Kyoto concentrated solely on the tree in front of her, blocking out the howling cold wind and icy snow. Opening her dark brown eyes she lunged at it, kicking it, unleashing a tidal wave of magic, demolishing the tree.


Turning Kyoto saw her captain, Darkness Kochi, running up to her, his dark blue eyes warm and kind as he inspected her carefully for injuries.

Smiling Kyoto said," Relax, Dark, I'm fine, you know my strength is no match for that tree."

Darkness smiled sadly as he grabbed Kyoto tightly, his eyes turning a luminous icy silver as he exposed his demonic wings. "I'm sorry, Kyoto but you are too much of an enemy to stay in this world."

The only thought Kyoto had was," I'm sorry Kitsune!" as Kyoto Kurama, the Vampire Mistress of Angelon died, sending her last powers to her baby brother. Unaware that her brother had witnessed her death.