A/N: This is actually sort of a prologue to a fanfic of mine. But then as I was reading it again, I realized it could stand alone as it's own short, short story. So here it is. :D

The unnamed character belongs to me and me alone. :P

Warning: Character death. I think that's it. Just to give you a heads up. :D

The water was cold and harsh, filling my mouth, my nose, my ears– everything. The current pulled at my body, the wind making the waves even stronger. My arms flailed in instinct, and I tried in vain to save myself from drowning. But I could feel my body sinking, my clothes dragging me down like lead weights. And slowly, my energy drained. I started to feel heavy, my arms slowing in their movements, until I stopped moving altogether.

My eyes blinked lazily, focused on the bright sky that could be seen above the water. How pitiful, I thought, to have to die on such a beautiful day. My mouth opened in what should have been a sigh, and I simply watched as the bubbles floated up, up, up, back onto the surface. I could barely feel the burning in my lungs, so numb I was from the cold.

I saw darkness flitting across my eyes, and I let an unnatural calm settle over me. I gave up on the thought of saving myself; it was useless, and no one would notice anyway. I surrendered myself to that thought, completely ignoring everything happening around me.

I opened my eyes once more for a last glimpse of the outside world, when I saw a pale hand outstretched towards me. The face behind it shone with ethereal beauty, and I smiled. It was an angel, maybe even the angel of death, come to take me away from this world.

So I closed my eyes for the last time, feeling my consciousness slip away, and let the ice cold touch of death guide my soul…

A/N: So yeah. A short, short story. Kinda angsty-ish. I hope it was okay...