So after finishing Liquid, and coming back to LTEG (hehe, creative, huh?), I realized I don't have anymore inspiration with LTEG. But I really want to finish LTEG for you guys, so here's what I'm going to do.

I'm going to finish this story in one chappie, aka this is the last one. As I said, I really want to finish this for you, but I'm not loving it anymore, so it's going to be moving really quickly. I'm sorry for those who are disappointed, but I'll do my best to make this last chappie as good as possible!


Dear Diary,
So apparently Mr. Marc Richy-Pants plays games. You know, the kind rich people play when there's nothing else to do. Aka, they pick on the not so rich. My question is why does a rich kid like him go to a public school. I know I wouldn't if I were rich. Anyway, I'm getting off track. What I wanted to say was that Richy-Pants has apparently chosen me as his next target. You know, get me to fall in love with him, then he'll dump me? Okay, I really need to stop explaining these things to my diary. Anyway, if he really does target me, then I'll get him first. I'll make sure that he falls for me hard, then I'll squash him like the roadkill he is. That was harsh, huh? Well, you can't really blame me. Without mom, I've really had nothing. He's just a good target, considering I'm not living with him, and he seems like a jerk anyway.
Well, I'll get back to living in the real world rather than writing in here.

I shut my diary and stuffed it in my backpack, somewhat paying attention to the teacher's lecture. I didn't really care what he was saying, but I had to do something productive, right?

The bell rang for the end of school and I hopped out of my chair, trudging down the halls. It was still raining, and I was still pissed. I was down enough without this weather. I didn't need this depressing atmosphere on top of everything else.

"Ellie! Hurry to the car before you get too wet!" I rolled my eyes at Will's calling for me. Honestly, I think I prefered the Will that tried to hit on me when I first moved in. This one just freaked me out. He was so parental it was odd.

I got up to the car and climbed in, suddenly surrounded by the heat of four boys. Jared started up and headed out of the parking lot, driving through the rainy area.

"So Ellie, guess what?" I glanced over at Fischer.

"What, Fischer?"

"That girl I was telling you about? That one who won't leave me alone? Well she finally is! Actually, she still stares at me, but she does leave me alone. Exciting, right? It's all thanks to you!" Will narrowed his eyes and turned around in his chair.

"Ellie? What did you do?" Fischer explained the situation to Will while I continued to stare out the window.

"Isn't she amazing? She's totally coming in handy!"

"How dare you use my baby as a stalker-girl-getting-rid-of machine! I do not approve!" I listened silently as Will and Fischer bantered back and forth, arguing if I was a tool or not. Not that hard to figure out, right?

We pulled up in front of the house and headed inside, the boys separating and me heading to my room. I threw my backpack across the room and laid down on the bed, pulling out my laptop I'd gotten as a present for my 14th birthday. I clicked the internet button and opened a couple tabs, typing in Google, and our school's page. I searched Richy-Pants on the school website and found him fairly easily.

Marc Birchmier
This young man is part of the class of 2012, third from the top. Leader of the Business Club, this young man has been voted most likely to succeed three years running.

I opened the google tab and typed in his name. If I was to take him down, I'd need to know everything about him. I clicked the first link with his name in it, and up popped a lengthy article regarding Archway Industries. Well, if I was to teach this guy a lesson, I might as well know what his famiy did. I quickly skimmed over the article and judged that the article was about the success of the company, and its future heir. I clicked back to searching his name and pulled up a page that looked pretty personal. Actually, it appeared to be more of a fanpage than a page he'd made. I scrolled through it and noticed a lot of pictures of him at school, just walking around. It was almost a stalkerish website. I scrolled through the pages and found an interesting entry. Well, interesting for my mission. Some girl claimed to have gone out with Richy-pants. She said he'd treated her like a princess, and once she'd fallen for him, he told her she was too clingly and he didn't like her. So he bought gifts, eh? Made the girl feel all special, then get sick of her? So he liked a challenge, right?

I went back to the school website and typed the girl's name in and pulled up the page about her. She was a Senior now, and actually quite pretty. She had a short, blonde bob, and a smile that seemed contagious. It seemed easy enough to give off that "girl next door" look, but that was apparently too easy. So bubbly, blonde, and hard to get. I could do that. The only problem was my hair was brown, not blonde. But a stop at the salon could fix that, right?

I pulled on a pair of dark jeans, a tank top, and a cardigan, and slipped into my white converse, brushing my newly honey blonde hair out, so it hung straight to the middle of my back. I actually didn't mind myself with blonde hair. Maybe it's because I looked more like mom with blonde hair. She used to show me pictures of her when she was my age, and we actually looked pretty similar now.

I picked up my backpack after applying some concealer under my eyes, hiding the dark circles from the lack of sleep and nightmares I'd had.

I opened my door and headed into the kitchen and poured a cup of coffee, taking a gulp of it.

"I still can't believe you dyed your hair." Jared said, shaking his head. I shrugged.

"I guess it was spur the moment."

"But now you look more like mommy!" Will said, dabbing a tear in his eye. "I couldn't be prouder." I rolled my eyes and finished the cup of coffee, rinsing it out and placing it in the sink when I was done.

"So are we going to go now?" Jared nodded and picked up his keys, everyone following after him, including me. Luckily the recent rain had quit, and it was now only cold and cloudy, which was still unfortunate. What was LA without sunny weather?

I climbed in the backseat of the car and buckled up, staring out the window as we drove through the streets to school. The first plan I had was to ignore Richy-pants until the last second possible. I was new to this hard-to-get style, so I was somewhat unsure of how to act.

We pulled into a parking spot and got out, all heading our separate ways. I headed through the parking lot, ignoring the occasional stares I got, whether they be because I was still the newest student, or because I was now blonde. I headed past the white Audi I knew to be Melissa's and tried to ignore her as she spotted me. Fat chance.

"Oh Ellie! You're looking different today." I stopped and smiled at Melissa.

"Thanks, Melissa, you look great too. Well, I've got to go now, so I'll see you around." I smiled again but ripped it from my face as soon as I was past her. As annoying as she was, it was almost too easy to mess with her.

I headed down the hallway and saw a familiar face sitting on a table, surrounded by friends, but ignored it as I walked past.

"Hey Ellie!" I turned slowly and acted as if I just spotted Richy-pants. I smiled and he hopped off the table, coming up to me. "I almost didn't recognize you. But you do look pretty hot if I say so myself." I gagged a little internally, but smiled at him.

"Thanks." He seemed a bit surprised by my lack of response and smiled as charmingly as possible.

"So what inspired this change? I must thank whoever caused this change to happen." Time for the icing on the cake.

"Thank yourself." I smiled slightly. "I'll see you around." And with that, I turned around and headed down the hall, smiling at my victory. Just a few more chances and he would be in my grasp, not the other way around. I heard the bell ring and I headed to class, actually somewhat happy for once in a really long time.

My plan had been working perfectly. By Wednesday, Richy-pants had already gotten my number, and set up a date with me for Friday. I was somehow pretty good at working this guy. But now it was Thursday, and I was at home, curled up on my bed, with my laptop on my lap. With nothing to do, I started playing solitare, something I always did with my mom. The more I thought about her, the more I missed her, and the less interested I was in giving Richy-pants a taste of his own medicine.

I shut my laptop and pulled out my diary. Nothing better to do than write down my worries.

Dear Diary,
So I'm lacking enthusiasm for my project that I had this last Monday. Though I have no intention of giving up on my project, I can't really show much enthusiasm anymore. I care too much about the fact that mom's gone to actually mess with this kid. I think I have to cool it a little bit. I'm not exactly happy with what's happening anymore. So I'm just updating, and I think I should leave it at that.

I shut my diary and shoved it under my mattress, climbing out of bed. There had to be something to keep my mind off the issues at hand, right?

I rushed to finish putting on mascara and readjusted my top, looking in the mirror. Tonight was finally the night of the date I'd set up with richy-pants, and I had to look my best. First impressions are always important, right?

I grabbed my purse and slung it over my shoulder, opening the door to my room and heading down the hall.

"I'm going out with friends for a bit. I'll be back by 11." Just before I could open the door, Will's head popped out of the kitchen.

"Which friends?" I shrugged.

"Some from my old school. You wouldn't know them." He narrowed his eyes.

"I expect to see you home by 11. No later." I rolled my eyes and nodded, opening the front door before he could say anything else. I headed outside and locked the door, turning around to see a BMW stopped in front of the house. Why didn't it surprise me he drove a BMW? Marc got out of the driver's side of the car and met me halfway. He smiled slickly.

"Well don't you look beautiful." I smiled a little.

"You don't clean up too bad yourself." He chuckled and put his hand on my back.

"Shall we?" I nodded and he lead me to the car, opening the passenger door for me to climb in. He shut the door behind me and headed around to the driver's side. He climbed in and started the car, taking off.

"So where are we headed to, Mr. Birchmier?" He smiled.

"Oh, a few places, each one of them a surprise." I smiled all happily and thought through the plan. I just needed to keep things simple. Pretend to enjoy myself, then kiss him on the cheek goodnight. I couldn't let him have more than that.

We pulled up in front of a large building, and Marc stopped the car.

"Our first stop." He said, climbing out of the car, coming around to my side to open the door for me. I got out and Marc placed his hand on my back again, leading me into the dark building. We headed inside, and it appeared to be abandoned.

"Okay, you're not going to take me into the depths of a warehouse and chop me into little pieces, right?" Marc laughed, his voice echoing through the building.

"Our destination is the fourth floor of this building, which is very much alive and well." He lead me to an elevator and we headed up, my curiosity peaking. I watched as the elevator doors opened, and revealed a large jewelry store. So now came the showering of gifts.

I looked around at the many people behind the counters. They all seemed to be hired out for the night.

"Here's our first stop." Marc bent over, whispering in my ear. "Go ahead and pick out one piece of jewelry, any one you want." This guy was good. I looked around at the cases of flashy jewelry, closely followed by Marc. "See anything you like?" Honestly, almost all of this jewelry was too flashy for me. Except one.

"Actually, that bracelet is beautiful." I gestured to a simple, silver bracelet shaped like a chain. The woman behind the counter took it out and set it on one of those black pads for me.

"Really? Are you sure you wouldn't like something with a diamond?" I shook my head and smiled at the bracelet. It was a lot like one mom had gotten from dad when he was still alive.

"This one's perfect." Marc nodded and smiled.

"Then this one it is." He nodded to the woman and she smiled, taking a credit card from Marc. He paid for it and I set it back on the black pad.

"Would you like it wrapped up?" The woman asked. Marc smiled and shook his head.

"That's alright. I can put it on for you, right?" I smiled and nodded a little and Marc picked up the bracelet and fastened it around my left wrist. He held my hand out and looked at the bracelet in the light. "Absolutely stunning." I smiled.

"Well it's all thanks to you." Marc smiled and made eye contact with me.

"I didn't mean the bracelet." Wow he's smooth. He smiled again and adusted his hand so he was holding mine. "Let's head to our next destination." He pulled me out of the store and back down the elevator, never letting my hand go once.

"You know, I've never had a date like this." Marc commented as we walked along the Venice boardwalk. I smiled.

"Not even one? I would've thought you'd have had plenty of dates like this." He shook his head.

"I've only dated a few girls before you." I nodded.

"I would've thought you were Mr. Player." He smiled and shook his head again.

"I've never actually taken a girl seriously. I would usually just mess around with them, completely uninterested." So he was admitting to his player ways?

"So am I just one of those girls?" Marc stopped and smiled.

"Not at all." I slowed to a stop and turned around to face him. "You're one of the coolest people I've met. And I know I haven't known you that long, but I feel like I've known you for a thousand years. You're cool, funny, smart, and absolutely gorgeous." I smiled a little. "You're someone that I'd really like to seriously date." Huh? "You're amazing, Ellie." Marc smiled and breathed in the cool air. "I have a question for you." I nodded.

"Go ahead." He smiled a little nervously.

"I know this is the first date, but can I kiss you?" Wow. That was unexpected. I nodded a little, smiling slightly. He smiled and leaned down a little, placing his lips against mine. The second he did so, it was as if the world around us disappeared. The sky could've been falling and I wouldn't have known. After a moment, Marc pulled back, smiling a little. "Wow." He breathed. I smiled and ducked my head, embarrassed.

"Yeah." Marc grabbed my hand and pulled me after him, continuing our walk.

"Now I've never had a date like this before." I smiled and shook my head as we continued our walk.

"So I'll see you at school Monday?" I nodded and smiled.

"Yeah." Marc smlied and nodded heading back to his car as I headed inside. I started down the hall to my room and saw Will pop his head out of the living room.

"It's exactly 11:00." I nodded.

"So I'm back on time." He narrowed his eyes at me, as he always did.

"Why are you smiling so much?" I wiped the smile off my face.

"I'm not smiling." Will went to say something but Fischer cut him off.

"Just leave her be. Maybe she's happy. Have you ever thought of that?" I smiled.

"Thanks Fischer!" I called. I heard a "yeah" and shook my head. "Well, I'm going to go to bed now, okay?" I kept going down the hall and headed into my room, throwing my purse on the bed. I looked in the mirror at myself and was surprised. I really was smiling. Wait, this was bad. How was I supposed to get revenge on Marc for all the girls he'd hurt if I was falling for him? It didn't work like that. I shook my head and looked back in the mirror. I could do this. Everything that had happened on this date was all a lie. Marc was playing me the whole time, and I'd fallen for it, right?

"Hey Ellie, what are you doing?" I glanced up at Megan and smiled hastily.

"Sorry. I kind of lost my journal." Yes, I'd somehow managed to lose my diary while at school. Great, right? "You haven't seen it, have you?" Megan looked a bit uneasy and shook her head.

"No, sorry." I shook my head.

"It's not your fault. I'm just going to go check around the library, alright?" She smiled and nodded.

"Call me if you need any help." I nodded.

"Alright. I'll see you tomorrow." I zipped up my backpack and headed out of the classroom, spotting Jared, probably on the way to his car. "Hey, Jared." He stopped.


"I just wanted to let you know that I'm heading to the library now, so I don't need a ride home." He nodded.

"Alright. I'll see you later." I nodded and waved as he left, then continued on to the library. I headed inside and looked around, going through the shelves until I ended up in the back of the library.

"Boo." I jumped a little and turned around, face to face with Marc. I smiled at him.

"Hey." He smiled and kissed me.

"I scared you, didn't I?" I smiled again and nodded.

"A little."

"So what're you doing in the library after school?" I couldn't really let him know the real reason.

"I could ask you the same thing." He smiled.

"Well, I saw you come in here, and I thought I'd see what was going on." I smiled.

"Well I was just leaving now, so I guess you'll never really know." He smiled and grabbed my hand, pulling me back to him as I began to leave.

"I have a question for you." I nodded. "I've been telling my mom about this amazing girl I've been dating, and she wants to meet her. So what do you say?" Already meeting his parents?

"Sure. When do I get the pleasure?" He smiled.

"Tomorrow at 11? I'll pick you up and we can meet her for an early lunch?" I nodded and smiled.

"Sounds great." Marc smiled again and nodded.

"Perfect. Now do you need a ride home?" I smiled sheepishly.

"Maybe?" Marc smiled and nodded, grabbing my hand and pulling me out of the library. I followed him out into the parking lot and he helped me into his car. He drove me home and I smiled as he stopped. "Thanks for the ride." Marc smiled and nodded.

"No problem." I nodded.

"Then I'll see you tomorrow." He nodded, and I undid my seatbelt.

"Ellie?" I turned and faced Marc.

"Yeah?" He smiled a little.

"I really like you." My heart did a little flip and I smiled.

"Me too." He smiled again.

"Then I'll see you tomorrow." I nodded and got out of the car, waving at Marc once I got to the door as he drove away. I headed inside and got a drink from the kitchen.

"I'm home." I heard a few "hey"s and I headed into my room, dropping my bag on the floor. I sat down on my bed and smiled a little, embarrassed. After the few weeks I'd spent dating Marc, I found myself falling deeper and deeper for him. I didn't want to admit it, but my revenge plan had entirely gone down the drain. Now I was just happy to be with him. No one in the house knew that we were dating, though. Somehow, Marc and I had been able to keep us a secret from the school. But tomorrow I was going to meet his mom. I don't really know how we could stay a secret after that.

I crawled into my bed and smiled to myself, amazed by how happy I could be.

"I'm heading to the mall with a friend, I'll be back later!" I called, opening the front door. I managed to squeeze out of the house before Will could say anything, and headed down the sidewalk to Marc's car. I climbed in and smiled at him.

"You ready?" He asked. I nodded and buckled my seatbelt, Marc pulling away from my house. "So fair warning, my mother is a kind of abrasive woman. Don't get me wrong, she's not mean, or angry, but she is overwhelming." I smiled.

"She can't be too bad. She did raise you, didn't she?" Marc smiled.

"Well, I guess you bring up a good point." I rolled my eyes and Marc laughed.

"You surely have a small head, don't you, Marc?" He smiled and pulled up in front of a large gate, pressing a button in the car and the gate sliding open, continuing up a short driveway to a large white house. Marc smiled and parked.

"We're here." He climbed out and came around to my side, opening the door. I got out and looked at the large home.

"A little intimidating, isn't it?" He smiled and took my hand.

"Don't worry. You'll do fine. Come on." He pulled me up to the house and inside, where we were greeted by a beautiful woman with dark hair. She smiled warmly and hugged me.

"Oh, you must be Ellie! It's so wonderful to meet you. I've heard so much about you!" Now I know what Marc meant by abrasive. "Come, come! Let's sit down." She pulled me along with her, walking through the large house. I looked back at Marc and he shrugged and rolled his eyes, following me into a large, bright room I assumed was a waiting room. Marc's mother pulled me down on the couch next to her and Marc sat across from us on the other couch.

"Mom, I think you're scaring her a bit." Marc leaned back, perfectly at ease.

"Oh I'm so sorry. I don't mean to. I'm just so excited to meet you. You're the first girl Marc has brought home. I'm clearly Marc's mother, but you can call me Lela." I smiled and nodded.

"And as I can tell you know, I'm Ellie." She smiled.

"Oh she's just too precious, Marc! Where did you find a girl like this?" Marc rolled his eyes.

"I found her in a garbage can. Where do you think I found her, mom?" I smiled at his comment but kept quiet.

"Haha, Mark. Just wait. I think I can get some good dirt on you, though. So Ellie, what's Marc like at school?" I shrugged a little.

"There's not much to say. He's pretty normal." Marc's mom rolled her eyes.

"Darn you, Marc! Why did you have to be so normal?" Marc snorted.

"I was raised by you, mom." She smiled.

"True. But you should be more fun! You're young!" Marc's mom was actually pretty nice, though she was a bit overwhelming. But at least he still had a mom. Though it had been almost half a year, I still missed her as much as I did when she first died. But I was happier now. And that was a lot thanks to Marc.

"Thanks for meeting my mom today. I guess now she'll stop asking to meet you." I smiled and nodded.

"No problem. She's really nice." Marc rolled his eyes.

"Sure. If you don't have to live with her." I smiled.

"I think you're exaggerating a little bit." Marc shrugged.

"Well, I have to go inside now, but I'll see you Monday." Marc nodded and kissed me quickly.

"Bye." I headed inside as quietly as possible, considering it was after midnight, and I headed down the hall to my room, where I changed into my pajamas, and quickly went over to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I headed back to my room and laid down in bed, suddenly remembering I'd lost my diary. Oh well, I couldn't do anything until I went back to school on Monday. I tured over and closed my eyes, quickly falling asleep.

"Ellie!" I turned around and saw Marc heading through the parking lot. I smiled and waved as he came up, grabbing my hand in his. I looked around at all the people whispering and looking at us.

"Do you really think this is the best idea? I mean, everyone is staring." Marc looked around and shrugged.

"I don't really care what people think. Come on." He pulled me through the parking lot and we headed inside, seeing a large crowd around the bulletin where the school flyers were hung up.

"Do you know of something coming up soon?" Marc shrugged.

"Not that I know of. Let's check it out." I nodded and we headed over to the board, and I noticed a lot of people were looking at us.

Dear Diary,
So apparently Mr. Marc Richy-Pants plays games. You know, the kind rich people play when there's nothing else to do. Aka, they pick on the not so rich. My question is why does a rich kid like him go to a public school? I know I wouldn't if I were rich. Anyway, I'm getting off track. What I wanted to say was that Richy-Pants has apparently chosen me as his next target. You know, get me to fall in love with him, then he'll dump me? Okay, I really need to stop explaining these things to my diary. Anyway, if he really does target me, then I'll get him first. I'll make sure that he falls for me hard, then I'll squash him like the roadkill he is.

Wait. This was my diary. Whoever had found it had photo copied a page out of it, and taken out some things I'd written. Which everyone was now reading.

"What is this?" I looked up at Marc. He looked pretty pissed.

"Marc, it's noth-"

"Don't you dare say it's nothing, because this sure does seem like something to me. Now what the hell is this? I shook my head.

"It was before we ever went out. It was when the only thing I'd ever heard about you was that you were a player."

"But were you the one playing me?" I sighed.

"It started out that way, but-"

"But what? Was I just a toy to you? A source of entertainment?" I shook my head.

"Not at all." Marc laughed humorlessly.

"So what should I believe? Because clearly a lot of it has been a lie." I paused, unaware of how to make this better. Marc rolled his eyes. "Just forget it. I think we should quit seeing each other. I'll see you around."

"Marc!" I watched as he continued down the hall, leaving me in the entrance of the school, surrounded by spectators watching in silently.

Three Months Later...

"Yay! One more year left! Aren't you excited? We're finally done!" Fischer jumped up and down, excited that the school year was finally over. Will, Jared and Jack had been lucky enough to graduate this year, but I was still stuck here, along with Fischer. "Don't tell me you're not excited, Ellie! We're free for two months! How could you not be excited?" I smiled a little.

"Yeah. Super great." I hadn't really been feeling well for about a month, so I couldn't get too pumped up. About two weeks after the falling out with Marc, I'd gone back to waking up around 5 Am because of nightmares. The stress I'd put on my body was becoming almost too much to handle.

"You don't exactly seem pumped." I shrugged.

"We still have another year, don't we?" Fischer nodded.

"True. Well, I heard there's a party at Watson's tonight. It's supposed to be for the graduating seniors, but since Will, Jack and Jared are graduating, we've got a ticket in. You want to go?" I shrugged as we got in the car.

"Not really. I think I'm just going to enjoy a book or movie tonight."

"Aw come on, Ellie! It's fun!"

"She's not going, Fischer. Do you think I'd let my baby go to a high school party?" For once, I was thankful Will spoke up.

"You're no fun, Will."

"Whatever, Fischer. She's still not going." Fischer made a humph sound and settled back in the seat, giving up on his argument.

"We're going now, Ellie. We'll be back at some point."

"Sure." I called from the living room. I heard the front door shut and relaxed back into the couch. Since Kevin was working the Post-Op room tonight, and the guys were at the party, I was alone. And actually quite bored. I hopped off the couch and grabbed my keys, heading out the front door, locking it behind me. I slid my keys in my pocket and headed down the street, turning the corner to where I knew there was a small Convenience Store. I headed inside and looked around the drinks, picking up some juice, and heading to the front counter. I paid for the drink and headed out of the door, almost running into someone.

"Sorry." I muttered, attempting to make my way past with no avail.

"Ellie." I looked up at the face I'd only seen from across the lunch room for three months.

"Hi." I breathed, unaware of what to say. Marc smiled the slightest bit.

"It's been a while, yeah?" I nodded slowly. Marc nodded and rubbed the back of his neck.

"I never thought it'd be this weird to talk to you again, but I was actually going to come by your house to drop something off when I saw you in the store." What would he need to give me?

"What is it?" He held out his hand and in it was my diary.

"I didn't read it." He said. I looked back up at him. "I just wanted you to know that."

"Why didn't you?" I asked. He shrugged.

"It didn't really matter to me. Your friend, Megan, actually gave it to me, and told me to tell you sorry, and that she was forced to by the clickers. Whatever that means." I nodded.

"Okay." He handed me my diary and it suddenly looked so foreign to me.

"So what will you do with it?" I tossed it in the trash can closest to me.

"I'm done with things that can ruin lives like that. All my memories will just have to be kept up here." I tapped on my head. Marc nodded.

"Look, I wanted to say-"

"I'm sorry." I cut him off. "I really am. I was so caught up in what happened in my life that I was looking for some way out of it. It turns out it was you, just not in the way I thought it would've been." Marc nodded.

"Do you want to go talk about it? I know a great coffee shop over two streets." I smiled a little.

"Sure." He smiled and nodded, walking me to his car, both of us getting in.

Dear Mental Diary,
Can I just mention that it's good to have friends? I would've never thought that almost three years after mom's death that I would be attending CSULA with Megan and Will? Luckily Will has backed off of the mommy thing. Now he needs to impress college girls, and who would ever go after a guy who followed a girl around calling her his daughter? And I forgave Megan. She explained to me what happened, and I understood. Melissa was just a bully who held pieces of information over the heads of those under her. Poor Megan almost lost out on her chance with Jared because of Melissa. Did I mention Megan and Jared have been dating for almost a year now? And things between me and Marc are good. We managed to stay friends for two years before we tested the waters we'd so kindly plowed into in high school. But we were keeping things simple. For now, it was still the kind of relationship where we could date other people if we wanted to, though I don't think either of us have. Anyway, for now, that's all. I guess I'll just update you as the memories come piling in. That's what I get for not wanting a written diary, though.

So? We're finally done!

And once again, I apologize to no end when I say I didn't mean to finish LTEG on the fourth chappie in. I just really didn't feel the inspriration to write a full length story with this concept.

So for those who wanted a full length, all chips in story, verzeihung! But I will keep updating on I Really Do Hate You, and I've got some big news for Liquid, so look for that soon!

So goodnight and good day!