Miranda's Adventure: Roles Reversed


My name is Kain; I am a witch from Argos. I happen to own a swell daycare center, located in an undisclosed area. If I told you what it is, then I'd kill you… but I am not that psychopathic.

As you may have heard, Miranda Maynard & her friends have been through a lot of adventures. Since I first met them, meaning Miranda & Erika, I have been friendly with all the friends how side with Miranda.

I have a very interesting question that I have been asked: "What would happen if Miranda was like Kandy, and Kandy was like Miranda?"

You mean if she's a robot? Well, that would be very bizarre… and impossible. Miranda is prone to cry a lot; and if she were like my precious friend, Kandy, she'd rust easily, thus never to have complete the journey that started it all for our spunky hero.

But, you make a great point; what would happen if Kandy was like Miranda? I take it you mean a human?

Well, I know a certain archer who would fit these details for this occasion. Join me, and I'll show you what would've happen, if Kandy Potter was a human girl…

And what would happen if Erika Avery was not

Chapter 1
Norris (Kandy's Version)

It happened when Miranda entered the small hut, in which the Jester told the story about Avery, the brave hero. She entered the hut and found a shelf full of trophies; she also found a golden suit of armor on display, with the engraving saying, "Fairbanks Potter".

"Oh, how daring…" Miranda thought aloud, "This Avery must have been a great fan of this Fairbanks Potter."

She was too busy admiring the armor that she didn't noticed that a woman in a cyan poncho with long white hair approached her.

"Thank you," she said, "That armor was my grandfather's."

Miranda turned around and was shocked a bit by her presence.

"Oh, hello," the woman greeted, "I'm sorry I scared you there. I really should get a lock."

She bowed to Miranda and introduced herself.

"My name is Kandy Potter," she said, "I am the 3rd Generation warrior of the Potter family. I am also a fan favorite in Norris, my home."

"Nice to meet you," Miranda smiled, "My name is Miranda. I'm on a quest to avenge my sister's death."

Kandy startled a bit and asked, "What? That's terrible! Why?"

"She was killed 10 years ago; sadly, I don't even know who did it."

Kandy had a serious look and said, "I know who… but I must ask if you do me the favor of fighting you."

Miranda smiled and replied, "Anything for a descendant of THE Fairbanks Potter!"

"Step outside, please," Kandy stated, "I don't want to make a mess in my home."

As they leave, Kandy had a thought, "This Miranda looks awfully familiar. You don't think she's talking about…?"


Kandy & Miranda were outside in a vast green field. Kandy unsheathed her sword, while Miranda used her sword and shield.

"Okay, go easy on me!" Kandy called out, "I haven't used this in a long time!"

"I will!" Miranda responded.

They both charged at each other and started to exchange blows. They exchanged attacks, from slash to slash. Miranda tried to launch a serious kick to the gut, but Kandy blocked it with a devastating smack to the back of the head. Miranda stumbled down, but got up on one knee.

"You're amazing!" Kandy shouted.

"Well, I haven't fought in a long time," Miranda responded.

They charged at each other again, with Kandy swinging her sword at Miranda. Her sword hit her in the arm, causing her shield to fly off. Kandy giggled a bit, knowing this is fun.

"Damn, she's good," Miranda thought, "But… I have to block her weakness; if it were a bow and arrow she'd use, I'd be outmatched."

She then said to Kandy, "Nice tactical move, Miss Kandy, but it's gonna take more than a shield to defeat me!"

She charged at her and started to swipe around her body. Kandy felt the slashes on her and began to stumble in pain. She dropped her sword and tried to dodge her attacks. Kandy fell down, in pain, with a little blood on her. Miranda let out a laugh and was impressed. Kandy got up on one knee and pleaded to finish her off.

"Are you crazy?" Miranda shouted, "And let you die in vain, so I can have a journey by myself? I think not!"

"You mean it?" Kandy asked.

Miranda smiled and said, "You are indeed a brave descendant. I hope you and I will be working it out to avenge my sister."

Kandy then looked down in disdain and was concerned about why.

She then asked, "Would you like to stay for tea, Miss Miranda?"

She agreed and went to Kandy's home for some tea.


They had tea together, outside her porch. They were sitting in a table, with a parasol over them. Miranda then told Kandy about what happened 10 years ago.

"By any chance, this Sara wouldn't be THE Sara Maynard of Argos, was she?" She inquired.

Miranda nodded, "Yes. But my story is so complicated, I should tell you someday."

"Oh! So then your name must be…" Kandy asked, "Miranda Maynard?"

Miranda sipped her tea and nodded.

"Amazing!" She cried, "I cannot believe that the hero of Argos, Sara Maynard, had a younger sister! And a great one to boot!"

Miranda dropped her fists on the table and started to whimper.

"My sister!!!" She cried, "Why did she die?! My… (sob)… sister…"

Kandy was saddened by Miranda's tears. She approached her and wiped off her tears.

"It's okay," she said, "There's no need to cry. Don't worry; I'm here, and I'll join you to stop this evil person."

She balled up her fist and showed some heart.

"In fact," she continued, "I always wanted to have an adventure with a great hero!"

"I'm not that great," Miranda pouted.

"Oh, bite your tongue; you're amazing!"



Miranda got up and smiled.

"Miranda, I'll join you, but I need to change first," Kandy said.

She went inside her room and started to take off her poncho. She then pulled out her suit of blue and gold armor and put it on. She stepped out and showed herself to Miranda.

"Whoa! You look like the spitting image of your Grand-Pappy, if you weren't a woman," Miranda grinned.

Kandy blushed and responded, "It's not mine, but it fits me well."

"Really?" Miranda asked, "Who does it belong to, your mother?"

"No," Kandy replied, "My mother disappeared when we were only 4 years old."

"We?" Miranda then asked Kandy, "Who's "We"?"

She then responded with a lone tear, "My sister… Sophie."

She then showed a picture of herself and Sophie, wearing matching blue dresses.

"Oh, so you're a twin, huh?" Miranda inquired.

Kandy looked away and started to leave.

"Anyway, we must head to a place I know: Old Man Potter's mill in East Argos." She responded.

"Oh?" Miranda asked, "What for?"

"I need to see him for something," she responded, "But just because I wanted to travel, I need his permission first."

Miranda agreed and left with her to East Argos.


It was later at East Argos, Kandy asked her about what Sara did at the Dark Castle. It turns out Miranda forgot to mention that Sara heard of an invasion in the Kingdom of Argos.

"Oh, no!" She gasped, "That's terrible! I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet."

"Yeah, I know," Miranda said, "But I don't think I can do it alone."

"Buck up, Maynard! We'll get to see Old Man Potter and sure enough, we'll be on our way, before you know it!" Kandy cheered.

"Thanks, Kandy," Miranda smiled, "I'm sure your grandfather is watching you from above, smiling!"

Kandy then said to herself in much sadness, "Yeah… I hope so…"

"What was that now?"

"Oh! Nothing… just… well, uh, Hey! We better hurry!"

They started to dash off to the path where Old Man Potter lives.


Part of the story explains about how Miranda & Kandy first met. But it didn't bring up Erika at all.

No worries! Next chapter will explain who they first met Erika.

Stay tuned…