Menagerie no Chiisai!! Ichi! Ni! San!
(Little Menagerie!! 1! 2! 3!)

Story Name:Menagerie no Chiisai!! Ichi! Ni! San!
By: Charlyee Frightening
Genre: Humor, Adventure Friendship
Main Character(s):Wakana Hikaru, Shippo, ETC.
Summary: It was an understatement to say Wakana Hikaru liked "Paranormal" things. Monsters, Myths, Legends, Magic, Ghost Stories, Ancient Civilizations, and even Aliens all interested Hikaru. To say she was lonely was also an understatement.

One night while making a wish on a star, Hikaru's dreams come true, when she meets Shippo, an alien dog from the planet Anima!!

Now follow Hikaru and Shippo and their menagerie of friends through their wild adventures!!

(Based in part on Keroro Gunos by Mine Yoshizaki)

I own all right to Hikaru, Shippo all the other characters in this series.

Note: This is a series I thought of, and I wanted to try it out on you guys. It's supposed to be funny, but I'm afraid the first few chapters are not funny. In fact they're kinda dry. Please bear in mind that these are the pilot chapters so, they're laying down the plot for the story. Feel free to message me, with your questions or comments and I'll do my best to answer and reply. Okay then enjoy!!

Episode 1: Careful What You Wish For

Wakana Hikaru was a popular girl at Reimei High School. Not only was she good at sports she was rather pretty too.
She had, big and beautiful bright gold eyes, surrounded by long eyelashes, with smooth satin caramel skin and long silky waist length raven black hair, so dark the bird it was referring to was jealous. She had a button nose, and a petite fragile looking, yet strong frame, she sweet heart shaped face.
She wasn't too tall at 157 cm (5'2") and weighted around 121 lbs.

As Hikaru, walked home from school after departing from her friends she sighed, and began to mumbled to herself.
"Another long day a school." She sighed grabbing her ponytail and gave it a firm tug. Hikaru sighed aloud as she made her way home. Finally come to her house she unlocked the door and trudged in, intent on taking a nap before even considering her homework. She walked into her room and looked around.

The first thing one saw upon entering the room was a coffee table, with beanbag chairs and the front wall. The coffee table was shiny black and surrounded by six bean bag chairs, one dark green, one bright yellow, one navy blue, one dark purple, one brilliant orange and the last dark turquoise. On the front wall there was a large window sill seat, and a large bookshelf, that had various items on it.

In front of the coffee table were Hikaru's TV and gaming systems. Behind the coffee table was Hikaru's bed.
Her bed had soft sky blue pillows and sheets; the comforter was a silky black color.
She had two glitter lava lamps, one red gold (on the left) the other blue silver (the right) on either side of her bed on the nightstands.

On the left side of the door, the first thing you saw was her shiny black desk neatly arranged with her laptop, house phone, another more modern lamp, and a few papers, and notebooks and two pencil holders and lastly an electric pencil sharpener. Just beyond that was her medium sized closet.

The walls by her bed and TV where covered with posters of various bands and animes and photographs and other things.

The colors of the room consisted of a shiny polished black wood for her bed, nightstands, desk, and bookshelf; a gold brown hard wood floor, a few forest green rugs under the coffee table and bean bag set and before the window seat and the walls where a pale almost colorless blue.

With a sigh Hikaru dropped her backpack and threw herself on her bed, and snuggled up with one of her pillows. Since no one was home, she'd be cooking dinner for herself. Why?

Because her family was so busy these days, her mother, Wakana Ayame, was always away on business, her father, Wakana Ryuuji, had gone off to fulfill his childish dreams and her brother, Wakana Hideaki, was on his way to get married so Hikaru couldn't blame him but still she felt lonely.

"I miss them." She sighed as she settled for a nap, but sleep wouldn't come so Hikaru got up and grabbed her back pack and heading over to her desk, decided to do her homework.

Scribbling down the last answer in her notebook, Hikaru noticed the time, it was late. She stood up and streaked and walked over to her window seat and sat.

She looked up at the sky and saw the flurry of blacks, blues and purples. They melted together and then stars started to add their silver hues to the blank sky. First by ones and then by two and finally the whole sky was illuminated by the silver hue of the full moon and the twinkling stars. Hikaru smiled, it seemed like a peaceful night. Just then a shooting star raced across the sky.
"OH! A shooting star, I should make a wish." Hikaru clasped her hands together and closed her eyes tightly.

'I wish I could make a friend, one who could help me stave off the terrible loneliness I feel. Please if you could spare just one, I'd be perfectly happy for the rest of my life."She wished, finally after a long moment Hikaru's golden orbs came open. Little did she know, was that her she was getting a little more then she bargained for.

~Some where is space~

Shippo looked critically at the panel on his ship's console. They where indicating that he was running low on fuel.

Shippo was an anthropomorphic dog alien from the planet Anima. One would say he was a cross between a fox kit and a puppy. He stood a 2 ft and has bronze colored fur all over his body, save for the tips of his ears, tail, and his paws and from the bottom half of his snout to his stomach. He had large bat like eyes and a fox like tail had playful large smoke black eyes. He wore a black belt around his waist. He sighed.

"Almost outta fuel, huh?? Well, where am I supposed to get some more at?!" He asked aloud, as he pulled on one of his ears.

"There are no actually traces of Animati in this section of the galaxy, though there seems to a convertible energy source on a planet called Earth." The ship's computer said, in a feminine monotone. Shippo put a paw (or hand) on his chin.

"Earth huh? How well know is this planet?" The dog asked.

"Its popularity is sufficient with aliens and other such creatures. The native inhabitants, Humans, do not know of a live outside of their planet though.""Are their any Animas on this planet?" Shippo asked forming a plane.

"Negative."The computer answered. Shippo grinned.

"Set a course for Earth then." He said, hoping there was just enough fuel to reach his destination.

Hikaru sighed as she stripped off her school uniform to bathe, as she stepped into the tub filled with nice warm water she relaxed.

"I feel much better. Making that wish really did calm me down." The dark haired girl said contently. She took her towel and body wash and after applying a fair amount of the Raspberry scented gel to her towel began so scrub herself clean. She was smiling to herself as she thought about how she would spend her last hour of the night before heading out.

"I might read my Monster Encyclopedia." She thought aloud. After scrubbing herself and washing and rescrubbing she got out and dried off and slipped on her pajamas: A cute and frilly looking pale blue night gown that came just above her knees, long sky blue and white striped socks to her knees, and she was wearing a pair of white and blue girl boxers. She pulled her hair in two pigtails on either side of her head, and tied one with a white ribbon the other one with a light blue one.

She stretched and headed out of the bathroom and into her bedroom, and walked over to her bookshelf and selected a dark olive green book with the words "Monsters and Magic" printed in gold on the spine. She grabbed it and sat on the window seat and began to read about her favorite things in the world, Mythical Beasts and Monsters.

Shippo clenched his teeth as the inside of his ship began to flash red.
"I know I'm out of fuel!" He hissed in frustration trying to find something to help him with this problem. Nothing though was of any use.

"Prepare for crash landing." The computer said. Shippo's eyes widened.

"Where?" He asked alarmed.

"Earth."Was the monolithic answer. After that the lights stopped flashing; Shippo could feel the ship being pulled by the planet's gravity. He hadn't realized how close he was. The alien dog looked at the golden sphere on the dashboard next to him and grabbed it clutching it to his chest. It was a very important item. Clenching his eye tightly, Shippo prepared to crash.

Hikaru smiled as she read a short passage on ghost, but was startled when she heard very loud sound.
BOOM!!!!! Hikaru jumped and looked out of the window to see a column of smoke and a few flames. With wide gold eyes, Hikaru dropped her book, grabbed a coat and her shoes, slipped them on and ran out of her room, and then out of the house. She approached to smoke and flames and looked around.

What had caused this? She strained to see, and then saw a soft rainbow-ish light within the smoke. Curiosity quipped she stepped forward a little more and saw a small dog.

It was small, with bronze fur on top of it and cream fur underneath, with ears tipped cream and a similar patter with its paws and tail. It was the size of a Yorkshire terrier. Hikaru's heart twisted with pity as she went to the dog.

"You poor Koinu. I wonder what happened to you." She said as she picked the animal up carefully and cradled in her arms. She then saw an amazing piece of jewelry. It was a bracelet. It had seven types of jewels on it. They were: gold, silver, pearl, agate, crystal, coral, and lapis lazuli. Each was in the shape of a circle and about the size of a quarter. There were spaced out so that someone could put three charms in between each jewel. Hikaru thought. The chain was gold.

"Suogi!!" Hikaru exclaimed as she reached out to touch the bracelet. The moment her slender fingers brushed over the gold chain, the bracelet jumped on her arm, and Hikaru and the dog began to glow.

Shippo awoke to find himself on something soft.

'Where am I?" He though as he sat up, he realized that he was in his Pet Form, and not his Anthropomorphic Form. Just as he was about to shift he caught a scent.

Pineapples and Orchids. Obviously it was a girls sent. Shippo was confused and looked around. He was in this girl's bedroom he supposed and he was lying on her bed and just as he was about to just about to look around to gather some clues. The girl who smelled like Pineapples and Orchids walked in.

The first thing Shippo noticed was her big and beautiful bright gold eyes, surrounded by those long eyelashes. She was small in body and short in stature at 5'2, (though taller then Shippo as most human's probably where). She had a heart shaped face and a button nose. With smooth satin caramel skin and long silky waist length raven black hair, so dark that Shippo could imagine some of the inhabits of his own home planet being envious.

She was dressed in a red button up long sleeved blazer that had black buttons along the front of it and navy blue tie around her neck, a navy blue mini shirt, with long white socks and she wore brown penny loafers. Shippo tilted his head at her and wondered who she was. He listed the things he currently knew about her.

She was obviously human.
She was short.
She was young.
She smelled nice.
He was in her room.
Not much.

Shippo watched as she looked at him, and smiled.

"Oh, Konichiwa Koinu-chan." She said cheerfully, as she used her right hand to move some of her hair out of her eyes, and Shippo's black eyes widened in horror as he saw, what was around her Shippo no Mamoru Bracelet, his important item.

Hikaru smiled as she watched to puppy look at her, thought she could note that something was off. Though she couldn't put her finger on it.

"Well Koinu-chan, you must be hungry." Hikaru said as she headed out of her room, the puppy jumped off of her bed and followed, Hikaru smiled as she leaded if to the kitchen.

Shippo couldn't believe it, some human had gotten her hands on the Shippo no Mamoru Bracelet, what was he going to do, know. He sighed and looked around though the kitchen, it was modern and clean and he could smell food. Suddenly the girl placed a bowl in front of him, it was filled with some kind of meat and then she placed another bowl beside the first that was filled with water.

"Here you go Koinu-chan you've been asleep a long time and I have to go to school, so be good and I'll figure out what to do with you, when I get back. Ja Na." She said as she headed towards the door, Shippo watched her in alarm, where was she going with his important item. She smiled at him before closing the door, he heard something click, and then her scent began to get farther away.

Noting that she was gone, he transformed to his Anthropomorphic Form. Once he had hands to work with he looked at the bowls in front of him.

"Well I am hungry." He picked up a bit of food and slowly out it into his mouth, noting that it tasted fine he began to eat. Once his stomach was stated and his thirst quenched he looked around the kitchen to try and discover this girl's identity.

"Nothing in here, let's try her room." Shippo stood up and walked back to her room and sniffed about, he hoped on to her computer chair and looked at her desk and saw something, it was a book bag, a leather one.

"Huh, I wonder if she needs this?" He asked as he opened it and found a little card that read.

"Wakana Hikaru, huh? So that's your name."

"EEEEHHH!!!" Hikaru said as she finally noticed she did not have her book back. She was half way to school, it was either be late for school or show up with out her book bag, and she knew she'd be in trouble either way. With a sigh Hikaru turned around and headed home.

~At Hikaru's house~
As Shippo rummaged around in Hikaru's things trying to get a better feel of who she was, he was contemplating a way to get his Bracelet back.

"Well according to the computer Humans don't know about aliens. I wonder if I'd be breaking any Intergalactic rules if I reveled myself. I wonder what happened to my ship anyway." He said as she looked at a few pictures of his host and some other people. Suddenly a familiar and particular scent filled the air and Shippo growled.

"Not those three." He groaned, as three black objects burst into Hikaru's room via the window, Shippo realized that he had no way to protect himself without the Bracelet.

"It's the Kamaitachi triplets." Three voices said in unison
"Kai!" Said a slightly high pitched voice as the first black object turned into a weasel.
"Sora!!" said a voice that was deeper then the first as another weasel came in through the window.
"Riku!!!" said a voice that was deepest as yet another weasel appeared.

The Kamaitachitriplets had the appearance of a bluish-black bipedal feline weasel like creature, with long arms and legs each having three claws at the end, each of the triplets had two feather like tails, and around each of their waist was a belt with many items and each had an Anima sized weapon and a different item around their neck, eyes or around their chests. Each stood at about 3 foot a foot taller then Shippo. Had long slender ears with a tuff of fur that was the color of their cloth item just before their foreheads.

Kai the youngest of the triplets sported a bright blue bandana around his eyes and had a sword attached to his black belt. He had purple eyes.

Soar the middle child had a yellow scarf around his neck and had an iron fan attached to his belt. He had pale orange eyes.

Riku the oldest wore a dark green wrapping around his chest, and had a kusarigama (chain and sickle) attached to his belt. He had sea green eyes.

Shippo growled at them as Sora stepped up and said.

"Ita, Shippo you are under arrest for fugitive actions and are to be taken into custody and returned to Anima." Sora said gruffly, with his arms crossed. Shippo growled.

"NO!! I will not return home so just back off." The dog growled. The yellow Kamaitachi sighed and dropped into a fighting stanch.

"Then you leave us no choice." He said as he lunged at Shippo with a swipe of his claws, Shippo dropped down and rolled to the side, and turned around as Sora slashed at him again. Shippo jumped back and found himself on Hikaru's coffee table. He realized that he was in trouble, so far Kai and Riku was staying out of him, but if Sora called them in Shippo would really be in trouble. The Kamaitachi twins where famous on Anima for their skills, as ninja. Sora lunged just as Shippo came out of his thought process, the weasel and dog hit the ground and Shippo twisted and punched his opponent throwing the weasel off of him. Sora did a flip and landed on his feet with his paw covering his chin as Shippo stood up.

"Ita! Kai! Riku! It seems that the three of you will have to work together to apprehend Shippo."

"Kama! Okay bro!" Kai said enthusiastically.

"As you wish! Chi!" Suddenly Shippo found himself surrounded by the Kamaitachi triplets and sighed as he realized there was no way out, at least not with out his bracelet.

Hikaru stopped running as she reached the front gate of her house and bent over to catch her breath. She looked up to see the window by her bed room broken. Her eyes widened, as she jumped over her gate and ran to her window; she stopped as she stood by the side.

"Someone could be in there still, you should just call the police……Oh wait my phone is in my bag." Hikaru though miserably and then she heard a voice, well technically she head four voices.

"Why do you continue to fight, you know you cannot defeat us, at least in your current sealed state. Chi." A deep voice said. Hikaru peeked through her window to see.

"Is that a dog and three weasels wearing colored cloth?! Dog?....Oh no what about the dog I found last night?"
Hikaru thought to herself as she saw that the four creatures had started fighting and talking.

"I'm going to fight for my freedom, I don't want to just stay on Anima, I wanna live if only for a moment!!" The dog said as he dodged sometimes successfully sometimes not so successfully a trio of attacks from the three weasels. Suddenly the weasel in green brought out his weapon as small kusarigama and threw the chain, the dog was caught in it and brought down by the ones wearing blue and yellow, grabbed him by the shoulders and hoisted him up.

"Now, will you comply Shippo?" The one wearing green asked. Shippo shook himself violently.

"Nooo!!" He barked and Hikaru noticed that his fur color was similar to the dog that had found.

"Koinu-chan?" She said softly, she gulped as she watched the weasel wearing yellow bring out a small round object.

"Well I guess a sleeping bomb is in order here." He said as he tried to force it into Shippo's mouth.

That is when Hikaru decided that enough was enough. She took her shoe off and stepped in front of her window and with a practiced stance threw it at the yellow clad weasel's head, it hit him dead on and he dropped the pill and an anime vein appeared on his head.

"Ita! Who THREW THAT AT ME!!!?" He yelled as he whirled around clawed hands posed and ready. He saw Hikaru and faltered if only for a second.

"Kama! A ningen onna." The one with a blue eye bandana said. Hikaru suddenly found four pairs of eyes on her.

"Ummm, ano…'s not fair, a three on one fight, especially since you three have weapons and your opponent doesn't." Hikaru said as her resolve for getting into this slowly weakened. The three weasels looked at her and then saw what was on her wrist.

"The Shippo no Mamoru Bracelet? Sora-onii, Riku-onii, weren't we supposed to get that too." The one in blue said with a small frown. Hikaru looked at the bracelet on her wrist.

"Shippo…no Mamoru?" She said curiously.

"Look at that the baka-onna doesn't even know what she has." The one with the yellow scarf said gruffly. Hikaru tilled her head down and let her bangs shadow her eyes and she clenched her fists.

"Che, Ita. No the baka-onna's gonna going to cry." He said proudly.

"Kama! Umm Onii-san, I don't think she's going to cry, it looks like she's mad." Kai said as he noticed an anime fire burn around Hikaru and her hair turned in to snakes with glowing red eyes. "She sure does look scary." Hikaru looked up to reveal her own glowing eyes.

"She looks like an Oni Hebi Onna." Shippo said cryptically. Sora gulped as Hikaru stepped in trough the broken window.

"Baka-onna." She said slowly. "I'm a stupid woman am I? I'll so you stupid!!" She said as she lunged for the weasel, using his superior speed he jumped out of the way, her comically snake hair hissed in disappointment.

"Sora-otouto, I thing you should apologize, woman can become dangerous opponents when angered." Riku said as he pulled Shippo over to him.

"That and our Shinobi honor does not allow us to use weapons on an unarmed woman." Kai added. Sora grimaced and sighed and bowed him head.

"You're right. Forgive me, for I have insulted you." He said rigidly. Hikaru stared at him before her fire extinguished and her snake hair disappeared, and her eyes stopped glowing. Hikaru crossed her arms and looked around.

"Who are you people and what are you doing in my house?" She asked in a rather huffy tone.

"We Miss, are the Kamaitachi Triplets, I am Riku the oldest, the one who insulted you is Sora and Kai the one in blue is the youngest. We are here to apprehend the fugitive Shippo. Chi" The one in green explained. Hikaru nodded, and looked at the dog, in chains.

"You look just like the Koinu I found last night." Shippo glanced at her.

"I am the dog you found last night." He said almost forlornly. Hikaru's eyes widened as she stepped back.

"Nani?" She looked at him hard and notice that his eyes where the same as well as his fur color. "What is going on?" She asked.

Shippo looked at the situation, he needed the bracelet to get free and she had it.

"UM, Wakana-san I need you to take off my bracelet and give it back." He said, the triplets looked at him with suspicion in their eyes.

"No. Mam'a you will give us the bracelet so that we can take the fugitive home for his trial." Sora hissed as she stepped forward. Hikaru stepped back and looked down when she heard glass crunching under her feet. She placed her hand on the bracelet and look back at the strange creatures in her bedroom.

"It doesn't belong to you, it belongs to um ano Shippo-san." She stated. Sora looked crossly at the female before him.

"You'll be considered an accessory to his crime if you don't comply with us." Riku said trying to reason with the woman. Hikaru shook her head and looked up.

"I might not be as fast as them, since I guess the others are as fast as the one in yellow, I think his name was Sora, but I'm sure I can distract them."

"I'm not going to give it to you, so you might as well come and take it!!" Hikaru challenged. Obviously annoyed Sora lunged at her and Hikaru jumped down and made a dive for Shippo. She grabbed the chain and pulled up loosing it just enough so that Shippo could slip out, she then grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and jumped back. The three ninja was astonished.

"She moved pretty fast." Kai commented. Riku looked at her critically.

"I didn't think humans where capable of that kind of speed."

"WATCH OUT!!" Shippo barked. Hikaru turned a little too late as Sora sliced her across the cheek. She could feel blood rushing out of it and gasped. It stung a lot.

"Wakana-san, we have to get out of here, quickly through the window!!" Shippo barked. Quickly Hikaru jumped out of her already broken window and out into her front yard she jumped her front age and ran out to the Nakano City neighborhood, with the angered Kamaitachi triplets racing after her.

"I'm sorry I got you into this mess." Shippo said, Hikaru looked down at the dog in her arms and smiled.

"It's okay, I'm always getting into trouble, my name Wakana Hikaru, but I'm guessing you already know that." Shippo smiled back.

"I'm Shippo, but you seem to know that as well." He said. They both began smiling until Hikaru felt a sharp pain in her leg. She hit the ground and scrapped her knees. She looked over her shoulder to see Sora looking pissed off, and his two brothers looked just as mad.

"You've assisted a fugitive in escaping there's no turning back for you. You really are a baka-onna." Sora said roughly as his two brothers nodded.

"Now it seems we'll have to apprehend the female as well." Riku said without any emotion in his voice. Kai looked at Hikaru almost sadly.

"I sorta though she was cute and smart, I guess she's just cute." Shippo felt horrible.

"Gomen Wakana-san, I got you into trouble." He said head hung low as he crawled out of her arms and stood in front of her.


"Please, don't hurt Wakana-san, she has no idea what's going on she's just a kind stranger and I don't know her that well. So please just arrest me." Shippo said quietly.

"Kama! I guess that'd be okay, I mean, humans have no place in Anima affairs any way." Kai said energetically. Sora and Riku looked at the youngest of their trio and sighed.

"Fine, Onna take the bracelet off and we'll let you go." Riku said.

"I can't." Was her reply.

"Don't make this more difficult!!" Sora hissed. "Take off the bracelet!!"

"I can't." Hikaru said persistently.

"Ne, you'll get into trouble if you don't take it off." Kai said slightly worried. Hikaru was sitting up on her scrapped knees.

"I can't take it off." She said again. Shippo was getting annoyed with her too; she didn't have to be that noble they where perfect strangers after all.

"Wakana-san, just take the darn thing off!!" He said turning around, to see Hikaru with her hand on the bracelet and an annoyed look on her face.

"Look, don't you four understand the difference between I can't and I won't?" She hissed."I've tried getting it off last night and sometime this morning. It won't come off no matter how hard I pull at it." She explained. Shippo's eyes widened in horror and wonder, the bracelet wouldn't come off?" The Kamaitachi triplets paused to think about it.

"I see, than it seems you'll be coming with us after all." Riku said as he lunged at her with his kusarigama chain. Hikaru put her hands over her face and closed her eyes, and waited for the pain to come.

It never did.

"Picking on girls isn't very nice, Riku." A deep voice said almost wickedly. Hikaru opened her eyes to see a tall dog man before her.

Shippo could feel the power coursing through his veins, and after noting how small the Kamaitachi triplets looked he knew his body was reacting in an appropriate way as well.

Shippo was now tall, much tall standing at 6 foot. His body was like that of an adult male with a muscled build and he now wore a pair of black pants and some black wrist bands. Other than that he looked like a he did before albeit with a more feral and dangerous look. Even his eyes looked more feral and his tail and ears seemed to give off a more dangerous aura. He had his arm before his face and Riku's chain was wrapped around it. The Kamaitachi triplets all stared in awe and Riku pulled his chain back.

"I suggest you three get out of here. I don't want you bothering me or my friend again." Shippo growled in a deeper more menacing voice. The weasels nodded before disappearing in a burst of speed. Shippo turned around and smiled.

"So it seems I have another reason to stay on Earth."

"What are you talking about, and how did you make yourself look like that?" Hikaru asked confused. Shippo frowned as she picked Hikaru up bridle style and she wrapped her arms around his neck, startled.


"I'll explain later, first I have to get you home and have her wounds tended to, besides it's a long story." Shippo said and with that, he took a powerful jump and Hikaru found herself in the air.

"Suogi!!" She exclaimed. Shippo smiled.

"If you think that's cool, then try this." Shippo said before jumping in midair with a burst of speed. Hikaru smiled to herself as she saw her neighborhood come into view.

"Wow!! Shippo-san what are you?" She asked in wonderment. Shippo was silent for a bit.

"I'm an alien from the planet Anima. I came to Earth in order to refuel my ship, but it was destroyed when I crashed into your front yard, and I can't leave without the Shippo no Mamoru Bracelet." The tall dog alien said. Hikaru looked at the bracelet on her wrist.

"What about this makes it so important?" She asked her dark hair flying about her.

"It's the key to activating my powers." Shippo said. Hikaru's eyes widened.

"Your powers. Like how you look now?"

"Yes, this is my Fighter Form. All of my strength is concentrated evenly throughout my body, giving me have a much more feral form, and causing me to me fast and have an increased muscular physique." He explained.

"Oh, so this Bracelet, holds all you energy?" She said trying to understand. Shippo nodded.

"Somewhat. I have more forms, but this is my basic form." He said. "Hey there's your house." Hikaru smiled as she saw her humble home come into view. Then something donned on her.


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