well, it will not work out the right way
we both know it, so tell me why
you keep doing your best to delay
when i want to bid you goodbye
then play catch on a field of rye

so i will leave before you do,
abandon every bit of you
in fear of your cold embrace
you'll wrap me with that golden gaze
and oh, how i hate that trace,
that shred of dignity in your taste

you won't be all lonely and wary
when i'm gone, so don't you dare worry
for me or anything else for that matter
because i'd say "well, don't you know me better
than anyone in this world, any other?"

oh, now i see you cry in despair
why won't you shed your anger elsewhere
i'm getting sick of your persistent wails
stop pouting, like i don't know what ails
you and all the crazy voices in your head
oh, how i wish you and them would all drop dead!

i hope you are satisfied now with the pain
because all that you have had to endure was
once what you put me through as the heavy rain
fell down upon us, like nothing ever does
it was sort of scary, it actually was

that rain, now that i think
never came down despite the pink
umbrella i've bought, without any wit
i don't know why, just for the heck of it

hey, now i wonder if the moon
has ever been so tiny?
will it rain anytime soon?
or in other words, honey
will you ever forget (forgive) me leaving?