for us, days used to be ever-bright
feathery, smiling, full of warmth
birds chirped merrily and the sky gazed
with the clouds as eyes, clear and white
down at, to and into, through us
to find our darkest truths inside
the sweet smell of pies conquered our senses
soon all were lost in the ravenous bites

now we lay beneath the stars, aching
with the urge to shout, scream and cry
we stare at the sky, fully knowing
how we won't taste the apple pie
then epiphanies, salvations rising
in our once-bright, once-honest eyes
we reach for the stars, grinning
despite the sharp shards in our lies

so it breaks us, hurts us, i fear
perhaps almost ends us, right here
our hearts broken, shattered to pieces
like a mirror touched by some hardened anger
maybe, if you put us back together,
just the right way, not any other
we can be whole and beautiful
like we have never been before.