As the weeks passed, the alien visitors began to establish food centers, hospitals, and supply stations throughout the African continent. In every instance, they declined to follow the immigration protocols of the nations they were assisting. They would arrive in their ships, come down to the ground by way of shuttle, and begin their work. Intelligence services from all over the world closely monitored the aliens, but no hostile actions had taken place since the incident in Sudan.

One of the alien cruisers approached the shores of Sudan from the east. The cruiser had been present in India but was now on a direct course for the capital city of Somalia, Mogadishu. A few shuttles escorted by fighters dropped down into Mogadishu Stadium and immediately went to work setting up video screens and sound systems. Curious Somalians entered the stadium and watched as the alien females worked to get the systems in place. When they were finished, the alien commander Aziza saw that the stadium was completely full with thirty thousand people squeezed into the stands.

"Secure the gates. We are at capacity," Aziza ordered her aides.

"Children of Somalia, I come in peace. Your government has failed you, the world has failed you. Due to their greed and lack of compassion, you have died of starvation, thirst, and disease. You live in miserable housing, many of you lack jobs, and some of you have resorted to crime in order to survive."

"The one true God who you call Allah has compelled us to act on your behalf. We will provide medicine to your sick, we will feed the hungry, we will free those imprisoned unjustly, and we will bring you peace. The murders will end as will the rapes. Those who brought you fear and conflict will receive their just reward."

"This will not be an easy transition and some of you may rebel against us out of pride or suspicion. But I beg of you, do not resist our assistance. The Lord God who is most merciful is offended by how you have been treated by the world and will punish those responsible. Now, come and eat," Aziza concluded.

The crowds then gathered around as the aliens gave out bread, vegetables, and meats. Somalians crowded around in desperation and the aliens took pity on them. "Look at how they are more interested in themselves than the weakest among them," a female aide said to the commander.

"It is forgivable. They are so desperate to save the lives of their families. When they are no longer in desperate want, then we shall convict them," Aziza told her.

While the aliens continued to feed the citizens, Aziza with an armed escort approached the government buildings controlled by the Transitional Government of Somalia. The governing officials let the commander inside so she could meet the president.

"You will now be working for us now," Aziza said of all the government officials.

"Excuse me?" the President said.

"You have failed to unite your country. As of right now it is in three sections and that's not counting all the areas of this land that are autonomous. We find this unacceptable."

"You need to give us time. Progress is being made."

"It is too slow and there is no guarantee that a future civil war will not destroy what little progress you have made. We are taking over this country as our own. We shall build our nation here."

"You are conquering us like an imperialist?"

"An imperialist conquers for his own gain, we have your interests at heart."

"And what do you get out of this? Or are you completely charitable?" he asked skeptically.

"You do not believe we are genuine because you no longer trust your common man. You do not trust the foreign powers that give aid only so that they can manipulate you and your people. You have forgotten what it means to trust."

"We cannot stand for this. Better to live in poverty than to be slaves."

"Your people will not be slaves but even if they were it would be better than status quo. What is the difference between a man paid in bread and housing and a man paid with your near worthless currency? In any case, any laws your government passes will be screened by us. And when we pass laws they shall be executed without delay or debate."

"This is a dictatorship," the President accused.

"Yes, it is. But this country shall be dictated to by the righteous Innocent who is ever patient and merciful," Aziza said with a tone of admiration.

"And if we resist?"

"You will be completely destroyed," Aziza said bluntly.

"How can you claim to be so charitable and yet so ruthless?" the President asked.

"We lack tolerance for sin. These are a list of our orders you will carry out, the first being the dismantling of your military forces," Aziza said.

"Without our military, the people will be vulnerable to militants," the President said alarmed.

"Your city will be secured by us. If militants attack any of your citizens, we will kill them and then we will pass judgment on the cities that spawned them."

Aziza then left the President to discuss and debate with his officials on how to implement the alien's request. As expected, militants came into the city to steal the food the aliens had provided. The aliens had filled truck loads of food and supplies in the stadium and gave control over to the government. Innocent was aware that the militants would probably attack if humans were in charge of the distribution.

The militants fired their guns in the air and took the supplies and drove off leaving only a few people dead. The aliens tracked the militants progress as they drove outside the city. Alien scanners gave detailed descriptions of each militant, many of which were teenagers.

"So young, Your Righteousness," Aziza commented to Innocent who stood next to her outside the city.

"Did God not command that a teenager be stoned to death if he was ever disobedient against his parents. Were not teenagers devoured by wild beasts for attacking the Lord's prophet. God is offended by the sin no matter the age of the offender," he replied.

"Your Righteousness, we knew this would happen. Are we not guilty of enabling them?"

"The Lord God is wise. He will understand what we have done. The Lord has driven the rats out of their hiding places so that we may exterminate them."

The two watched the video screen as the militants arrived at a nearby city. Innocent programmed the computer to target the city and then sent a powerful plasma beam against it. The beam instantly killed hundreds and caused the city to collapse. Fighters circled the devastated city and killed all those left alive so none escaped.

"Wait a few hours for word to spread of this act. Then bring another shipment of supplies to the capital city," Innocent ordered.

"Your Righteousness, what if the militants steal again and then hide in the city?"

"For the sake of the innocents, I will not destroy the city. We shall place pressure on the governing authority to bring these militants to us for justice."

Aziza then knelt before Innocent and then left his chambers allowing him to ponder alone what had transpired.

News did spread of the destruction of the city and while some blamed the aliens many of the people were angry at the militants. "We will not tolerate murder and we will not tolerate theft. Any city that willingly harbors militants and terrorists will have the same fate. If militants are in your city, take courage and rise up against them and we will come to your aid. But if you tolerate them in your communities, you will suffer the same fate as theirs," Aziza spoke to a full stadium.

The speech received mixed reactions from the crowd, but as promised more supplies were delivered to the people in an orderly fashion. Aziza then came to the government who was working around the clock to meet the alien's demands. The President then approached Aziza.

"You should not have killed those people. They were innocent," he protested.

"The city is outside your jurisdiction. There is nothing for you to be concerned about."

"I care about all Somalians."

"As does His Righteousness. Since our arrival statistics related to death by disease and malnutrition have gone down. The economy is also rebounding; foreign investment is flooding into the country. You are better off now with us than when you were without us."

"So, just because we are better off that gives you the right to destroy our cities on a whim?"

"Weigh the costs and benefits of our involvement and then weigh what will happen if your people refuse our help," Aziza threatened.

"It's not just about the numbers!" the President said upset. The government employees stopped what they were doing upon hearing his outburst.

"You believe we are cruel but the Lord God is cruel to those who do evil. The destruction of the city will send a message to the other lands. Soon, your country will be cleared of militants and terrorists."

"Or maybe the whole country will rise up against you."

"They will not succeed."

"What if they don't care about your technology. What if they are willing to die to be free?"

"Then we will leave this country in ruins as an example to other nations the punishment for pride," she sneered and then left his presence.

The aliens ordered a number of market reforms so as to bring capital investment into the country. The aliens also created permanent presences outside the major cities which resembled military bases. Somalians needing medical care would form long lines outside the base. Suddenly an explosive went off blasting a dozen people to pieces and sending shrapnel into a few dozen more people. Alien guards created a perimeter around the bombing and reorganized the line so that the injured would be treated first.

Innocent watched thoughtfully as it was a single man who had committed the suicide bombing. The fighters which always monitored the humans had caught the man's face before he exploded. The system got a face recognition of the individual and identified him. A transmission with the picture was sent to the female soldiers on the ground. They then interviewed everyone they could on who the man was. Eventually, the man was identified.

"Find the family," Innocent ordered.

Once the family was discovered and brought out publicly, Innocent had them executed by the female soldiers using plasma rifles. Innocent then refused to have them buried or have any funeral arranged for them. Some attacks continued against civilians in the city. A coffee shop would suddenly explode or a new medical clinic would be burned to the ground. Whenever the aliens found out who did it, they had the family executed as well. Within a few weeks, the violence lowered significantly.

"I must protest the executions of these families. They are innocent of any crime," the President said to Aziza one day.

"Our methods have reduced the violence and death toll," Aziza defended.

"But its immoral to execute innocent people."

"The family is responsible for the sins of one of their members. Your police forces cannot adequately enforce all the laws so the families will enforce them for us. Families now know that if anyone of their own commits a crime, they will pay for it. Statistics are showing a reduction in crime."

"I don't like this."

"Your protest has been noted," Aziza said and then left.

South Africa, Johannesburg.

The alien visitors arrived at South Africa and flew fighters around the country so the aliens could scan every part of the country. After a month of inactivity, a female alien commander who went by the name of Lerato. She appeared as an African woman with short black hair.

The President of South Africa came to greet her. "We have much to discuss," she said to him.

"We are happy to hear you speak," the President said graciously.

"I am pleased you are willing to listen," Lerato said in kind.

Lerato and her guards came to the National Assembly of South Africa. She walked down the isle towards a podium. The assembly members were to her left and to her right. Special guests were on the second floor looking down. The President, Vice President, and Speaker along with their aides were behind her.

"Members of the National Assembly, I am pleased to meet you. Your government has given us a speedy response to our desire to address you. Be assured I speak for my ship and for my nation. We are willing to cure the Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome and the Human Immune Virus if certain conditions are met."

The assembly members began to chatter concerning this and then followed up with an ovation. "We have the technology to cure AIDS and we will begin to cure children who have been infected by no fault of their own without reserve."

Again the assembly cheered widely. "The conditions for the treatment of adults will be made known to this government within a few days," she concluded.

News media exploded in a fire storm upon the news that the alien visitors had a cure for AIDS. Some wondered when the aliens had developed the cure and if they had cured it long ago why they had waited this whole time.

"I think its appalling if they had the cure this whole time and refused to give it out."

"We should be thankful they are even willing to help. They aren't obligated to help our sick and cure our diseases."

"I disapprove of the way they are handling this. They are stating that conditions will have to be met before they give out the cure and they are refusing to allow our doctors to analyze their cure. It looks like medical blackmail if you ask me."

Lerato then invited herself to speak with religious leaders in a conference. Clergy from a number of religious denominations and even Muslim clerics came to the conference. Members of the faiths were also able to attend filling up the entire domed stadium.

"Religious leaders of South Africa who worship and believe in the one true God who is creator of the universe, you have done well with the tools you have at your disposal in helping the poor and less fortunate. You have been charitable and have done what you could to make the lives of your people better. But despite this, you all have failed."

"The AIDS virus is sweeping your country and it is due to sin. The sin of prostitution, the sin of promiscuous sexual activity, the sin of using controlled substances, the sin of homosexuality, the sin of rape, the sin of adultery, and the sin of deceit. These sins have allowed one third of your population to fall under this disease. Many innocent children now suffer because of the sins of their parents."

"That is why we will cure without reservation every child infected with this disease. But we will not cure the adults without there being moral reform. In addition, you have failed to protect the sanctity of mating in which one male and one female become one flesh. You have corrupted the word marriage so that it stands for lust instead of procreation and life giving. You have allowed your little ones to die in the womb through abortion. Some of you fought bravely in testifying to the truth, while many of you acted like cowards. You were more concerned with collecting donations and keeping your churches filled."

"The Lord is gravely offended by these sins and as such it is out duty to correct this situation. We will build spines in your backs, we will place your heads back on your shoulders, we will give you the hands to heal, a mouth that can preach the truth with conviction, and we will give you the feet to march against the forces of evil."

"You are not just responsible for your respective flocks but to the entire nation. The Lord God shall judge your nation and if you do not repent this nation of yours will be doomed. In the coming weeks, this country will become occupied by us while we reform your people. We will provide food to the malnourished, cure the sick, reform your economies, and give your people a better life. We suspect that your government will attempt to resist and when they do there will be many casualties on only your side. I advise you all to disassociated yourself from this violence and to remain neutral. If any priest or pastor is killed by your government, we will hit them back a hundred fold."

When she was finished, there were some applause and some boos but there was mainly a deafening silence. And then the crowd became angry and lashed out against her. Soon the auditorium booed the alien and shouted out against her. The guards tensed up but Lerato kept them still. She turned away from the podium and left with her guards.

World wide opinion was solidly against the alien intrusion into the government affairs of South Africa. The BBC blasted the aliens for passing judgment upon the people and essentially blackmailing the people with medical supplies. American and European governments demanded to know if what Lerato said was official alien policy. The aliens chose not to respond.

Conflict emerged when the aliens started making unauthorized deals with small towns in rural areas of the country. Clinics were established by the aliens in these towns but on the condition that they follow their laws. All those who were infected with the AIDS virus were made to confess their sins before being allowed to receive the cure. For a month, the South African government did nothing but it reached a point where the South African had to act. Towns in the rural countryside were refusing to pay taxes to the central government on alien orders. The South African government ended the aliens' visa privileges but this was simply ignored.

Finally, the South African military assaulted the towns under alien control. The alien cruiser came to defend the towns and fired on the vast army of tanks, transport trucks, jeeps, and helicopters. Before the South African army could fire off a shot, plasma bursts hit them at the speed of light destroying the majority of the army before it could even get in range.

Fighters easily took down the helicopters and chased after South African fighter jets. The jets attempted to retreat but were all shot down. Pilots lucky enough to exit their planes before they exploded were shot down by the alien fighters. The cruiser showered the battlefield with plasma fire causing a huge fire that covered the entire plains and killed any survivors. The fighters then found South African military installations and destroyed them all. Within a day, the South African military was in ruins. South African naval ships were not spared either. Fighters swooped down and sunk the entire fleet but spared the rest of the harbor.

When the battle ended, the South African government called for reinforcements from European allies but nothing materialized. And as the South African government stalled, alien fighters took out barracks and even the smallest military posts. Many soldiers deserted when confronted with the alien force. The aliens who did not value desertion attacked them with the same fury as those who stayed and fought.

After a week, the South African government sued for peace. Lerato was sent to negotiate with the President. "The issue of gay marriage is part of our Constitution. The constitution doesn't allow us to discriminate."

"Then change your constitution," Lerato said bluntly.

"Any change to the constitution will have to be ratified by the people."

"Then have a referendum immediately and make sure the people are aware of the consequences if they do not vote in favor."

"What exactly will those consequences be?"

"We will form a blockade around your country and seal off your borders so that you cannot engage in international trade. We will also shut down your communication networks and then your power networks. This would be a start."

"I see, my staff will get on that. It will take some time for a new election and for us to budget the expenses for it."

"You have one month. As for the expenses, you will be compensated if you vote the way we want you to. In fact, we have already done much of the work for you. You will propose this new constitution," she said and handed a data pad to the President.

He glossed over it. "I can't accept this. I will resign," he said.

"Someone else will replace you."

"Yes, but that will take time."

"You hope to stall us?" Lerato asked amused.

"It is a matter of principle. The people should be allowed to decide for themselves what laws they wish to follow."

"That is corruption. The people will follow laws that are righteous and just even if they are inconvenient. Our laws are such and you will submit this to your people. If you make any modification to this in anyway without our consent, we will force you to call a new referendum."

"Why do you care about gay marriage anyway. It doesn't affect you and it makes people happy. In our history we have had racism and persecution. We have been discriminated against and dehumanized. Now, we have lifted discrimination against gays and lesbians. Why are you so opposed?"

"Homosexuality is a sin. The happiness of God is more a priority to us than the people's."

"People are going to do it regardless whether they're married or not."

"Gay marriage gives the sin state legitimacy. Instead of shaming them you celebrate their sin which in turn promotes their sin."

"But if they are married they are at least monogamous."

Lerato smiled amused. "That's naïve. But even if you were correct, your country damns itself in the eyes of God for allowing this sin to continue legally."

"Even if we made homosexuality illegal, it would still go on."

"You have laws against murder and theft and yet they still go on."

"But this doesn't harm anyone but themselves."

"And that is acceptable to you. You believe it is acceptable for people to hurt themselves, drug themselves, or kill themselves."

"No, its two people who love each other. They're not hurting each other."

"If only they had more love for God's law than themselves. God's law supersedes everything in the universe including relationships between beings. You may be willing to damn your people to hell, but we are more compassionate."

"They don't see it as a sin."

"Their ignorance is not excusable."

"All right, where in the Bible does it say gay people can't get married?"

"You are afforded two vocations: one of celibacy and one of heterosexual marriage. No other vocation is legitimate, sanctioned, or permitted by God. The act itself is an abomination; a sin of lust. The continuation of both our species is the will of God and the sexual act is only for the purpose of procreation."

"And what about the separation of church and state?"

"We are not a church. And there is nothing wrong with God and the state being in harmony. You do not need a church to tell you what is right and what is wrong. Or do you intend to make it so that no theist in your country is allowed to vote?"

"Of course not."

"Good. I am willing to entertain discussions with your people's leaders in order to educate and instruct. And if you have good cause we may even modify this constitution. You have one week to make your objections known."

The President and Lerato stood as the meeting came to a close. "You are a hypocrite. Do you know that?" he said glaringly.

"How so?"

"You killed tens of thousands of our soldiers. Men who had wives and children."

"We will aid them."

"And what about their souls which you care so much about. They died in an instant without being able to repent. How many people did you damn unnecessarily by your actions?"

"They should have repented before engaging against us in battle. They should have known that they were going to their deaths. You should have known," Lerato said as she pointed at the President with her finger.