Chapter 4
Erika's Heart

Erika sat by a tree, while Miranda & Kandy were looking for her, as they were on their way to the Royal Maze to obtain the Weapons of Power, by order of the King. She listened to the wind and started to smile.

"It's so pretty, I bet I want to travel the world when this is over," she said.

Just then, her body started to rattle and shake. She then started to feel her spring being unwound.

"Huh? What's wrong with me?" She thought.

"Erika…" a voice called.

Erika began to close her eyes. Her spring eventually unwound. Her body fell of the tree and landed on the big patch of grass. She was out cold.


She awoke, finding herself in a dark place, all alone.

"Mira! Kandy! Where are you?" She called out, "I don't like this place!"

She then heard a voice, similar to her.

"Erika Potter, I presume…" a girl said.

The girl had the same hair and clothes as Erika. It was the real Erika.

"Hello, Erika #2; it's nice to finally meet each other," she said.


"Dead? I am, yes. But I came by to give you a warning… about the Weapons of Power," she explained.

Erika staggered a bit, but couldn't move her legs.

"You know for a fact that a true warrior must have a heart and soul, when it comes to fighting; it is something you don't have, my doppelganger!"

"What are you saying?"

"Trust me, I should know; I met your sisters, remember?" Erika said.


Erika scoffed and snapped, "Those weapons are TOO powerful!!! And if you hold the powers within, chances are that you're next adventure is in the scrap pile! You get all that, dumb-arse?"

The Robot Erika gasped.

She then asked why. But Erika said nothing; she floated away.

"Erika… take care of my cousin… and watch over that woman. She might be the one to save Argos.

Erika disappeared, leaving the robot Erika confused. Her body began to clang again and started to fall. She was on the ground, motionless.


Erika woke up and found that she was in the maze. Miranda was relieved.

"Are you okay now, Erika?" Kandy asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine," she said, "I'll have to explain later."

They tread on through the maze.


The trio eventually got the key and left the maze. However, they spotted the castle begin invaded and damaged from earlier.

"Oh, no!" Kandy gasped.

"We better hurry! We got the key and we'll have the Weapons of Powers before you know it!" Miranda shouted.

They rushed to the castle, but Erika stopped and called to Miranda.

"Mira… is it true that the weapons can be held by a person with heart and soul?" She asked.

"Where did you hear that???" Miranda asked.

Erika started to shake a bit.

"Erika?" Kandy said with concern.

"It… was… Erika…" Erika responded, "The… real… Erika…"

She started to shake and started to smoke.

"Erika?" Kandy gasped.

"No… I… I cannot…" Erika shook as her voice was distorted.

She started to shake and rattle, but then froze in place, with smoke puffing out.


Her voice slid down and stood in place, with her eyes all blank. Miranda tried to revive her.

"NO! Erika, wake up! Snap out of it!" She screamed.

Kandy was shaken up, "Erika came to see her?"

"Oh, no, she's broken!" Miranda cringed, "Not like this! It's Sara all over again!!!"

Miranda started to cry on Erika, but Kandy stopped her.

"Miranda…" she said, "I'm sorry. She was too concerned about Erika. But why would she go to the trouble about the Weapons of Power?"

Miranda wiped her tears and said, "We better see your father. He'll have to fix her up. I cannot lose Erika during my journey."

"Sorry, but that won't be necessary," Kandy stated.

She then placed Erika on the ground. She then took her shirt off and opened her chest panel. She pulled out her toolkit and started to repair Erika. Miranda was confused.

"Kandy? What are you doing? I said, we have to go see your father!" She shouted.

"This is a delicate procedure! I can handle this; I have learned repairing machines from Daddy!" Kandy responded.


She then checked what the problem was: her wires and gears were loose.

"Daddy's creation is indestructible, my ass!" She snuffed, "It seems she wasn't fully fixed."


"Daddy may be an old coot, but he can rush things sometimes! In fact this one time, he had to fix our microwave that he ended up setting the mill on fire."

"No wonder. Say, what did she mean by having a heart and soul for the Weapons of Power?"

Kandy continued, ignoring Miranda.

"Kandy, were you listening?"

"Miranda, please! I need to continue on with the work!" Kandy snapped.

Miranda was frightened, but Kandy apologized to her.

"Sorry… I was just so upset over my friend being destroyed."

"No, it's okay. I didn't know you were such a great inventor."

"Kandy Potter knows 3 things about herself: her looks, her determination, and her scientific skills! I happen to have an IQ of 300!"


"It's true; Sophie and I have very different traits coming from twins. She's the more energetic and determined girl, whilst I am the brains behind the operations and a steady hand with a wrench!"

Miranda was confused. She then asked Kandy why have that trait for herself.

"You were aware that I studied to become a scientist, right?"


Kandy then finished tightening Erika's gears. She closed her up and buttoned her shirt back on. She then turned to Miranda and explained about her status about his family:

"You see, Fairbanks Potter, my grandfather, was a very brave man. He had looks and genius and sheer determination. My father was also a brave man, though he is feeble now, he still works with his hands. I inherit Daddy's genes, while Sophie inherited Grandfather's. It's a fact of DNA. I'll bet you have something from Hanemore Maynard, rather than being a crybaby on certain occasions."

Miranda responded, "Well, I haven't been in battle since that tragic day; but if anything I learn from my master, I must remember to learn from your family and friends. I never knew it was all about DNA."

Kandy smiled and patted her shoulders.

"You're all right, Miranda, you know that?" She complimented.

She then grew a serious look and stated, "I think Erika was sending a message to her about the weapons, since they are the most powerful weapons in the world."

She then told the story behind the Weapons of Power:

"The Weapons of Power are the most powerful weapons in all of Argos. Legend has it; these powerful items can extinguish darkness in one swift move. However, there are those who wanted these weapons for evil, but they are only for the good of heart. Should anyone, who's vile & despicable, cannot hold these powerful entities. Once a warrior grabs their corrective weapon, the power of each item will flow through their blood. These weapons have been used for over Millennia, and can only be used by warriors with a noble, brave heart. Each fighter has its own trait. When a fighter wields his own weapon of Power, with a family's bloodline, they became legendary!"

"Your grandfather held the Great Sword of Power?" Miranda asked.

Kandy responded, "Yes, but he died in battle, before we were born."

She then told the story of how Erika told her & Sophie about Fairbanks:

"One day, Sophie and I were training to become a great duo, when Erika Avery arrived with the stories of her trips. She told us about her father and our grandfather, as well. When we heard that Grandfather died in battle, using the Great Sword of Power, she had to tell the huge story behind it. Fairbanks fought many dragons; but couldn't defeat the King of Dragons, a giant white dragon that lived for 5 Millennia, and was never defeated. Erika heard the same story from Uncle Jacob."

"Whoa! I never knew there were many challenges in Argos," Miranda gasped in shock.

"In her mannerisms, she inherited his heart and courage; she never even had a mean bone in her body… but I do sometimes…"

"And that's why you want to become a hero of Argos and a scientist?"

"Of course… but using the Weapons of Power? Well, that would be tricky."

Miranda then looked at Erika, who is still unconscious.

"Erika… you tried to warn your cousins," she thought, "Thank you, Erika Avery; you may rest in peace now."

The robot Erika was being wound up by Kandy. Her eyes opened and found Kandy, with a smile on her face.

"Kandy, Mira, what happened?" She asked.

Miranda smiled and said, "Oh, you are such a great friend. Thank you for warning us about the Weapons."

"Huh?" Erika asked, "What do you mean?"

Kandy then explained the whole story. Erika then smiled and said, "It seems Papa told me about it a lot, but he gets grief stricken sometimes. Papa did say I have the skills of Erika Avery. I only wish I never was activated, now that I know about the weapons."

"Bite your tongue, Erika!!!" Kandy shouted, "You didn't mean to; you do have a heart and a soul! I just cannot let you be all hurt by that stupid remark! If anything like this happens to you again, I'll be able to fix you. I am the brainy sister next to Sophie."

Erika hugged Kandy and said, "Oh, Kandy! That was nice of you to say that! If it were you, I'd be devastated!"

"Don't ever leave me again! I cannot lose you, like I did Sophie! I just can't!"

They both embraced a hug, until Miranda coughed a bit.

"I hate to ruin your emotional moment, but if you were here recently, the kingdom was attacked."

Erika gasped as Kandy nodded.

"So, what will we do about the Weapons of Power now?" She asked.

But before she could answer, three soldiers spotted them and pointed their spears at them.

"Miss Maynard! Are you all right?" One of them said.

"I'm fine," Miranda answered, "What happened to your castle?"

"The King will explain later, just as soon as we bring you here," the 2nd soldier stated, "But for now, the King wants to see you right away!"

Kandy carried Erika with her, as Miranda followed. The girls, along with the soldiers headed towards the castle, to meet the king and find out what happened.


By now, you could say that they have rejected the offer. But knowing Miranda and friends, it could very well mean a big test for them.

The final chapter of this "What if…" tells about Kandy & Erika's meeting with the demon in Dark Argos, Elle. I wonder what is in store for them.

Stay tuned…