Khana shuddered as she attempted to ignore the horror filled screaming from the dimly lit coffee shop. What could be going on in there? She wondered, but then wished she hadn't thought about it. All of that screaming... always the screaming. She couldn't handle it. Almost as soon as the screaming started, it ended and Khana signed in sad relief. The silence after the screams was even worse, so to cover up the silence she tried to hum. The humming always made the situation more awkward, but Khana couldn't think of anything else. How was she supposed to handle this? She was always thankful when the shaking Zyre exited the buildings, hidden in the shadows. At least he is okay, she could think then. At least there's still hope...

That night, while Khana was waiting for Zyre, softly humming in the empty rain, she heard footsteps and looked away for a moment. That's when Zyre made his escape, silently opening the rear exit and slipping out unnoticed. What is he doing in there? Khana wondered frantically, as police sirens began to grow louder in the distance. He has to get out of there! She panicked, as the first cars arrived on the scene and police officers began to put up their yellow tape. She watched the scene unfold; the police went into the building, an ambulance arrived, bodies and evidence were carried away in bags. Everything, and still no Zyre. Where is he? Khana asked herself, deciding that he muse have somehow, someway, gotten out of the building without her knowing. That means he knows that I've been following him... She realized. It took me so long to finally track him down, and now he's gone. A little under three weeks, and he is gone.

Khana stood up. She was careful to make no sound, in case someone nearby might be listening. She opened her umbrella with what seemed like a 'pop' of thunderous proportions. Nobody heard, nobody heard, nobody heard... She chanted to herself. Nobody heard...

"I heard," said a deep, amused voice from behind her. She felt her heart stop in fear. What a strange voice, she turned around slowly to see who it belonged to. Curiosity had the best of her, forcing her to look despite the fact that she was trembling with fear. "Don't worry, I'm not going to kill you... maybe."

"What a crap line..." She said, breathing slowly as she looked over the man, hidden in shadows. As far as she could tell, he was a normal human. Probably thinks he can just mug me... she smiled at the thought. She hadn't gone that far just to let some thief make her lose the trail. She glanced over her shoulder at the coffee shop. Where do I even start?

"Hey." The man grabbed Khana's face and turned it back to him, "Eyes on me. Why are you even following him?"

Khana tried to turn her head away, just out of spite, but the man held her chin firmly. She brought her arms up to his and her fingers clawed at him, but he did not let go. Scream, scream for help! Khana thought, but he was holding her jaw so tightly that she couldn't get her mouth to open. She dug her nails into his forearms as deeply as she could, but he did not let go. His expression changed from stoic to malicious smiling, and he looked terrifying with half of his face hidden by the shadows. Khana wondered just how much she had underestimated this seemingly normal man. He released her jar suddenly and pulled her arms away from her.

"Why are you following that boy?" The man demanded, sliding a knife out of his coat and pointing it towards Khana at an awkward angle. He doesn't want to kill me, Khana thought when she noticed his hesitation. "Speak!" He commanded, slamming her against a nearby wall with unexpected speed and force. He positioned the knife against her throat and held her to the wall with his arm.

She did not speak, she couldn't. Why am I following Zyre?" What could I say... She stared into the main's eyes. "Do it. Kill me." The man blinked slowly and sighed, stepping back and examining the knife.

"Last chance," he whispered, pulling the blade close to him and kissing it gently. "Is girlie going to tell me who sent her, or is girlie going to get the kiss of silver?" Oh, blah, Khana thought, slightly annoyed at his performance. Why is he being so melodramatic?

"Nobody sent me!" Khana yelled, as she turned and tan to the side. She could tell by the footsteps behind her that he was getting closer; that her escape would not be easy.

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